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What is International Relation?

International Relations can be defined as “an interdisciplinary field of study which provides theoretical and empirical, as well as strategic and tactical, guidance to states and other actors engaged in international relations.”

What is also important to note about international relations is that it is not one particular nation-state but rather a global community. The limitations of national boundaries are merely temporal and “do not imply permanent or natural borders.”

International Relations Theory (IR) on the other hand, is a more general term for various theories of international relations that focus on the interactions between states and their role in the world. IR focuses on explaining and analyzing different theories of International Relations (IR). Most prominent among these theories are realism and liberalism.

Categories Of International Relations

The International Relations discipline is made up of many theories each with its own approach to solving these issues. However, there are some general principles that can be applied from all perspectives in order to achieve successful solutions. Many theories and approaches to IRI can be found in the Social Science literature. Some of these include Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, Neorealism, Socialism and Anarchism.

Realism- Realism is a theory known for its balance of power approach to maintaining international security. It is based on the concept that all states are interested in maximizing their own power at the expense of others. Realists believe that if each state maintains their own security and seeks to maximize their own power, then the balance of power will remain relatively stable. Although Realists believe that relations between states are generally competitive and there are no permanent friends or enemies, they also believe in cooperation between states in order to maintain stability. Realism’s balance of power approach to maintaining international security is still the most important theory for International Relations.

Marxism- Marxism is a theory based on the idea that society should be organized by those who produce the most goods and services. For Marxism, citizens serve their countries not only as consumers but also as producers; therefore, states are not only interested in maximizing their own power at the expense of others but also in working together to promote human development and a fair share of resources.

Liberalism- Liberalism believes that the state should be concerned with promoting peace, protecting human rights and creating an economic system where all states can compete fairly and there will not be an unequal balance of power. Liberals believe that the welfare of citizens is important and states should give up some of their power in order to promote peace. Liberals also believe in free trade and the free flow of information among nations.

The Importance of International Relations

  • International relations is of great importance as it helps solve a conflict between countries by understanding each other and promoting tolerance, peaceful and mutual cooperation can be achieved. A good example of international relations and cooperation is that of the EU. The EU stands for a multi-national or supranational institution that aims to promote peace, justice, and stability.
  • It provides a platform for countries to develop relationships with each other. This is imperative as it will allow nations to cooperate and come together in order to achieve a common goal/understanding as they will have more in common than they do differentiates.
  •  It will also help solve problems that may arise between different countries as relationships are greatly improved. Such an example is the EU, who in general has brought peace and stability to Europe and helped solve conflicts, as well as improve economic conditions. Another example is the relationship between the US and Japan. Being on a military treaty, they are able to work together and share information in order to save lives, money, and resources.
  • International relations allow people with common interests/views to form alliances that they can use to further their shared goals/interests. An example of this is through the EU. It was formed so that countries with similar interests can protect these interests against neighboring countries that have different views. Another example is NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). NATO was formed to increase international security so that countries in Europe that have joined can be protected from world threats/barriers.
  • International relations allow countries with little in common don’t have to be enemies. Instead, they can stand neutral towards each other and work together to focus on other issues that they have in common with one another. An example would be the EU. It has helped promote cooperation between its member states.
  • It helps countries to share their common challenges/issues with other nations to facilitate diplomatic solutions to these problems and also increase their partnerships through international institutions that are set up for this purpose. An example of this is NATO.

Topics Studied Under International Relations As a Subject

  1. Conflict Management and Resolution
  2. International Relations
  3. International Security
  4. World Economic Literature
  5. International Law
  6. Media and Security Studies
  7. Foreign Policy Analysis
  8. Conflict Resolution
  9. International Development
  10. International Relations Theory and Method
  11. Global Studies
  12. Global Governance
  13. Economics and Development
  14. Communications and Conflict Studies

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