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What is Social Work?

Social work is a field in the social sciences that is concerned with the analysis, treatment, prevention and management of problems affecting individuals or communities. It developed out of settlement houses, which provided services to urban migrants and other underserved groups. Today it includes advocacy in areas such as health care reform and housing policy. Other contemporary definitions are based on its interaction with other fields of study: “social work is an applied endeavor that seeks to promote human welfare by enabling individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to achieve their goals”.

Social work developed out of a number of early 19th Century movements, including those in the areas of reform, labor and social advocacy. It was formally recognized as a profession in England by the National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) in 1910. By 1927, social work services were provided by more than 1500 community centers and 1500 public schools in the United States.

Types Of Social Work

  1. Health social work: Health social workers primarily focus on mental health, substance abuse and various mental illnesses. In Australia, they work with a range of different groups of people including children and families, the elderly and chronically ill patients. They are often responsible for helping individuals manage or overcome issues as well as guiding them in making decisions that affect their health and wellbeing. Health social workers are also responsible for coordinating services that aid in the rehabilitation of patients presenting with drug or alcohol problems. This can include liaising with treatment providers to identify places an individual can go in order to seek help or managing individual’s rehabilitation plans by providing support, counselling and advocacy while they are undergoing treatment.
  2. Community/housing social work: Community social workers assist individuals and communities in times of transition or crisis, including assisting with the transition of people who are homeless or have experienced abuse or trauma. They often work with local communities to fight poverty and help those in dire situations, such as families suffering from domestic violence, by providing counselling and support services as a way to empower them to make positive changes in their life.
  3. Long-term care/social services : Many of the responsibilities for long-term care social workers include case management, taking care of their clients’ needs, identifying and resolving issues, as well as advocating for their clients.

Social workers provide a supportive role in healthcare organizations by helping a client maintain his or her health and well-being. They are also involved in the education of individuals or families on how to take care of themselves while they continue to live independently.  Long-term care social workers often work hand in hand with other professionals such as physicians, nurses, occupational therapists or physical therapists.

Importance Of Social Work

  • There are many social workers who are part of the helping profession who are very important in the communities they live in. In addition, local and national governments rely on social workers to help those that cannot afford to pay for therapy. Through their work, they attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle for the community’s overall well-being.
  • Social workers are employed by the government and non-profit organizations to handle problems that may arise in their client’s lives. Social workers try to help people fulfill their desires and needs, both personally and financially. They try to find the most favorable solution for their issues with the least possible amount of financial stress. This makes them useful members of society, because they put public interests before their own needs.
  • The Social Work Department is responsible for quality assurance of their students in addition to creating quality policies and procedures for their students. The department also provides guidance, support and assistance as well as guiding their graduates into a more successful career path after graduating from the school. It enables students to gain a quick access for their future career. In addition, the social work department also offers academic advisement for students who plan to transfer schools or those that plan on taking courses to make up a certain requirement.
  • The Social Work Program offers courses in many areas of practice such as mental health counseling, group work in various settings and social work with children, families, individuals and communities. Students are also able to gain experience through internships with various agencies such as select public or private agencies that have career placement office or local community service organizations for example.

Topics Studied Under Social Work As a Subject

  1. sociology
  2. criminology
  3. law
  4. industrial safety
  5. psychology
  6. political science
  7. public policy
  8. economics
  9. public health
  10. 10.Information and Communication Technology (ICT) studies
  11. 11.counseling
  12. schools and education studies
  13. business studies such as marketing and finance
  14. 14.topics that have been studied in Business studies such as marketing and finance

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