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What is Physics?

 Physics is the study of matter, energy, space and time through the laws of physics. Physics studies both natural phenomena and experimental research conducted in labs or space. Physics deals with physical quantities, like mass and energy. Physics is also a way of understanding how things happen in the world.

Physics is an important branch of science. It helps us to understand why we are here, it provides new technologies and offers research methods for various problems that face our society today. Physics offers us an understanding of our world which would be impossible without this knowledge or without the techniques developed by physicists in their laboratories and observatories.

Branches Of Physics

Quantum Mechanics-quantum theory deals with the fundamental features of matter and energy at the atomic level. Quantum mechanics can be understood by explaining it in another way. You first need to understand that there are many particles in our universe. The particles that we see are very small in comparison to the size of our atoms and molecules. In quantum mechanics, only a fraction of these particles can be seen, hence we cannot see these particles as they only exist for a very short duration.

Optics and Optics-this is one of the oldest branches of physics and it was started by Euclid in the third century B.C. He set the foundation for optics by defining the concept of light and by giving his law of reflection. He also defined the concept of refraction, which is when a ray of light passes from one medium to another at an angle and has a different speed in this new medium.

Thermodynamics-in thermodynamics, there are two main types: classical thermodynamics, which studies heat transfer, work and energy transfer etc. and quantum thermodynamics, which deals with the behavior of a system of particles.

Materials Science- Materials science is a branch of physics that deals with the behavior of matter and its physical properties, in which much of modern technology has been born. Materials science is important because it helps us to understand the nature of matter.

Importance Of Physics

  • Physics is important because it builds on the knowledge of previous sciences. Physics provides a way of understanding how the world works, and how natural phenomena occur. Understanding these properties of the universe helps us to predict what will happen in future.
  • The insights gained from physics are used to design new things (such as power stations or satellites). Physics also helps us to understand why some things do not work correctly, which can allow engineers to fix them.
  • Physics can also be used to guide the design of new and improved materials, which may have a beneficial effect on human health and life expectancy.
  • Physics is one of the most fundamental disciplines because it requires us to look at nature differently. For example, we might think of how a stone falls from a tree. Physics shows that the stone does not fall straight out of the tree but falls in a very complicated way with gravity. Physics allows us to understand these complicated processes.
  • Without physics we would have to rely on what we observe and our senses. For example, imagine that you are driving on a highway at night and you lose your headlights. You would have to find a gas station and replace the bulb. However, you could use physics to understand the reason why some kinds of flat light bulbs burn out faster than others. Then we could design better bulbs that last longer.
  • Physics helps us to understand which substances are harmful to us, like pollution. For example, the classic example is a cigarette. We know that smoking is bad for our health and can cause lung diseases and cancer. If we did not understand physics we might think that it cannot be so bad because people have been smoking for a long time without being hurt by it. However, physics allows us to understand what happens in our body when we smoke: why it is bad for our health etc..
  • Recognizing the importance of physics has enabled scientists to make technological breakthroughs. It has allowed us to build new things like bridges, industrial machines, and even science fiction inventions like the atomic bomb. Imagine if we did not understand how a machine works. The idea that we need machines for working would be impossible to imagine.
  • Physics explains how things work, and gives insight into why things do not work as you might expect. For example: a broken sign or light bulb is usually because of a lack of electricity.

Topics Studied Under Physics As a Subject

  1. Static electricity
  2. Electrostatics
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Waves
  5. Light
  6. Heat and thermodynamics
  7. Electric current and magnetism
  8. Electrodynamics
  9. Nuclear physics and radioactivity
  10. Subatomic physics
  11. Quantum mechanics
  12. Relativity and gravity
  13. Quantum field theory
  14. Plasma physics and fusion
  15. General relativity

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