How To Write a Case Study Research Paper

How To Write a Case Study Research Paper (Introduction-End)|Outline & Structure

How to write a case study research paper when you have no glue what is it? Whether you are history, philosophy, sociology or a science student,  a case study is another type of assignment you can faced with. In order to help you, our case study writing service came up with a comprehensive on how to write a case study research paper with a case study research paper example included.

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What is a Case Study?

A case study is a research method that is often used to study a person, a situation, or a group of people. Case studies are often useful in studying a phenomenon that can’t be analyzed by quantitative methods. Case studies are thus qualitative in most cases. They are effective in comparing, evaluating, and the description of different parts of a problem. These studies are often used in social sciences, medicine, and history.

There is a difference between a case study and a research paper that students can take note of. A case study is shorter than a normal research paper. Case studies are often 500 words to 900 words at most whereas a research paper is longer than that. And whereas a research paper brings attention to a particular problem in society or a field, a case study is an in-depth study of a particular case to gain concrete knowledge of that particular subject.

Case study research usually involves storytelling and the structure is very similar to that of a story with the main character whose problem you are trying to solve. You can use the elements of great storytelling in this type of paper; start with an introduction, a rising action and then a transformation stage of your character, a falling action stage, and finally conclude your story.

Types of Case Study Research

You can be tasked to write a case study in any of these fields. It is important to know what type of case study you have been assigned before embarking on the writing process.

Historical case studies; are common types of case studies that focus on various historical events that happened during a certain period and in comparison to today’s events. A good historical case study could be racism in America in the 1900s.

Problem-oriented case studies; this is another common type of case study that tries to solve a theoretical problem. In this type of case study, you are required to put yourself in a situation and examine it thoroughly. A good example of a problem-oriented case study is “homelessness during the covid-19 pandemic period”.

Cumulative/ multiple/ collective case study; are common case studies in business that collects data and offer comparisons between products to tell clients the value of a product in different nations.

Critical case studies; are the type of case study that investigates why a situation exists, it touches on the causes and effects of a case e.g why careers like engineering remain gender-stereotyped.

Illustrative/ instrumental case studies; these types of case studies investigate particular cases which have specific outcomes and the lessons from that. A good example would be “the effect of music therapy on autistic children”.

A case Study Research Paper Draft

Before starting the writing process, you can benefit from creating a rough draft that shall guide your writing. A draft will help you become creative during the writing process of your paper. You can write down various angles, ideas, and directions to use in your writing before deciding on one.

The Format of a Case Study Research Paper

Your case study research paper shall contain 8 or more sections namely;

  • The Introduction/the executive summary

This part tells your readers what case you shall be examining. Look at it as an overview of the field of study you decided to research. It shall also contain a thesis statement which is a summary of the results of your observation.

  • Literary Review/ Background information

In this part of your paper, you shall note down the relevant facts about the case you are studying.

  • Findings/case evaluation section

At this point of your essay, you shall focus on the parts of the case you want to study and the findings you have come up with.

  • Proposed Solutions/ Implementations/ Recommendations

In this part of the essay, discuss the solutions you have for your case and why you have chosen to use the particular solutions. Your solutions need to be very practical and applicable. You can even include evidence that your proposed solutions can work.

  • The conclusion

This is a summary of the recommendations and case evaluation points. You shall evaluate the proposed solutions, talk about the best solution or strategy you have selected as the main tool to solving the problem and justify why.

  • The Implementation

At this section of the essay, you shall tell your readers how you will put the strategy into use.

  • References/ Bibliography

This is simply a list of sources you have cited in your case study. The educational institutions require one to cite their work in MLA, APA, or Harvard.

  • Appendices

This is where you include the graphs, images, and notes. All the subsidiary materials shall go here.

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 A case Study Research Paper Outline

Your case study research paper shall guide your writing and make sure you satisfy the various sections of a case study research paper. Before you start writing, conduct proper research using reliable sources of information such as databases, Google scholar, and research papers. You can find key points from the abstract and summary of these documents. After that, create your thesis statement which shall guide your writing. The outline shall be as follows;

  • The Title Page 

In this part of the research paper, you shall state;

  1. Your case study research title,
  2. Your name, your supervisor or the Instructor’s name; and the
  3. Course you are studying
  • Introduction/Executive Summary 

This will be a simple paragraph stating an overview of the case study topic, the thesis, and the key findings.

