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What is SPSS ? 

SPSS, or Statistical Package for the Social Sciences is a software system used to perform statistical analyses and data management on large sets of survey data. It is one of the most widely used tools for statistics in social sciences. The program has been acquired by IBM in 2013, who are planning to integrate it with IBM’s SPSS Modeler, IBM SPSS Analytics Services, and other big data analytics products. In practical terms this means that software functions will now be provided as part of a bigger suite rather than as separate applications; analysts should also expect more frequent upgrades and more bandwidth on the platform through integration into new products such as predictive analytics and business intelligence systems.

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) was originally developed by researchers at the University of Chicago, who started the project in 1963 with funding from the National Science Foundation. The project was designed to produce an affordable commercial alternative to SPSS that could be used to solve social problems. The resulting software was sold by Independent Institute for Public Research, a non-profit founded in 1971 that also published some of the first books about SPSS. In 1972, NCS Pearson purchased rights to distribute SPSS on minicomputers and then on mainframes after it became clear that only a small number of universities had the resources necessary to run a complex time-sharing system such as SPSS on their own machines.

The following are features of the SPSS software

  1. SPSS can be used as a part of an automated system for building statistical models and doing data analysis.
  2. Users can learn, use, and share the benefits of software products from IBM SPSS to analyze their data
  3. IBM SPSS is available in different versions: Basic, Standard, Advanced, or Custom
  4. IBM SPSS software is a tool to process statistical records and create different views of the data
  5. The “transactional” processing capability (the ability to update databases automatically) is limited on all versions except for the Custom Version
  6. Advanced Statistics help user evaluate relationships among variables
  7. Each version has its own version of a single application, such as moving averages, t-tests, or regression analysis
  8. Two programs are used to create customized applications: Visual DataFlux (VDF) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is more flexible than VDF but VDF has less learning curve because it adapts to the spreadsheet that a user is using
  9. An analyst can use SPSS software on its own or in conjunction with other software products from IBM, such as DB2 and IMS (MVS/ESA).

 Types Of SPSS

  1. SPSS Statistics Software: SPSS Statistics software provides “Incisive data analysis, research tools and reporting capabilities that empower you to make better, more confident decisions”. Variables include:
  2. SPSS Data Collection for Research: The SPSS data collection product is designed to support the collection of data by professionals who work in survey research (e.g., psychologists, sociologists, educational researchers, market researchers). Variables include:
  3. SPSS Correlation Diagnostics and Regression Analysis: This module of the SPSS software package offers advanced correlation diagnostics with tests of association between two or more variables (both continuous and categorical), as well as linear regression analysis.
  4. SPSS Discrete Variable Analysis: This product of the SPSS software package provides statistical analysis of discrete variables. The features include:
  5. Win32 Version (No longer available but still supported!): This product is designed to run on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The major features include:
  6. Pre-Win32 Version (No longer available but still supported!): his product is designed to run on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The major features include:
  7. Mac OX X Version 8.0: PSS for Mac Operating Systems are available for the “PowerBook” and “iMac”, among others.

Importance Of SPSS

SPSS is a windows application that helps to analyze data by providing a variety of statistics and descriptive analyses, including descriptive statistics and graphical displays. Statistician and students often use spss because it is an effective tool for quickly evaluating data. It allows users to walk through the data using many different options, such as correlation coefficients, percentage distributions, or box plots.

Topics Studied Under SPSS

  1. Data Management
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Hypothesis Testing
  4. Reliability and Validity

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