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What is Political Science ?

 Political science is the study of government and politics with a concentration on power, class, and society. It seeks to understand the ways that various political systems work in practice while also exploring theoretical topics.

The term “political science” may also refer to international relations (IR) or comparative politics (CP), which are both often treated as subfields of political science. IR is considered an academic discipline in its own right by many universities.

 Categories Of Political Science

  1. Comparative government- Describes the differences in government between nations and peoples. For example, the political systems of China and the United States.
  2. Public administration- Describes the day-to-day workings of government at all levels. For example, how a mayor’s office runs on a daily basis.
  3. International relations- Explains how nations interact with each other, such as by war or diplomacy; also explains how nations are structured internally with bureaucracies and bureaucratization (see below).
  4. International law- Deals with the rules that nations must follow when interacting with each other. The foundation of international law is the United Nations Charter, a treaty signed by member nations in 1945.
  5. American politics- Deals with the structure and operation of the American government and political life at a national level; includes all levels of government as well as private enterprise in the U.S.

Importance Of Political Science

  • It Supports Global Development- Political science is necessary for a healthy democracy. Political science can help you understand how government functions and how to participate in it. It helps create an informed society that can identify problems and figure out ways to solve them leading to a better world. Political science is needed in every country because of its importance of global development. Disregard political science, and your country will suffer the consequences.
  •  It Aids in Understanding the Past- Political science is important, because it can help you understand the political system of the past. Political science will provide you with a better understanding of the way that government leaders have in the past and how they should be interpreted now. Political science will give you a better understanding of how people think in the past, what they believe in, and why they think that way compared to now. It is also important to know how people interpreted the present when it was different from today.
  •  It Enables You to Make Decisions– Political science helps you decide on whether or not your country should be paved for democracy or not. Without political science, you will be unaware that there are a lot of people who believe in the idea of democracy. If a country has political science, it will have more information and be more aware of whether democracy is good or not. Knowing how political powers work and how they treat others can help you choose the best outcome since the stakes are high.
  • It Gives You A Sense Of Security– Those who study political science have a better understanding of governments and how they interact with the people. This knowledge allows them to make decisions for their country that will give the country a sense of security that it previously did not have. Political science is used to change political systems in many countries and save them from losing their democracy. At times, it gives you a better understanding of the government’s power. This will help you decide ways to make your own government more democratic in order to be more secure from political powers.
  •  It Helps You Be Aware of Effects– It has been said that what the [politicians] do takes effect on future generations. This can only happen if you understand politics. If you want to make sure that your grandchildren or great grandchildren are living in a safe and secure world, you need to be aware of the things that your own government is doing now.
  • It Helps You Understand Other Countries- Before taking any drastic steps towards another country, you should try to understand their political background. Political science will help you understand what the other country believes in, how they interpret it and why. If these questions are not asked and answered, there may be a war between the two countries, which will only create more problems in the future.
  •  It Helps You Understand the History of Your Country– Political science is important to understand the history of your country. Political scientists will be able to tell you when government leaders were dictators and how they controlled citizens. These historians will also tell you which battles took place in history and how these battles changed the political culture forever. If there was no political science, your country would not know this information about its own history.

Topics Studied Under Political Science

  1. American Politics
  2. International Relations Theory
  3. History of International Relations
  4. Interest Groups and Political Parties
  5. Judicial Review and the Supreme Court
  6. Public Administration
  7. Political Theory
  8. Race and Ethnicity
  9. Women in Politics
  10. International Relations
  11. Political Behavior and Voting Behavior
  12. Comparative Politics and the Political Culture of Democracies
  13. Theories of Democracy
  14. Democracy and Civil Society
  15. Living with Pluralism
  16. Democratic Theory

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