  • Main Body Paragraphs

You will handle this section in 3 or more paragraphs. And they shall;

You shall have the literature review of past research in this section. The background information, the methods and findings you have come up with, and the discussions and solutions from those findings. You will capture that in the body paragraphs.

  • Conclusion 

While concluding your case study, you will be required to;

  1. Paraphrase the thesis or offer an answer to it.
  2. Summarize the case study in a few words. And offer a few recommendations for future studies.
  3. Reference/works Cited section
  4. List all the academic sources you have used in this section.

Writing : How to Write a Case Study Research Paper 

Your case study research paper will contain five main sections which shall each capture unique information about the case study you are investigating. An in-depth look at each section shall and what they will all contain is as follows;

  • The Executive Summary/Introduction

You want to hook the audience at this point by explaining compellingly the question you shall be handling in the case study research. You will offer background information on your case study field and relate that to the particular case you have decided to study. Tell your reader why the particular topic is of importance and adds to knowledge on the field of study you are investigating. Also, give a summary of the past literature and case studies on which you are going to base your findings. You will finish this part of the essay by stating how useful that case study will be in many years to come and give a convincing thesis statement.

  • The Literature Review/Background Information

This is a list of content you have studied on the chosen topic. The literature shall expand your understanding of the subject matter and describe key theories in your topic of study. This is a significant part of the case study because it shows your readers how far you have gone to discover more about your topic of study. For credible literature, use the library.

  • The Findings/Methods

You can explain to your audience why you chose a particular topic and how it is relevant to the field of study. State the research methods you used while bearing in mind that case study data collection procedures are usually qualitative. You can use interviews, online surveys, observation, etc to gather data.

  • Discussion/ Solutions

You shall revisit your thesis in this part of the essay and then make a correlation based on what you have discovered from your research. You link the thesis with the findings and discuss whether the findings are relevant. You can explore how close your findings are to past case studies or whether they are contradictory. Think of how useful your findings are to the present understanding of the subject area. Does it add to knowledge?

  • Conclusion

Summarize your findings and state how relevant the case study findings are. You shall restate your thesis and confirm it with your findings. You can also give a brief of the other case studies you considered and how future research topics can use the findings to further explore the topic of study.

Post-Writing Guide For a Case Study Research Paper

After delivering your content, you have to check the proper formatting according to the instructions of the instructor. Proofread and edit your work to remove the style issues. Read through your work again and make sure it flows and meets standards. Editing cleans your paper and makes it clean for submission.

How To Write a 3 Minutes Speech

How To Write a 3 Minutes Speech Or 5| Short But Good

This is a SUPER in-depth guide on How To Write a 3 Minutes Speech .

In this up-to-date guide from EssayMojo’s speech writing service , we have collected key steps, tips, rules and examples that will guide you through writing a 3 minutes speech. At the end of the post we believe you will be able to craft a perfect 3 minutes speech by yourself. We have break down into:

  • What is a 3 minutes Speech?
  • How to Write a 3 Minutes Speech Introduction
  • How to Write a 3 Minutes Speech Body
  • How To end a 3 Minutes Speech

Let’s get started.

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What is a 3 minutes Speech?

A 3-minute speech looks very short and simple, but how you deliver the address to your audience matters. If you organize your lesson well, you are more likely to present more words and ideas other than predicted. The leading information and tactic for writing such a speech are to create a strong outline that allows you to add or omit details based on how much work you have left. The main ideas of your presentation you want to talk to your audience about should be short and brief.

When writing this speech, make sure you;

  • Choose the style you want to deliver your speech. Types of style help you focus throughout your speech.
  • Write a capturing introductory paragraph to draw the attention of your audience. Depending on the topic you’re discussing, think of a correct type of joke, to begin with.
  • Summarize the key points you would want to discuss in your speech.
  • Draft your speech and prepare it before the presentation. You may also memorize some details.
  • Engage more with your audience to avoid a dozing-off audience when delivering your speech.

