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What is Psychology?

 Psychology is the study of people and their behaviors. It’s a broad discipline that covers a wide range of topics, including intelligence, perception, social interaction and developmental psychology.

It dates back to Ancient Greece with Socrates who was interested in how we use our minds to see things or think about them. He realized that humans behave differently when they are drunk, so he thought this might be because they were somehow different inside. One of the problems with behaviorism is that it doesn’t take into account an individual’s mind or thoughts – just what someone does in reaction to something outside themselves.

Psychology is about the study and understanding of behavior, emotion and thought. In terms of ethics, psychologists should protect the welfare and rights of their participants. Psychologists also have a duty to ensure that they do not harm their participants through their research.

Categories Of  Psychology

Cognitive psychology – refers to the way people use and put together their knowledge, based on how they are shaped by culture. An example of this would be learning how to operate a video tape recorder. This can help children who struggle in school due to learning difficulties, anxiety, depression or attention deficit disorder.

Behavioral psychology – the study of behavior and mental processes including emotions, cognitions and motivation. Research in this area focuses on how people use communication and language to influence others, their behaviors in social situations, why some people do well at school but not so well at work and understanding why people behave the way they do.

Social psychology – the study of how people’s opinions, thoughts and feelings affect their behavior and how we interact with other people. An example would be why we keep in contact with certain people but not others. Some psychologists believe that our behavior is down to social factors like culture, class and gender.

Humanistic psychology – focuses on the individual and what it means to be human by working towards increased welfare, freedom and well-being. Humanistic psychologists are interested in self-awareness through knowing your strengths, weaknesses, emotions and cultural identity, as well as understanding yourself through reflection on the past experiences of your life. People who do this type of work are known as counsellors or psychotherapists.

Sociocultural psychology – looks at how our social environment, particularly how we are influenced by our culture and ethnic background, affects behavior. We also look at such things as how we learn from others and how we help children to develop language and cognitive skills.

Biological psychology – the study of the nervous system, brain and biology that has a bearing on behavior. For example, research in this area may look at the biological factors which affect mental illness or why someone acts in a certain way under pressure. Neuropsychology is very similar to biological psychology but looks more closely at the relationship between the brain and behavior.

Cognitive neuroscience – the study of the brain and its effect on behavior. This could be studying how the brain controls specific functions such as memory, attention, emotions or movement, but can also look at how the brain affects mental states and personality traits.

Importance Of Psychology

  • Studying psychology is a great way to get to grips with the brain, what’s going on inside it, how it works and why people think and behave the way they do.
  • It’s not just an academic subject: psychology has practical applications in many different areas of life. It can be used to explain our tastes in music, how we greet people, or why we’re so disappointed when our favorite team loses a game. Psychology can also be used to explain the effects of substances, how we make decisions and the benefits of certain behaviors.
  • Psychology can also help us understand why people behave the way they do and how their minds work. Learning about psychology gives you a whole new perspective on things, especially when it comes to understanding your own thoughts and emotions.
  • The study of psychology is an important part of life. You’ll learn things that you might not have known before, which will help you as you grow up. Psychology is interesting and exciting, so give it a try! Psychology has helped people understand themselves in many ways – it may very well change your life!

Topics Studied Under Psychology

  1. Positive psychology
  2. Developmental psychology
  3. Social psychology
  4. Cognitive psychology
  5. Abnormal Psychology and Psychotherapy
  6. Differential psychology
  7. Psychopharmacology and Pharmacoeconomics (specialties)
  8. Industrial and organizational psychology
  9. Neuropsychology.
  10. Gerontology
  11. Psychology of Longevity
  12. Forensic Psychology and Law Enforcement
  13. Developmental neuropsychology

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