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What is Communication?

Communication is the process by which two or more people share thoughts, ideas, and information. The process can be as simple as a smile, or as complex as an exchange of information in written form.

As you’ve seen, there are many ways of communicating. The different methods of communication can range from telling a story to sending an email. It is estimated that our brains use 100 watts of energy in order to send transmissions; therefore, information can be transmitted on many different levels including visual, auditory, and olfactory (the sense of smell).

A great deal of research has been done on how people communicate. People communicate through many different methods, such as public speaking, email, writing, text messaging, R-rated movies, and literature. There are also many non-verbal forms of communication that people may not recognize as communication, including listening to music a certain way; finger-snapping; and flicking one’s hand towards an object.

Type Of Communication

 Visual: Visual communication is the process of sharing information by using the eyes; it is called visual communication because you can see the messages. Visual communication works best on a two-way street because if someone isn’t listening, they can’t understand or reply.

Auditory: Auditory communication means you are communicating by speaking certain words or phrases to another person. Hearing requires only three things: hearing sensors (eardrums), muscles that move the ears, and an air pressure system through which messages are transmitted to your brain. Written language is another type of auditory communication; you are communicating by way of writing.

Body Language: Sometimes, words aren’t enough in order to share a message with someone. You must speak louder or write smaller; however, an individual may not be able to hear the words or read the letters. Body language is a way to communicate nonverbally through gestures, facial expressions, and even emotions.

Olfactory: Olfactory communication is the process of sharing information through smell; it is called olfactory communication because you can smell the messages. A smell can only be transmitted on a two-way street and the person you are communicating with may not be able to smell it.

Importance Of Communication

Communication is essential for learning, for communication stimulates ideas and thoughts. Even though communication isn’t something you will always use, it is important to keep the communication skills you have learned. It is best to develop those skills in order to meet the needs of others and even yourself. It is important for children and adolescents to learn how to communicate well because it will help them develop relationships with other people and understand their feelings.

Communication enhances relationships by improving learning, developing better habits and skills, enhancing the interaction of individuals with others, by promoting mutual understanding, and promoting cooperation between people. Communication is important for being a successful person in today’s society. Being able to communicate can show others that you are confident and capable of talking with anyone.

Communication is important for companies because, without it, the companies would not be able to complete their tasks and advertise their products. Many businesses use advertisements to inform the public about what their company does. Once the product is sold, advertisements are used once again to let consumers know about any special offers or discounts that may be available.

Communication is not only important in the workplace and between companies and consumers, but also in everyday situations. You are communicating when you are telling a story, writing an email or fax, talking on the phone, or even reading a book.

Communication is important to the individual child because it aids in the acquisition of language, they are learning phrases and words in a very basic way and they are establishing themselves as individuals by communicating with others.

Communication contributes to the individual’s development and sense of identity because it allows them to express who they are and how they feel about themselves and the situation.

Communication is important to the family and society by improving relations between individuals and stimulating intellectual, social, and emotional growth and promoting cooperation between individuals, and promoting mutual understanding between two people or a group of people.

Communication promotes order without laws and it improves efficiency in business. Additionally, it promotes the survival of nations and it promotes progress in society.

Topics studied under Communication as a subject

  1. Aphasia
  2. Autism
  3. Communication disorders, such as stuttering, dysarthria, and aphasia
  4. Communication studies
  5. Deafness, hearing loss, and hearing aids
  6. Ethics in communication
  7. Interpersonal communication
  8. Language disorders and language development (disorders including dyslexia)
  9. Phonetics in linguistics
  10. Political communication (also known as public relations or propaganda)
  11. Psycholinguistics
  12. Social communication
  13. Pragmatics
  14. Speech communication

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