How to Write a 3 Minutes Speech Introduction

First, establish credibility; this is to ensure that your audience will trust what you want to present to them or trust in the speech you want to give to them.

How To start a 3 Minutes Speech

Introduce the speech. You can start by using a quote. The quote can help you set the tone for your lesson. Use a speech that is ordinary or maybe unheard of to make you unique.

You may also start by asking a question. This is a good way of getting your audience’s attention.

Use symbolism like imagery to connect with your audience. Your audience’s thoughts flow with yours because of imagination.

Ask questions, for example, rhetorical questions. This type of question doesn’t need an answer.

Choose a powerful statement to begin with to catch the audience’s attention. It may be a phrase or a riddle.

Use silence to capture your audience’s attention. When you pause for about 5-10 seconds, if your listeners are distracted, they’ll keep quiet and draw their attention to you.

Motivate your audience to listen to your ideas; who doesn’t like the idea of being motivated. Use humor to make your introduction appear unique and particular.

     How to Write a 3 Minutes Speech Body

Start with a sentence stating the topic you want to talk about. Come up with a list of the main points you wish to include in your speech. You may use roman numbers or bullets to help keep your speech organized and readable. A 3 – minute speech is not a long speech, so choose about 3-5 main points.

  • Ensure that you keep you give your speech according to how you’ve arranged your points.
  • Your first main point should be the strongest.
  • Your points should be arranged from the strongest to the weakest point.

For example, if you’re giving a speech about a famous person, say, Usain Bolt, you may arrange to talk about his traits, from his most known or most vital to the least. You may talk about how he has an engaging personality, how he can run as fast as 23 miles per hour, how he is rich, etc.

  • In each main point, mention how that relevant topic is related to the event you’re giving the speech to or the type of audience you’re talking to.

For example, if you’re giving a speech to children, use a simple language they can understand and talk to them in a friendly manner. For adults, well, you can use any form of language they understand, crack jokes, ask rhetorical questions, roast them and make the speech lively.

  • Narrow down on your main points. Each main point can have, let’s say, two subtopics. Make sure to be brief because there are still other main points you’ll need to discuss. Let’s take an example and say that your first point is about how social media affects people. First, start by describing what social media is and give the main types of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Mention how the mentioned social media function and then listen to its effects on people.
  • Ensure to keep your main topics or points separate. Make sure that your main points are not the same. Ensure that each point has its one uniqueness and is talking about something different from the other points. For example, if you are giving a speech on healthy exercises, list the various exercises available, like cardio. In cardio, we have many exercises, I.e., running, biking, and cycling. If cardio exercise is your first main point, don’t give running as your second main point because running is under cardio which is your first main point.  
  • Make sure your main points are even. Ensure that each main point is balanced. One point shouldn’t be more dwelt than the other. You may find that a speaker gave his or her four main points well, then he or she ends up only taking time to talk about the first and second points. He or she might end up running out of time and leaves the audience hanging without information on the 3rd and 4th points. The speaker should time him or herself and ensure that the 4 points he or she has been well balanced and well-timed according to the time allocated for their speech.
  • As a good speech writer, Your main points should have a common relationship with one another. Don’t talk about different topics that can not relate to each other. That way, you’ll be able to give a good flow speech, making it easier for your audience to understand the message you’re trying to deliver. This also helps to have a good flow of your main points. How you’ve arranged your main points should show if you’ve listed them in an order that makes sense. Let’s say you’re talking about drug abuse; you’ll have to start with explaining what a drug is, explain the meaning of drug abuse, and maybe talk about the effects. Beginning with the impact of drug abuse and then explaining what a drug is seems unrealistic because there’s no sense in how you’ve arranged your work.

How To end a 3 Minutes Speech

 Here is where you come to the end of your speech. You have already covered ball the main points and discussed them, and all you’ve left doing is ending your speech.

State your thesis. This sums up the main idea of your whole speech. Summarize what you’ve said in your speech in case your audience has forgotten what you’ve talked about.

