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“Writing a custom research paper is easy. All you do is staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead – Gene Fowler Suppose it’s a beautiful sunny day. You had a delicious breakfast and headed for your school. Just when you are getting comfortable with your chair, your Read more »

New Guide How To Write An Essay : Everything You Need to Know

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Student Plagiarism Developing Professional Practice

June 10th, 2018 by

Student plagiarism has been a major deterrent in the quest for development of professional practice. The inherent increase in access to academic resources for the students in their studies has led to an upsurge in the quality of their work matched by unreliability too. The internet has been the major source of the information accessed Read more »

Are You Caught In A Writer’s Dilemma? Online Writing Center

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From the definition of plagiarism, it is evident that theft of information is prohibited by the law. Academic institutions also prohibit plagiarism and the same is also forbidden in the business world. There are so many people from the business world and in school who try as much as they can to make sure they Read more »

A Common Writer’s Dilemma Part 2

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There are many faces to plagiarism but the most common face is that plagiarism is an offense and it is prohibited because students tend to take advantage of the act. While interacting with learners, you will realize that one of the most popular issues faced by students with regard to plagiarism emanates from citation and Read more »

Successful-Plagiarism Advanced Information Technology and Plagiarism

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The many cases of intellectual theft It is evident now that with the easy use and information access from the internet cases of theft of information are becoming uncontrollable. A larger percentage of the public has put the blame on the trend in technology and fast advancement of technological tools which has made the world Read more »

All about Plagiarism

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All about Plagiarism Plagiarism is defined at the act of taking the writings or ideas of another person and submitting them as your own according to Webster’s New World College Dictionary. From this definition, it is evident that plagiarism comes in different kinds and forms. The most common form of intellectual theft is cyber cheating. Read more »