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What is Media?

Media is the delivery of information in the form of audio or visual forms like television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Media can be divided into two main categories: traditional media and new media. New media includes any mass communication channel which was developed relatively recently.

New media has become quite popular as it distributes messages faster than ever before with social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading the way. However, all new technology also has its drawbacks including privacy concerns, cybercrime and lack of control over how they’re used. The traditional types of media are still very important in today’s society but may not have the same global reach as new technologies do soon after their release because they take longer to produce due to a slower production schedule.

Radio is a form of communication where sound is broadcast through the airwaves using radio waves. The first ever radio station was built in 1906 by a man called Reginald Fessenden. As well as being used for broadcasting music and talk shows, it can also be used to provide emergency messages such as weather warnings, news and natural disaster updates from Government agencies.

Types Of Media

When it comes to defining media there are three main categories: mass media, social media, and digital media.

Mass media is used for informing us about current events and also gives us an idea on what ideas and opinions other people have towards that news. What these news programs do is bring you up to date with stories from around the world in a matter of minutes. One thing that makes mass media different from social media is how they display their content. Social media such as Facebook posts tend to be about what you had for dinner, a vacation, or pictures. Mass media tends to be more detailed and informative because it is more professional.

Social media is also used to spread information. Here we can find many news stories and videos and more in one place. That is how we learn about events that happen around the world. These social sites are like a news room where we can read what important events going on in other parts of the world, this helps us to stay informed all the time and inform others too, it gives us better ideas in what happens around the world.

Another way that people use media to inform others on is through digital media. Those types of forms of media are online, printed or multimedia ones such as broadcasting TV programs or even sharing web pages. There is a bigger assortment of uses and more people are getting more and more familiar with digital media. Unlike mass media, people can have a wider channel to spread their news or share their videos online instead of just in one place. Online, information and ideas can be shared quickly to everyone who wants to see it and check it out or maybe someone could disagree with what is being said there but they still get to express themselves too.

Importance Of Media 

  1. Strengthen public relation. PR is an important tool in advertising because it can help boost sales of products and services, increase brand recognition and build brand loyalty among consumers
  2. Allow us to gain knowledge of the world. The media help us understand what is going on in the world
  3. Allows people to communicate faster and more effective. The media’s speed and efficiency allow for information to be widely disseminated
  4. Inform the public about important issues or events
  5. Have an impact on society and culture, for example a US news channel can influence politics and international relations, by covering stories that shape society in one way or another
  6. generate revenue through advertisers pay for airtime on television channels or online content providers such as Youtube
  7. Advertising is a major source of revenue for media outlets today  thus without advertising revenue most of today’s popular media wouldn’t exist because they would have no money to keep producing their products
  8. The media helps improve the quality of education, through educational channels and teaching people about certain things that can help them in their everyday life

Topics Studied Under Media as a Subject

  1. History of Media
  2. The Language of the Media
  3. Mass Communication and Society
  4. Comparative Analysis of Communications Technologies and Media Systems
  5. Globalization of Media Industry
  6. Advertising – The Role of the Advertiser in the Media System
  7. Cooperative Organization: Managing a Local Franchise or Chain Store
  8. Marketing Management – Selection, Application, Control
  9. Exploring Career Opportunities in the Media Business
  10. Intro to Media Business and
  11. The Art of Public Speaking
  12. Troubleshooting in the Audio/Video Industry
  13. Computer for Beginners
  14. Understanding Intellectual Property (IP) Law and Its Effect on Entrepreneurship
  15. Legal, Ethical, Environmental Issues Surrounding Social Media
  16. Introduction to the World Wide Web (Weebly)
  17. Using Microsoft Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access
  18. Introduction to Microsoft Publisher
  19. How to Write a Resume & Cover Letter that Will Get You Hired
  20. Management for Marketing Students
  21. Change Management
  22. Business Communication
  23. Business Etiquette

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