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What is Environment

The environment is the surrounding, physical circumstances in which an organism lives. This includes the weather, climate, and factors such as landscape or water quality. It also includes information about other living organisms in the area.

The environment is responsible for providing the nutrients, water and sunlight that living things need in order to survive. It is also the location where most organisms will spend the majority of their lives. By studying how organisms interact with their environment, we can better understand evolution and ecology.

There are a number of ways in which organisms can be affected by the environment. These include influences on behavioral traits such as offspring production and body size, population density and distribution, and migratory behavior. Organisms are also affected through indirect environmental factors like predation or competition in a form of natural selection. This has led to specialized adaptations to the environment that increase an organism’s likelihood of survival.

As environments change, selective pressures influence the evolution of organisms over time. Changes in environments can lead to population fragmentation, speciation, and extinction.

Categories Of Environment

There are five different types of environment, each of which is different in its articulation, but all of them are important because they directly affect the social and cultural environment. Environmental status depends on the following factors:

The natural environment – The natural environment consists of three elements: (1) soils (2) water and air. The soil can be considered as a source of nutrients that support a wide variety of organisms, not just plants. Plants can produce fruits and vegetables that man uses for food. The air cleanses the environment of pollution and can be used in heating and cooling homes. Water is essential for both plants and animals. We drink water; bathe with water, water plants, etc. There are many kinds of ecosystems that make up our natural environment: terrestrial (land), freshwater (lakes, rivers, and ponds), marine (oceans, seas, and bays), pond waters, and atmospheric environments.

The built environment – The built environment includes:

  • Houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, bridges, roads and parks.
  • The atmosphere is a part of the natural environment.

The physical environment – The physical environment is everything that can be touched and felt. This includes air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, pressure changes (barometric), gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide), light levels or other forms of radiation (heat). The physical environment includes weather conditions, air pollution, and natural hazards.

The social environment – The social environment includes the people who are in your surroundings. The architecture of your home, the space you live in or works in all contribute to how you feel about these surroundings.

The cultural environment – This is everything that is intangible but can be seen and heard as well. It might be a piece of art on a wall or something that is said at a meeting or school function. This can be by words, pictures, music, and more.

Importance of Environment

In the present world, most of the population is unaware of the importance of the environment. They do not ponder about the issues related to incoming days. The environment around us is becoming polluted day by day and this will be no good for our future generation. All these are happening because we are not aware at all and our activities are causing serious damage to it.

The country would feel a shortage of food. Since good soil is polluted so there would be problems in producing crops. Besides, since good soil for farming is becoming less and less, there will be problems like a shortage of food. This phenomenon is called environmental degradation.

There would be a shortage of wildlife resources. Since wildlife depends on nature’s environment, there will be no food and shelter for them which will lead to the extinction of certain animals. For example, wildlife like deer and rabbits are herbivores. They eat grass and leaves. These animals survive on trees also because they make their homes there. However, if the tree is cut down due to pollution, these animals will find no place to live; they will die out of hunger and thirst.

There would be a shortage of raw materials. We use raw materials like sand, marble, metal, rocks, and many more to make things like buildings, furniture, tools and so forth. If there is a high level of pollution in the environment, the quality of these materials will deteriorate. People would not be able to make good quality products from them.

There would be an increased rate of diseases. Since pollution leads to diseases like cancer and respiratory ailments, people will suffer from it a lot. Moreover, because of this, people may suffer from mental illnesses also. All these diseases cause disability and even death.

There would be problems of water scarcity. Since water becomes scarce due to pollution in the environment, people would not be able to drink water; they will have to buy mineral water from outside which is an additional expense for them. This increases the poverty level.

Topics Studied Under Environment

  1. Soil
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. Plants and animals
  5. Climate change
  6. Sustainability
  7. Deforestation
  8. Global warming
  9. Solar radiation management
  10. Carbon footprint
  11. Conservation of energy
  12. Water, soil and air pollution
  13. Water pollution
  14. Good waste disposal practices
  15. Air pollution
  16. Greenhouse effect

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