Revisit your main points. At this stage, you’re just going through what you’ve said. Take about 1 minute to revisit what you’ve said.

Use an AG. This is referred to as an attention-getter. There are a few attention-getters you may use.

  • The first one is using a quotation, maybe from your favorite speaker or song, or movie.
  • You may also use a story and crack jokes.

Ensure that you’ve prepared your audience for the conclusion. You may do this by letting them know you’re coming to the end of your speech.

You may also advise your audience on how to change their mindset towards something according to what you were talking about in the speech. This shows that you care about what your audience gains from your speech.

Give or present a challenge to your audience. Let’s say from the example I gave above about exercises; you may tell your audience to challenge themselves to 14-day cardio exercises for 20-30 minutes daily. Explain to them how the challenge can be done, like maybe rules. You can introduce several simple, challenging rules like if they forget or don’t work out, they should compensate it the following day. By doing this, you’re encouraging your audience to live a healthy life. You may also give a platform where they can reach you and give you their signs of progress.

Ask your audience if they have any questions. Give your audience time to ask maybe some privileged questions to establish a connection between you and your audience. For example, let’s say you are a fitness coach celebrity and came to give a speech about healthy workout life; your audience would want to ask some personal questions. Like how you began your fitness coaching career, what motivated you to start such a career, or even the kinds of food to eat when dieting? This information could make your conclusion much livelier than ever due to the high level of interaction.

Finally, you may use some of the ideas of your introduction to end your speech. You may choose to complete your speech with humor. This is a good and effective way to end your speech. The humor should relate to your speech and will help your audience remember what you talked about throughout the speech. Give your last opinion and thank your audience for giving time to express yourself through the speech. Maybe also tell them how they can reach you through a phone number or on social media platforms.

Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

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What is Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is a complex discipline that deals with the design and operation of chemical plants and process units, heavy industry, refining and petrochemical industries. The study of chemical engineering encompasses numerous sciences such as physics, molecular biology, thermodynamics, mathematics (including differential equations), computer science (including computational modeling), statistics and chemistry. It requires good communication skills for explaining its principles to others including various professionals such as chemists in pharmaceuticals or biochemists in the agricultural industry.

Chemical engineering can be seen as a hybrid discipline between chemistry and mechanical & electrical engineering. Students are educated in chemical engineering from a young age to gain a detailed understanding of the physical principles behind chemical reactions and the control of environment. The chemical industry is expanding worldwide due to new technological developments such as bio-refining and the increasing demand for biofuels, smart chemicals, energy saving technology. Chemical engineers are therefore unique in combining background in physics with their knowledge of chemistry, mathematics and computer science (i.e., modeling).

Chemical engineers are employed in a wide range of industries and occupations, including those that involve the design, operation and production of chemical plants; the refining and manufacturing of both commodity and specialty chemicals; the manufacture of plastics; pharmaceuticals, food processing, dairy products, nutraceuticals, biological materials and biotechnology; petroleum refining; petrochemicals (such as polyethylene terephthalate or polyester resins); production of synthetic rubber based on ethylbenzene acetic acid; steel mills that refine iron ore.

 Major Types Of Chemical Engineering

‌ 1. Process Engineering

Process engineers use a three-point system to make sure proper chemistry is used. This system is the input, output and route of the product. The process engineer uses this system in order to ensure an efficient use of resources and a safe product on the market.

‌2. Environmental Engineering‌

Environmental engineers can help relieve environmental problems by using scientific and technological knowledge. They are skilled in testing, evaluating, and manufacturing new technologies to improve the quality of technology. Environmental engineers study waste water, air and noise pollution among other things. Air pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution because it can easily spread to other areas and affect many different people.

‌3. Biochemical Engineering‌

Biochemical engineers are responsible for ensuring that living organisms are kept in top condition and their H2O requirements are met. They also play a part in the process to produce enzymes for use in the food industry. Biochemical engineers study muscle cells, which are used to make up our body. There is a great deal of biochemical engineering done for human beings because our body needs to constantly be in good condition and this requires careful maintenance at all times.

‌4. Polymer Systems Engineering‌

Polymer system engineers look at how plastics can be improved and utilized more so than in the past. They are very important because they enable the world to become more efficient with the plastic we produce by improving it.

