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The paper fulfilled all of my professor’s requirements and received a 96% grade. The expert adhered to all directions and completed the job quickly. Excellent work from a trustworthy essay writing service!

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I have to admit that the ‘write my essay’ order I received yesterday didn’t require much editing; only a few commas were missing. In general, it was of decent quality and fairly priced. I will use this essay writing service again.

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With over 12 years of experience in the essay help industry, Essaymojo has developed a reputation for providing customer satisfaction. Indeed, today we have over 15,000 satisfied customers worldwide and have written over 120,000 various academic papers on multiple topics for them, from Business and Management to Nursing and Programming.

We’re extremely proud of the reviews and ratings our essay writing service has received on various platforms so far. See how our customers describe their experience of getting essay help from our professional writers.


Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about our writing services.

Yes, essay writing services are worth it regardless of the one you’re seeking to hire a writer for. Employing an essay writing service gives you many benefits and makes it worth more than going through the stress of writing your essay yourself. Outsourcing your essay writing gives you benefits that include:

  • Giving you time for other activities
  • Reducing your workload
  • Better essay quality
  • Timely delivery

Yes, writing services are legal. They provide solutions to a problem faced by many students and professionals in different fields and disciplines. They are breaking no law by helping students and offering paper writing services. However, there’s a gray area concerning plagiarism that can lead students who patronize essay writers who don’t consider this issue. A good essay writer online knows how to avoid plagiarism as it is bad for business, and can cause him or her to be on the wrong side of the law

Yes, a professor can tell if someone else wrote your paper, but that depends on some factors. A professor that observes and notes that someone else wrote your paper must have an expectation that’s not met or exceeded. Coupled with the professor’s familiarity with the student, they can know if someone else wrote the student’s paper.

Factors that’ll make your professor deduce that someone else wrote your paper include:

  • Familiarity with the quality of your academic work
  • Depth of research and essay coverage
  • Similar writing style with your course mates.

However, you can avoid being detected by your professor by giving the writer samples of your writing, so they can replicate your writing style. You can also give them your professor’s expectations so they don’t exceed what your education level should cover.

Many people use essay writing services, and their superiors and professors know about it. Although some professors frown against hiring an essay writing service provider to do papers they’ve assigned to their students, some professors use these same services to write their thesis.

There’s a chance you can get caught using essay writing services, but that’s if your professor is particular about doing your assignments and papers yourself. However, that doesn’t reduce the benefits you can get from using a reliable essay writing service.

On the other hand, you can’t get caught using an essay writing service if you do your due diligence. After getting your service delivered, read through the references and digest the details of its content. You’ll be on the same page as the writer, and you’ll be able to answer questions your professor may pose.

First off, writing someone else’s paper isn’t a new thing and no one has gotten in trouble for doing so, even if they’re paid, as long as they do it right. Essay writing service providers are mostly safe from any form of trouble in helping a customer complete their essay writing. However, there’s always the issue of plagiarism, and good essay writers check their work for this, else it affects their business negatively, especially with college essays.

An essay writing service outfit strives to avoid plagiarism as it can come back to bite it. However, some of these service providers have terms and conditions that protect them from any judicial issues and the project owner bears all the consequences of plagiarized work.

Yes, paying for essay work. It works best when you understand your essay needs, relay them to a reliable essay writer that also understands them, and get them at a stipulated time. You have more time to do other academic work or side hustle.

The argument about paying for essay work will arise when you hire an essay writer online and they fail to deliver your essay specifications or fail to deliver at all. For your essay outsourcing to work, you need to do your due diligence by:

  • Ascertaining the reliability of the writer or service provider.
  • Ensure that the writer understands your essay specifications.
  • Allow for a reasonable working and delivery time.


Finding someone to write your essay is easy; however, finding a quality and reliable essay writer isn’t as easy. You can easily find essay writers on the many freelancing platforms that are available. However, you can also find them on dedicated websites.

A simple search on any search engine will give you numerous results that you can filter and choose the best one for you. You can also ask around in online forums for reliable essay writing services that fellow forum members have used. That way, you’re sure they’ve worked for others, and they have customers to testify to their quality.

Essays are usually priced per or per word. A 500-word essay will take a page, and that usually costs an average of $12. If it’s a technical paper, it may cost up to $35. However, there are cheaper essay writing services online.

You’ll get a 5000-word essay for about $120. If it’s a technical paper, it’ll cost about $350. Although you may get a discount with orders that are up to 5000 words.

