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What is Social Psychology?

Social Psychology is a scientific study that examines the behavior of individuals in social groups. The parameters of the field are broad enough to encompass many topics within psychology, but also diverse enough to include topics such as cognitive science, communication, developmental psychology, ecology and evolutionary biology. The name “social” can refer to any behavior of people in a social setting as well, ranging from the molecular level to the community level (e.g., gangs).

Social psychology is an interdisciplinary field that deals with many topics in the social sciences. Social psychologists do not find themselves in competition with other fields, but rather attempt to fold insights into their own field of study, and bring them together into a cohesive research program.

The social psychological foundation is grounded in the scientific method: systematic observation, quantification, and data collection; careful evaluation of experimental results; and theoretical explanation from a variety of sources. These are applied to human behavior in the domains of conformity, persuasion, social interaction and interpersonal relationships.

This field of psychology can be applied to any career that requires understanding people from a psychological standpoint. For instance, marketing professionals would benefit from knowing how their target audience thinks because by figuring out what drives them, they can more effectively market towards them; that makes the success rate much more likely than before. Lawyers depend on social psychologists to help them understand the mind of a criminal and to help them predict whether or not they will reoffend. This is significant because it can impact their sentencing recommendations. Social psychology can be seen in any profession that requires understanding human behavior.

 Types Of Social Psychology

  1. Developmental Social Psychology. This focuses on how children’s moral development unfolds and their influence on one another through group interactions, though they are also studied with adults
  2. Personality psychology. This is the study of individual differences in personality and how these lead to behavior patterns.
  3. Group-Oriented Psychology. This focuses on how groups think and act as a whole, both good and bad which can be cause for much controversy in applied social psychology as well as developed social psychology
  4. Ethical Social Psychology. This focuses on topics such as clinical research ethics, confidentiality agreements, human subjects’ consent
  5. Health Psychology. This focuses on how people and groups think about their health, social interaction and well-being of others is also considered
  6. Social Networks. This study looks at have direct effect our behavior has on our friends as well as indirect effects and more importantly to what extent friends influence each other’s behavior depends on the level of relationship they share with one another
  7. Community Psychology– This study the mental, emotional and social well-being of community members as well as how they interact with one another

 Importance Of Social Psychology

  • Social psychology can help you better understand human behavior. Psychology will help you better understand what is happening and why it is happening in people’s heads. Psychology can also provide you with ways to cope with the things going on in your brain, or the behaviors of people around you. By learning more about social psychology, you will have a greater understanding of how to interact with other people as well as yourself.
  • Social psychology can be used to help understand anything from why we like some foods more than others (e.g., chocolate cake vs radishes), what factors motivate us to do certain things, whether or not we have a tendency to take our friends’ advice into account when making decisions and why not everyone has the same taste in foods and activities that they enjoy doing.
  • Human beings are always thinking about what other people think about them. We want to know if we are liked by the people around us, whether or not we are part of a group or team, and whether or not we fit in well with everyone in our environment. This is why social psychology is an important area of study, because it seeks to understand these types of feelings.
  • Social psychology can be used to examine the ways in which people are affected by other people. Social psychology can be applied in a variety of ways, including advertising of products and ideas, and/or studying the ways in which corporations create social influence in their marketing. By learning more about how humans think and respond to different stimuli, you will have a better understanding of how the human brain functions under various circumstances.
  • Social psychology can help you understand both yourself and others better than you could before you took a class on this subject. Through social psychology, you will also learn how to manage your own behavior in everyday life as well as how to adapt different strategies for interacting with other people.

Topics Studied Under Social Psychology

  1. Attitude
  2. Arousal
  3. Behavior
  4. Context
  5. Decisions
  6. Deficits/Disorders
  7. Emotions
  8. Enculturation/Socialization
  9. Emotions & Cognition
  10. Experiments
  11. Groups/Dynamics
  12. Ingroup-Outgroup
  13. Intergroup
  14. Justice & Fairness
  15. Leadership
  16. Life Events
  17. Nonverbal Communication
  18. Persuasion
  19. Personality
  20. Propaganda/Public Opinion Polls
  21. Relationships/Intimacy
  22. Self-Concept
  23. Social Interaction
  24. Social Psychology & the Law
  25. Social Structure/Social Roles
  26. Stress & Coping
  27. Stigma

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