Importance of Chemical Engineering

1.Develops fuels and chemicals- for example, gasoline – from crude oil and natural gas

Engineers work with chemical reactions of different substances and their physical properties, often working in a laboratory setting to test theories and develop new projects. Chemical engineers generally have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or similar scientific field like chemistry.

  1. Provides medical therapies

Chemical engineers work in the pharmaceutical, health care, and bio-tech industries. Some examples of their work include synthesizing new drugs, developing ways to administer drugs more easily, improving existing drugs and administering vaccines.

  1. Enhances agricultural production

Food production is a major chemical engineering task that involves some combination of food chemistry, food engineering and biotechnology. A chemical engineer helps develop ways to improve the quality and quantity of crops produced, for example, by modifying soil conditions or developing new strains of plants.

  1. Creates renewable energy sources

Alternative energy sources are a growing field in chemical engineering. Chemical engineers work on technologies such as solar power, wind turbines, biodiesel fuel and geothermal energy (using heat from the earth for electricity and heat). Renewable sources often unify physical science with life science or biochemical engineering.

  1. Develops the next generation of materials and devices

New materials, such as biodegradable plastics, are designed by chemical engineers. Engineers often work with both familiar and unfamiliar materials to find a way to use them in new ways.

  1. Mitigates environmental pollution, a major global issue that threatens biodiversity, food production, water quality…

Some engineering projects involve the study of toxins and their use in agriculture. Others develop ways to filter pollutants from water.

  1. Provides security

Chemical engineers work on nuclear weapons and defense systems, studying the use of radiation, chemicals or radioactive substances to destroy enemy targets.

Units Studied Under Chemical Engineering

  • Electro-chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical Technology
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Environmental Protection and Pollution Control
  • Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering (CAX)
  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory


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PHP Assignment Help

PHP Assignment Help | PHP Homework Help At Affordable Rate

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What is a PHP programming Language ?

PHP is a server-side web programming language, and it’s the most popular language on this list. This versatile language was developed to work well with HTML and is one of the fastest growing languages in use today. PHP provides a flexible platform for developers to build dynamic websites that can be easily customized through scripts, which makes it ideal for creating memes or building apps that are quickly updated with new features.

In addition to making your website more interactive with PHP code, you can use it to create dynamic images. For example, this image uses PHP code to generate a thumbnail version of photo array on a page that contains an HTML gallery script.

The PHP programming language was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and is one of the first server-side languages to incorporate HTML markup. The program follows a simple syntax similar to C and Perl, making it easy for beginners to understand. One of the benefits of this language is that you can use it on all major operating systems available today including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac computers.

This language has a wide range of applications including e-commerce sites, web development for blogs or content management systems.

PHP Programming Categories Includes;

  1. Simple PHP Programming-can be defined as the simplest form of programming that is used for basic web based applications.
  2. Advanced PHP-it can be defined as programming language, which can be used for advanced web based applications and other complex projects related to it.
  3. Mobile Applications Development-it is considered as one of the most popular languages in this category, especially in the event of mobile app development, thanks to its suitability, development process, and application execution speed.
  4. Open Source software development-open source is a software that can be obtained free of charge, and it can be modified and redistributed.
  5. Database Management Method-is a computer package application which facilitates storage and retrieval of data from a relational information.
  6. Web Development-this language is considered to be one of the most popular languages in this category, mainly because of its suitability, development process, and application execution speed.
  7. Scripting-it is a type of programming language that does not require compilation.

8.Cross-Platform-in simple words, it can be defined as a programming language that can be used to create the same application regardless of the operating system or environment in which it is executed; most programming languages are cross-platform.

  1. Application Development Framework-application development frameworks are platforms that provide prebuilt code libraries and tools to help software developers create programs for computers and smart phones, among other devices.