Note that this is an average price for an essay writing service. You’ll find cheaper and costlier service providers online.

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We understand that it can be challenging to balance work and study, and that can cause you to focus less on your studies, especially assignments, thesis, and case studies, and more on your job, leading to lesser excellence than you’re capable of in your academics. In some cases, it may be that you can’t mentally focus on your side projects and need to outsource them. That’s why we’re here.
Essay writing services have been around for some time, but they’ve experienced some growth in recent times as people have recognized that they help to reduce their workload, and help them achieve all their objectives. We are one of the most reliable, accurate, and professional essay writing service providers you can find online, and our record speaks for itself.
You’ll understand why you need an essay writing service after perusing this page. We’ll help you understand the important things you should look out for in the right essay writing service for you.

What is An Essay Writing Service?

Exchanging your essay writing needs, such as assignments, thesis, and case studies, for someone else’s time and expertise, at a price, describes an essay writing service. It usually includes two individuals – the service provider and the assignment owner. The assignment owner usually has an essay writing need that they need to outsource, whether due to their inadequate understanding of the assignment, time constraints, or other reasons. The essay writing service provider is the professional that undertakes and completes the writing needs of the assignment owner, at a price they both agree on.
An essay writing service is a business that solves the writing needs of individuals from different disciplines. It may be a single-worker business or it may have numerous workers – essay writers, editors, and customer service representatives – for easier and faster assignment project deliveries. An essay writing service thrives on the demand for essay writing by people from different walks of life. Usually, students and professionals are customers of this essay service, while the service providers usually have expertise and experience in their different customers’ fields.
Where there are many ghost essay online writers, they usually have different fields of expertise, to cater to the needs of various customers under their field of specialization. However, there are essay writers in the business that comfortably switch between fields and deliver good papers.

Features of An Essay Writing Service That You Can Rely On

Looking at an essay writing service as a whole, it’s easy to understand what a business that provides this service does. However, it may be tricky to understand what the individual components – that form a whole – of the business are. There are three major components in the essay writing service business, and they are:

Assignment Project Owner

The assignment project owner is an individual or a group of people who require the service of a writer to undertake their essay needs. Usually, assignment owners are the creators of demand in this business, and they usually have varying needs, except for specialized essay writing services that cater to specific disciplines.
The assignment owner as a component of an essay writing service is as important as the essay service provider without them, there’ll be no reliable essay writing business. They approach the essay writing service provider to help them with their essay service needs while they can focus on other aspects of their lives.

Essay Service Provider

The essay service provider is the creator of the supply and the other most important part of a reliable essay writing service. They handle the execution and administrative part of the business, and they aim to meet the writing service needs and requirements of the assignment owners. Reliable essay service providers aren’t necessarily the most experienced in an assignment project owner’s field of expertise, but a little experience helps them to handle the project owner’s essay writing needs better.
The essay service provider can be a sole essay writer online or a group of essay writers with different fields of expertise and experience. Usually, assignment owners are more comfortable with reliable essay writing services that have different essay writers where each writer deals with different fields of expertise. However, some essay writers in the business also record successes.


Similar to a marketplace, a medium is a place where the project owners and essay service providers meet to carry out their transactions. A good essay writing service provides a medium that is easily accessible to assignment project owners to discuss their essay writing needs, payment structure, and mode of acquiring the end product which is an essay paper.
A good medium makes communication between the project owner and essay service provider easy. Some essay writing service providers go a step ahead in providing a link between the project owner and essay writers by employing customer representatives. They relay the progress of projects to project owners and inform essay writers of new information from project owners. However, many still adopt direct communication between project owners and essay writers for better communication.

Types of Essay Writing Services Offered Across The World

Essay writing differs among the level of institutions and education; however, there are still some similar essay writing requirements among the different levels of education and institutions.
In high school or O-levels of education, a type of essay is predominant for students. However, essays for seeking and gaining admissions into higher learning institutions differ from what such students are used to. Also, in the higher institutions of learning, the types and complexity of essays differ between undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education.

That, therefore, informs the different types of essay writing services that a writing service provider, like us, can provide for the different project owners that abound, and they include:

College Essay Writing

Generally considered real essay writing that needs the service of professional essay writers, college essay writing is some steps above high school essay writing and those for admission purposes.


