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What is Sociology?

It is a social science that refers to the study of society and social behavior. It analyzes the individual, their culture, and the bigger picture of society. Sociology also studies what societies are like today, where they come from historically, and how they can change in the future.

The word “sociology” stems from the Latin word socius meaning “companion.” The first person known to have used this word was Charles François Dupin in 1838. He adapted it from French philosopher Auguste Comte’s term for his own new discipline; however, at this time sociology had many meanings but not its current definition.

Social structure is all about how people interact with one another. The study of sociology looks at these interactions, and is concerned with the way in which different social institutions affect our lives. In this article, I will explore how sociology helps us understand some of the most important concepts such as race, gender, power/authority/status rank and culture.

Looking at culture, it is one of the most basic elements that makes us human. It refers to the collective behavior and beliefs of a group of people. In simple terms, it refers to the way a particular group of people behave in a certain society. Culture is learned and shared by people, who then live by this culture in everyday life.

Types Of Sociology

  • Demography-Demographers are bidders who document the quality of life. Demography is a study concerning the social, political, and economic structures within a given society. Demography is closely related to sociology.
  • Ethnography- Ethnographic research is a type of anthropological research that seeks to study an aspect of culture by direct observation and participation in the culture being studied. Ethnographic research is related to social anthropology, sociology, and archaeology. It examines values learned from these cultures and attempts to understand cultural norms and behaviors through direct observation, as opposed to immersion in one’s own culture (which can never be complete).
  • Functionalism- The functionalist approach came into its own in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Functionalists can be defined as attempting to understand a society through an examination of its functions, or roles, that it plays in maintaining social continuity. A functionalist looks at what is important to a society (like food or social status) and tries to find the societal role that best explains those things. From there they try to discover what, if any, changes are necessary for society to function better.
  • Conflict Theory- Conflict theorists are interested in analyzing how society is divided up and what conflict arises from that division. In other words they are interested in exploring the social inequalities that exist in our society.
  • Symbolic Interactionism- Symbolic interactionists believe that society is a shared reality and that social interactions take place within a shared language or code. In other words, what each person in the society views as truth is symbolic, or constructed. This view opposes the view of positivists, who claim to be studying and observing what-is-real, as it actually exists is some kind of material register (e.g., a brain structure).
  • Social Constructionism- Social constructionism is an approach to sociology and communication studies which examines how meaning is created by social processes. Social constructionism is sometimes called critical discourse analysis, the sociology of culture, or the sociology of knowledge.

Importance Of  Sociology

 There are many benefits of sociology. Sociology can be used to:

  • Sociology is important past and present in our lives today. It has been an influential force for change in the field for over a century. This is because it has changed how we view our world and how we view ourselves as human beings. Sociology has helped change the views on gender roles, religion, race, class and many more things. There have been many changes in how a lot of things are done over the past century because of sociology.
  • It also appears that sociology is evolving with society. It is becoming more relevant than ever to today’s society because it is focusing on the issues that matter most to people today including: crime, education, religion/spirituality, ethnicity/race/immigration/migration, family/kinship relations and so much more.
  • In addition to all its uses today, sociology can be used in the future as well. It can be used to solve the problems of tomorrow. It will be very useful in the future because there are countless things that we still do not know/understand and sociology can help us discover those unknowns.
  • Sociology is the key to self-understanding and to the understanding of those around us. It will be important in years to come because if we understand ourselves and those around us, we can live together better.

Topics Studied Under Sociology

  1. Political sociology
  2.  Social psychology
  3. Social change
  4. Social networks
  5. Social institutions
  6. Crime and deviance.
  7. Social structure
  8.  Economics of the professions
  9.  Sex, sexualities and gender
  10. Social policy and administration.
  11.  Health sociology
  12. Quality of life in social contexts.
  13. Urban systems.
  14. Social exclusion and vulnerable people.
  15. Urban poverty.
  16. Labor markets, work environments and workplaces.

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