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What is Zoology?

Zoology is the branch of biology that relates to animals and animal behavior. It is distinguished from botany, which deals with plants.

Zoologists specialize in a specific type of animal like fish, bats or primates. They observe them in their natural surroundings and record information about their food, habitat, mating habits and so on. These findings are then used for research to help predict how animals will react to changes in their environment or for new inventions like medicines.

Zoonotic diseases can be passed from animals to humans under certain conditions so zoological scientists must be vigilant about tracking outbreaks of disease among wild populations as they may well have implications for human health as well.

Zoology was an area of interest to early naturalists and those who study nature. However, it did not become an organized discipline until the 18th century with the emergence of a new scientific approach that set aside religious explanations for natural phenomena and instead sought rational explanations based on evidence.

The foundations for modern biology were laid in zoology with the emergence of morphology and physiology, which evolved into genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. These areas are still important in modern biology, especially forensic sciences; however, they have been joined by many new specialties that focus on more specific aspects of animal physiology or behavior.

Branches Of Zoology

  1. Veterinary science
  2. Veterinary bacteriology deals with the prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases in animals.
  3. Veterinary anatomy is concerned with the structure and function of non-human animals”
  4. comparative anatomy is the branch of zoology that compares organisms within a single organism group to one another in order to identify common features or reveal evolutionary relationships between groups. It is similar to paleontology in that it involves the discovery of fossils. The difference is that comparative anatomy relies on the comparison of living specimens, while paleontology relies on fossils for his findings.
  5. Microbiology is the branch of biology that deals with microscopic lifeforms, such as bacteria and other unicellular organisms. Microbiologists are interested in the distinctions between species and how these differences can be passed from generation to generation. They may also study interactions among microorganisms that are under natural conditions or in controlled laboratory settings and may work in a variety of fields, such as environmental science, food science, public health and industry research.
  6. Parasitology is the branch of zoology that entails parasitic lifeforms, including both animals (such as tapeworms, flukes, and helminths) and protozoa (such as malaria). Parasitologists are interested in understanding how parasites interact with their hosts in order to improve human health.

Importance Of Zoology

Zoology is a broad subject that deals with the study of animals in relation to human beings. It reflects an understanding of animal nature and an insight into their habits and their habitats. Zoologically minded individuals see all living things as having intrinsic worth, but most zoos today specialize in native breeds or endangered animals from other countries.

Zoology has a long history, which can be traced back to ancient times, when people collected and studied animals for amusement or for use as food. Today it helps us explore the ecology of different parts of our planet and understand how climate change affects different species.

Animals have an important role in the human life as they provide food, materials to make clothes and shelter, transportation and companionship. Animals are of economic importance and one can see lot of industries associated with them. Such as fishing, trapping, farming etc. Fish products are highly demanded in the market. The leather from animals is used for making vehicle seats, shoes and bags. The zoo industry is based on the display of animals for entertainment purpose.

Apart from these animals are very interesting to study due to their behaviour, habitats distribution and their evolution history. Zoology makes use of several fields like biology, ecology, genetics etc. to study the animal kingdom.

Topics Studied Under Zoology

  1. Behavior in lab animals
  2. Evolution of organisms
  3. Effects of domesticating animals
  4. Distribution of species on planet Earth
  5. Anatomy and physiology of vertebrates
  6. Ecology and conservation
  7. Biogeography
  8. Adaptations
  9. Dietary physiology
  10. 10 Diet therapy
  11. Functions of hormones and enzymes in animals
  12. Pharmacology
  13. Appendix
  14. Animals in laboratorium
  15. The law and animals

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