They’re usually specific in discipline and purpose.
A college essay may be about exploring the personal views of pioneers of a discipline or challenging a common idea about a subject. It usually requires some research and the format and writing style are usually specific, as stated by your faculty, department, or professor.
An essay writing service of this nature, depending on the volume of the essay, and the depth of research it needs, can take from 48 hours to some weeks. Because it’s different from what you normally do at your previous educational level, you may need the help of professional essay writers. Another reason is that because it’ll likely be graded and influence your overall grade, you’ll need to have a professional handle it, at least for the first couple of times, till you understand how to write college essays.

Journal Essay Writing

Journal essays are easier to write compared to college essays, and they’re more common in high schools, although you can have some assignments in college that adopt the journal writing style. Students who seek professional writers’ help with journal essays do so not because it’s difficult to accomplish. Rather, they do so to have enough time to focus their attention on more important and challenging tasks and assignments.
A journal essay is story-like and contains personal accounts and views concerning a particular subject. An essay writing service handling this may need some background information into the project owner’s view of the subject matter, and they broaden the view from the little information they get from you, the project owner.

Admission Essay Writing

Many higher institutions of learning require that prospective students write an essay that helps them understand their personality and activities they’ve been involved in at their previous educational level. It’s only normal to want to give the best impression as you may have only one shot at doing that.
Professional essay writing service providers, like ourselves, will craft a well-thought-out admission essay that not only presents you as an asset to your dream institution but also shows how your uniqueness agrees with the values of the institution. Also, you’ll have the chance of reviewing the essay and requesting for adjustments where you feel necessary. You’ll also get free advice and consultation on the right topic to choose for your admission essay.

Research Report Writing

This is arguably the most common type of essay writing service you’ll find online, and they’re available in different qualities. A research paper or thesis writing service involves reporting your findings from research and presenting a certain inference drawn from your observation during your research. Different disciplines employ different research methodologies, and that is evident in the research report. It takes a good research report writer to accurately show all the important details in your research report, especially if it’s to be published in a professional journal.
As a professional essay writing service provider, we ensure that your research report is handled by writers that are experienced in your field of study. They’re familiar with your topic, and understand the terminologies and results of your research. Our writers are also familiar with the various professional publishing platforms associated with your discipline and the editorial demands.

Proofreading and Editing

After writing your project, you may think that’s all that’s needed, but it’s not. A good essay writing service provider knows that your essay needs to go through proofreading and editing. While these are two different things, they can be combined into one service. Usually, you can hire an essay writing professional to only proofread your document. However, it can be part of your deal for essay writing with them.
Our customers enjoy free proofreading and editing services when we do their essay writing projects. However, we also accept proofreading and editing projects as stand-alone services. Project owners can dictate how deep they want the editing to be, depending on the type of essay they have.

Book and Movie Review

Many essay writing services are directed toward helping students reduce their workload, and this has caused the essay writing service focus to be on the regular academic style services. Narrative books and movies are also some of the academic materials in some faculties and departments, and students often get assignments from them. A common one from such is writing a review of books or movies.
An essay writing service that caters to this type of essay should have experience in writing reviews for books or movies, using the right format, and adopting a unique point of view. The writer will need to ensure that they use ideas from the project owner to develop their review to improve their reliability to the review’s standpoint.

Creative Essay Writing

This essay writing service is available to students and professionals alike. It involves writing narrative or dramatic essays to the specification of the project owner. For students, there’s usually a set of instructions they’re to follow as supplied by their professors. Professionals, on the other hand, follow the industry standard.
Creative Essay writing requirements differ among genres, and it takes a vastly experienced writer to cover all genres. Novels and screenplays are some of the common creative essay writing projects in this category.

Benefits of Hiring an Essay Writing Service like Essay Mojo

While you’re thinking of hiring an essay writing service, you should know that there are numerous benefits to gain from using reliable essay writers, and they include:

Saves you time

Outsourcing your essay writing assignments to professionals who’ll handle them for you helps you save time. If you have many assignments to do, and the possibility of doing them all before your deadline is doubtful. You can use an essay writing service to save yourself some time by letting professionals handle some or all of your essays.

If many essay service writers handle your essays, you can have them by the same time, helping you beat your deadline and the penalty of late submissions.

Allows you to focus on other things

As you save some time through essay writing services, you can use that time for other important aspects of your life, such as work. This is why many part-time students opt for this option of getting their assignments and papers done. You’re free from the worry of a pending paper or thesis that may negatively impact your grades if you fail to submit them. The assurance that it’s being handled allows you to concentrate on other tasks.

It also helps you to increase the time and attention you give to other things, apart from work, such as family and your health. While our writers are working on your paper, you can visit your family or engage in some social activities.

