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You have worked tirelessly through your studies to your Master’s or Ph.D. level. Congratulations! You have come a long way.

However, you still have one more milestone to achieve, to write a thesis paper or dissertation paper for your Master’s or Ph.D. respectively, depending on your level of studies.

Writing your final master’s paper is no mean fit. It is a demonstration that you have understood the concepts that you have been learning over the years enough to pick out an area of research, conduct qualitative and/or quantitative research, and elaborate your findings in a well-written paper.

Having said this, your thesis or dissertation is not merely a research paper that you write to earn grades towards your graduation. It is not just an educational experience. It is your platform to make a valuable impact in your area of specialization. It is a way of building your network and forming important connections for your present studies and your future career.

Standard Thesis Structure

A lot goes into Ph.D. thesis writing. A thesis paper is typically broken down into subsections all of which need to be written well. Let’s first understand what a thesis is.

A thesis is an academic paper that involves personal research conducted to explore a research question within a certain field or major. It includes arguments backed by research to reflect one’s findings, opinions, or judgment and is something that cannot be achieved in just a few days. A thesis paper is typically written in the last month towards a student’s crowning of coursework.

A standard thesis structure includes the following subsections

  1. An abstract
  2. An introduction
  3. Review of literature
  4. Research methodology
  5. Results/discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. References or Bibliography

Thesis vs. Dissertation: The difference

A thesis is similar to a dissertation in that they both require one to choose a topic of research, conduct studies and present the findings. Secondly, they both require that a proposal be written and presented prior to writing the final paper. Finally, both require a student to defend the final paper.

On the other hand, however, a thesis is different from a dissertation in many ways as highlighted in the table below

Thesis Dissertation
A project that crowns a master’s program A project that is done during the course one’s doctoral program
A research paper that demonstrates one’s knowledge and understanding gained through years of study as well as your critical thinking ability A platform to contribute new knowledge/findings/theories in one’s field through research
A thesis should have no more than 100 pages A dissertation is usually much longer than 100 pages due to the amount of research information that goes into it
A thesis requires that you conduct original research. It involves the collection and analysis of data A dissertation draws from existing studies to prove a hypothesis, concept, or theory
A thesis expands on and analyzes a topic based on existing research The content of a dissertation is usually attributed to the student or its writer

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Am aware you have already bumped into numerous companies ready to offer you help in writing your thesis paper at a fee. Before you select one, it is important for you to know the awful fact about the online paid thesis writing service industry.

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It is true when you present such papers to your instructor. Your educational performance is jeopardized. As a result, you will lose trust and confidence from your peers and your instructor. Such agencies do not have professional or experienced Ph.D. thesis writers for hire. Besides, those who have no passion for writing or maybe are not degree holders in particular fields of study but settle just for any writer who is not competent.

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