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What is Education?

 “Education” is an instruction in a wide variety of topics. Students are typically not only taught to read, write, and do math but also a number of other skills, such as law and social sciences.

Education may be achieved through individual study or by attending an educational institution like high school, college, or university. It is possible to learn on your own outside of any organized setting if you so choose.

Fun fact- this word’s etymology is rooted in the Latin verb educere meaning “to lead out.” The word “education” has been used in English since at least the 16th century.

Categories Of Education

  1. Public schools- Public schools are created by the government and funded by taxes. These schools educate students between kindergarten and 12th grade.
  2. Private schools- Private school tuition is typically charged, but with discounts for lower-income families. They educate students between kindergarten and 12th grade.
  3. Religious education- Religious institutions provide elementary, high school, or college options for those who identify with a particular faith or denomination
  4. Homeschooling- A family home schools their children using various approaches, including self-teaching and instructor based instruction methods
  5. Daycare – Daycare provides educational services to children that can be provided in the child’s home during the day
  6. Private tutoring- Private tutoring is where a tutor comes once or twice a week to teach the student. They help with subjects that they are good at, such as writing and math.

 Why Education Matters

1) Education Is Important For Achieving Your Goals – For many, a school may be a means of survival, but education is even more than that. It is a means for self-actualization or the fulfillment of your full potential as a human being (Maslow).

2) Education Is Important For Success – If you only are educated in chaos and rote memorization then it is unlikely that you will ever feel fulfilled in your life. True education involves the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. Attending classes and gaining knowledge about various subjects will prepare you for many different scenarios.

3) Education Is Important For Obtaining New Skills – Books can teach you many wonderful things, but there is nothing like actually being taught by a professional. Additionally, taking courses in school can help diagnose learning disabilities and weaknesses and allow students to explore areas they might not have otherwise considered.

  • Education Is Important For Your Health And Well-Being – As people grow older, they often get out of shape or become sick because they failed to take care of themselves. Without education, we fail to understand how our bodies function in order to maintain them properly. Taking time to learn about your body and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will lead to physical well-being. Learning the dangers of drugs and the negative effects they have on your body is also important.

5) Education Is Important For Your Financial Well-Being – Investing money in yourself is the best financial decision you can make. A good education will lead to higher-paying jobs and will help you succeed further in life.

6) Education Is Important to Become an Active Member in Society – As people age, they often want to become more involved in their communities. A way to do this is by making a difference as a member of your community.

7) Education Is Important to Develop a Sense of Self-Worth – Being educated doesn’t just mean having a degree or diploma. It means being able to use the tools that are available to you in order to discover what you’re good at and what you love doing. This will help you find self-worth and the joy of personal fulfillment.

8) Education Is Important for Becoming an Active Citizen – When people know how their communities work, they will be more likely to get involved and create change. Nowadays, schools have a tendency to teach kids as individuals rather than as members of a group.

9) Education Is Important for Bridging the Gap between Generations – As generations come and go, we lose much of what was learned before us.

Topics Studied Under Education As a Subject

  1. The role of education in society
  2. Education policy
  3. History of education
  4. Philosophy of education
  5. Medical training and a vocational qualification for nurses
  6. Training needs analysis for educators
  7. International aspects of educational aims, policies, and practices
  8. Educational psychology
  9. Assessment in education
  10. Educational administration
  11. Curriculum theory and design
  12. Religious education
  13. Educational technology
  14. Workplace learning and adult education
  15. The biopsychosocial model in education
  16. Education management systems in the workplace
  17. Teaching methods and instructional strategies

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