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What is Human Geography?

Human geography is an academic discipline that studies the landscape and spatial organization of society. The research most often involves a detailed analysis of how people interact with and are influenced by, the physical environment. Human geography is concerned not only with human systems but also with how cultural and social factors shape our relationship to space.

The word “geography” comes from Greek words meaning “earth writing,” which referred to land use maps drawn up by ancient Greeks who were influenced by the Babylonian scientific discipline of Mappa Mundi (“world map”). In practice, this means studying everything from climatology to economic development, drawing on a range of different theories and techniques.

Traditionally, human geography has been taught as a branch of physical geography. The subject is increasingly being taught outside this framework, with the geography of social-cultural and economic processes becoming more prominent.

Although specific subject areas do not lend themselves easily to easy classification, those that follow are often accepted as the core areas of human geography:

 Subfields of Human Geography

Socio-cultural Geography—is concerned with the comparative study of human societies. Socio-cultural geographers explore how different societies have different characteristics and expressive forms, as well as explore how these characteristics and forms differ from place to place (see Cultural Geography).

Regional Geography – is the study of the earth’s surface in a particular area or region. Regional geography seeks to explore and explain the distinctive characteristics of an area, including how these characteristics interact with one another. Regional geography overlaps with anthropogeography, physical geographies, and human-environment geography.

Physical Geography—is the study of interactions between humans and the physical environment. Physical geographers study “how natural systems influence, respond to or modify human systems and vice versa”(Fischer) (see Environmental Geography).

Human-Environment Geography—is focused on understanding how humans affect their environment, as well as understanding how they are affected by it (see Environmental Geography).

Environmental Geography—is the study of interactions between humans and the natural environment, particularly in terms of how humans impact or use nature. Landscape-scale geographers are interested in the interrelation of human and natural systems. This would include study of land use, urbanization; globalization and colonialism (see Human-Environment Geography).

Cultural Geography—is the study of patterns of cultural variation in different regions. Cultural geographers are interested in studying culture within a specific context or area. There are many different approaches to this subject area (see Sociocultural Geography).

Humanistic Geography—is essentially an approach that studies people within spaces and places that they have constructed themselves (see Sociocultural and Cultural). It is an interdisciplinary approach that often crosses traditional boundaries.

Importance Of Human Geography

Human Geography is one of the most useful, useful, and powerful subjects. The primary reason behind this is human geography helps the student to know more about the nature of human beings, the effects of the environment on their own lives, and how in turn culture impacts social and economic forces.

It helps in understanding the nature of humans. Human geography studies the factors which affect human lives. It gives us a broad idea of what conditions affect our lives and how we can utilize them to make improvements in our lives. We can clearly see here how this subject is actually useful in analyzing and evaluating our own behavior.

Human Geography is the study of both physical and human aspects of the earth, their interaction, feedback, relations, and influences on one another. Human Geography is for understanding and explaining space, location, people-environment relationships, and processes.

Human Geography is an old study that helps us understand the background of human society and its development. It also provides information about their relationship with other species in an ecosystem. It provides useful information on how to deal with various social problems that we face today. The study helps us understand the nature of various cultures and individuals living in various parts of the world since they are different from one another psychologically and physically in a variety of things. Human geography gives us information on how the conditions affecting our lives and those of our ancestors have changed in the recent past, and how we can use them to make improvements.

Topics Studied Under Human Geography As a Subject

  1. Spatial patterns, processes, and relations of the human environment
  2. Human Population and Distribution
  3. Land Resources and their use
  4. Environmental Hazards- Natural Disasters
  5. Different types of Biomes of the world and their characteristics
  6. Human Impact on the Environment- Effects of deforestation, Global warming, etc…
  7. Processes of Environmental Change
  8. Social and economic processes in Human Environment
  9. Population Geography- dispersion, number of people, demographic aspects, youth, age distribution and migration
  10. Determinants of Development
  11. Economic Factor Studies- Economic Development
  12. Role of Religion
  13. Economic and Social Development theories
  14. Role of Education in Development

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