Importance of PHP Programming

  1. PHP is a very vital programming language that helps web designers and developers create dynamic websites, web apps, and interactive sites.The Internet was created with the concept of openness and openness is also a factor in web design. This philosophy has led to an increase in the number of PHP content management systems available for use by website developers.
  2. A major advantage to using PHP is it doesn’t take too long to learn the basics. A beginner can quickly become proficient within days, while those who are more experienced can concentrate on fine-tuning their skills and learning advanced techniques.
  3. The programming language is a server-side script, which means that it can be embedded into HTML files using special tags.
  4. 4.PHP is not only good for creating content management systems but also for building navigation pages, interactive presentations, dynamic surveys, and much more.
  5. It’s an open source program and because of this, it is available for use at no cost on the Internet.
  6. A PHP website is capable of performing multiple tasks, including creating a blog or a forum, accepting payments and donations via PayPal, and hosting e-commerce sites.
  7. It’s an excellent tool for improving the performance of a web server since it can be used to create dynamic content that allows users to interact with the site without having to reload the pages repeatedly.
  8. PHP is scalable, which means you can use it for simple websites as well as large-scale applications.
  9. It’s a very secure coding language and is therefore excellent at preventing hacking.
  10. PHP can be installed on virtually every server, which means it’s a good choice for companies that want to keep their websites at all times as long as they aren’t experiencing outages or other performance issues.
  11. PHP can also be used for website design and development, allowing designers to produce fully function websites with minimal effort and effort.

Units Studied under PHP Programming

  1. The basics
  2. PHP syntax
  3. Operators
  4. Variables
  5. Functions
  6. Arrays
  7. Loops and Conditionals
  8. Object oriented programming
  9. PHP database library
  10. File handling
  11. XML data manipulation using PHP
  12. Cookies and sessions

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Java Programming Service

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What is Java programming?

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world, and for good reason. Java is a well-established programming language that has stood the test of time, with millions of lines of code written in it and billions of dollars invested into research and developments. Java Language allows you to create programs that treat different kinds of data types differently. On the other hand, there are also imperative programming languages that treat all data types the same way.

Java was originally developed to allow easy cross-platform programming across distributed computing platforms such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and web applications. It is one of the first object-oriented programming languages intended to have an easy-to-read, class-based, programming syntax. It has since expanded in function to include developing simple applications as well as more complex systems.

 Types Of Java Programming Explained

 There are several different types of Java programming, we will focus on three:

In object-oriented programming (OOP), Java code is organized around objects – individual units of software that contain both data and one or more related procedures for manipulating that data. Objects then are used to create classes which can be reused to create other programs. Java supports two types of objects that can carry out their work through methods, which are functions that manipulate the data in an object: the standard type of class is the class that defines a variable, method or constructor.

Java’s event-driven programming is different from OOP in that methods do not exist solely to manipulate data but also can be used to signal events as well. Once again, data and a set of related functions are grouped together. In this case though, the functions used to process the data change based on signals sent to it by other objects: think of a traffic light with a red, yellow and green light that is triggered by another object.

Concurrent programming uses methods to manage multiple threads of calculation in one program or process. Instead of waiting for multiple threads to finish before proceeding, Java lets the programmer know when each thread has run and then chooses which method to use as the next one.