Gives you a better essay quality

The writers under an essay writing service provider usually have better writing skills than the average student. They’ve passed through and understand the requirements of their client’s level of education. When you hire a good essay writer, you’re sure they’ll deliver papers that may be better than you can deliver, considering your split focus and level of understanding.

The writers will use your writing style to produce essays that include all the details your professors require, including referencing styles and formatting.

Helps you avoid plagiarism

One of the most dreaded things for writers, including students, is plagiarism. It is considered a crime to use other writers’ works without their permission, or cite them as your source. The tricky thing is that there’s a right way to go about it, and this may be foreign to students.

Good essay writers online, however, know how to avoid plagiarism checkers from flagging their work as copied. They use unique words to write essays with the same meaning and context as other writers. Since achieving a completely plagiarism-free essay is possible but tricky for others, our online essay writers will help you achieve that.

Better grades

A good essay means you get good grades. Although if what you need is good essays, you can do that on your own. However, if your goal is to have better essays than you used to write and better grades, you should consider hiring a good essay writing service outfit like us

With all specifications in mind, better composition and formatting, original content, and free proofreading and editing service, you’re bound to have better grades than students who chose to write their essays by themselves.

What to Look Out For In a Professional Essay Writing Service

There are many essay writing service providers and you need to know what makes the quality service providers stand out from the others. This knowledge will guide you in making the right choice for a professional essay writing service.

Customer Reviews

The biggest pointer to the quality of work any company, including professional essay writing service providers, produces is in the feedback from their customers. Customer reviews will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of the essay writing service provider. You can easily detect true reviews from paid reviews as the former readily describe their experience in detail.
Let the customer reviews guide you into making the right decision about hiring the right professional essay writing service provider. You’ll readily find them on their websites, and if they’re absent, it’s a warning sign. Also, note the field of expertise of the majority of their customers; it’ll help you know if they’re right for you.

Turnaround time

Can the professional essay writing service outfit you’re looking to hire deliver your assignment paper when you need them? You should know how fast they work on projects and how soon yours will be ready. Although different writing assignments have different levels of complexity, there’s a general turnaround time, based on the amount of research that needs to be done and the number of words or pages that the essay will consume.
If a 500-word essay assignment will take more than 24 hours to be ready, you should seek another professional essay writing service outfit. A turnaround time of over 24 hours shows that they are slow in completing their customers’ projects or they have insufficient essay writers. You’ll usually see this in customers’ reviews but they can choose to allow you to see only the positive reviews.

Price per page

While there’s no standardized price for essay writing services, there’s an informal average price per page that every essay writing service provider honors, if they’re looking to offer affordable essay writing service to their customers. They may charge per word or page, but they’re usually within the same range.
On average, a page of an essay costs about $11. However, this price can be higher for some types of essays, especially research reports, which can be as high as $25 per page. However, if a journal, college, or admission essay costs more than $12 per page with your preferred cheap essay writing service provider, look for another provider. A page of a document contains approximately 500 words.

Expertise in your field

Some professional essay writing service outfits are better at writing projects and assignments from specific disciplines. You should be sure if your field of expertise is one they have ever worked in. While specialization isn’t a major requirement in selecting an ideal cheap essay writing service provider, they should at least have some idea about your field of study. It’ll save them, and yourself, sometime in delivering your paper.
All essay writers in their outfit can’t be of the same discipline, they should have at least one essay writer that has gone through your field of expertise, even if not as deeply as you.

Qualifications of their writers

Apart from having experience in your discipline or field of expertise, their essay writers should be qualified enough to understand your writing requirements. A high school graduate can’t possibly understand and apply the requirements for a good college paper. Also, some undergraduates may find it difficult to meet the research paper standard for a postgraduate research report.
Therefore, they should have essay writers with various educational qualifications that can easily understand the assignment owners’ papers requirements. Also, some essays require living experiences outside your immediate environment. The ideal essay writing service provider for this type of essay should have essay service writers that are familiar with your focus geographical area.

Overall professionalism

Without creating an essay writing order with an essay service provider, it may be difficult to deduce their level of professionalism. However, you can register how professional they are from their website. In this age, every business should have a website. Chances are you’ll be online searching for professional essay writing service provider, and their website is the place you’ll land.
A good essay writing service outfit will have a website that doesn’t confuse their potential clients, as their style of writing, conciseness, and professionalism are displayed there. If you come across a cheap essay writing service’s website with so many grammatical errors, don’t hire them. If you can’t seem to find where to contact support, that’s a red flag. Here, you can hire a professional write a research paper in few clicks

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