Importance Of Java Programming Language

  1. Java can be executed on any platform that has a JVM installed including desktop, mobile, embedded and even server-side platforms through the use of a tool known as an “applet viewer” and a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. This is where Java’s popularity lies. It was created so that companies could write a single program that would run on any of their computers and/or mobile devices without having to rewrite it for each platform.
  2. Java ran across all platforms and operating systems with ease, but it also gained imperative traction. Many applications now run in separate processes on the same OS, or are even “emulated” to run on other OSes if they don’t have an equivalent JVM installed.
  3. Java has a huge amount of library support, with libraries for using the internet and networking (the “” package), graphical user interfaces (“Swing”), database access (“JDBC” package), and much more.
  4. Java’s syntax is simple and easy to learn. It’s a “dictionary-based” language, where most of the keywords in the language are actual words, unlike C or C++ in which the keywords are short abbreviations made up of a few letters. This means that all new programmers can understand Java easily, regardless of their level of programming experience. Another feature that makes it easy to learn is how it handles variables. Java has only one datatype (the “string”); variables used in the program are objects of that type and it is up to the programmer to decide what kind of object that variable will hold.
  5. Java is a compiled language, meaning that each file is compiled into a “.class” file before it can be run. This includes all the class files in your program and any libraries or packages you use (although packages may be loaded dynamically). The JVM uses a garbage collector to manage memory, reducing the possibility of memory leaks.
  6. Java is also very fast because it compiles to bytecode, which is then executed by a Just-in-time (JIT) compiler such as HotSpot or JRockit on the fly.
  7. Java was developed under the Java Community Process, which is a group of people who make recommendations for changes to the standard.
  8. Java is generated from the specification by package implementors and the result is referred to as “Java Specification Request”. It contains all of the current proposals and bug fixes, new language features and updates on backward compatibility. Among other things, this means that anything that conflicts with extant Java versions need not be updated.
  9. In the early 2000s, the Java language was amended with scripting additions, mainly to provide interactive Web pages with Java applets.
  10. The Java platform is very similar to other languages in that it isn’t just one thing, but rather a combination of different components; so learning how to write in it can be an advantage depending on your goals.
  11. 9.Using JAVA, You won’t LOSE Your Data .

 Units Studied Under Java Programming

  •  Data structures and Algorithms
  • Control structures
  • OOP in Java
  • Exception Handlingjava programming projects
  • Java Project Structure
  • Java File Structure
  • Java Class structure
  • Public Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Protected Classes
  • Java program in java (java program)
  • Java server(jsp)
  • Java gui (swing gui)
  • Java servlet(jsp/servlet)
  • Javaws (java Web application launcher)

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Python Research Topics

80 Unique Python Research Topics For Computer Science Students

What is Python

This is a programming language whose features so closely resemble those of PERL except that it has superior typing and object-oriented functions. It is often used in creating HTML content on websites due to its high-quality text files, fine built-in types, clean syntax and great extensions. Any kind of assistance that a student may need on Python Programming Homework is fully available here at

Assignment help service on python programming is open to anyone at our site. Python being a multi-purpose, high-level programming language has a very large area of application. provides Python programming assignment help services. Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language.

The main idea behind its creation focuses on the ability to read code while its syntax enables programmers to express concepts in minimal lines of code that can be done by other programming languages like C.

This language gives constructs aimed at allowing quality programs on both a narrow and huge measure. Among programming paradigms that python feeds are; object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles. It is characterized by a flexible system and automatic memory management with a huge and elaborate quality library.

In Just 4 Steps:

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Similar to other flexible languages, python is frequently used in scripting though at times it also has a large field of application in non-scripting areas. Its code can be installed or rather be packaged into standalone executable programs like Py2exe or Pyinstaller.

The interpreters for Python exist for a number of operating systems. Just like in most of its substitute implementation, Python which is the reference implementation of Python is a freely available source of software and community development model.


Advantages of Python

  • Object-Oriented
  • Portable
  • Powerful language constructs / functions
  • Powerful toolkit/library
  • Mixable with other languages
  • Easy to use and learn
Good Biology Research Topics

200 Good Biology Research Topics For College & High School students

What is Biology ?

Biology is the study of living things (plants and animals) and their environment. In a nutshell, it is the subject that focuses on the real world. It has several branches such as zoology, botany etc. those who major in this subject end up being doctors, researchers, lecturers, professors etc. to excel in biology, you need to be patient, dedicated and hardworking.

Biology is a very necessary subject for life here on the planet as it is through it that cure for various diseases have been developed. Were it that no research on biology had been put in place, then we would currently be engulfed into a living nightmare.

Biology or rather the knowledge of biology is of great value to living things especially human beings. As the saying goes, half knowledge is always wasteful, students who have a passion for biology-related courses such as cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, botany etc. must at all cost have basic knowledge on biology.

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In Just 4 steps:

Students should join us in order to get a clear and complete knowledge on different topics of biology. Biology is a subject that requires serious research, students should, therefore, be given many assignments pertaining to the different topics that it entails.

So as to excel in biology, students need to fully dedicate themselves to finding the solutions to various biology problems.

They should study deep and wide.

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List of Biology Research Topics

  • Respiratory System Homework Help
  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biochemistry