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What is Physical Science

Physical Science is the “study of matter” that can be explained by physics. It is subdivided into biophysics (the study of living things), geophysics (the study of earth’s physical features and composition), chronophysics (the study for time-related phenomena), astrophysics (the study for space-related phenomena). This “study” includes chemistry, biology, and geology.

Physical Science allows us to understand how objects interact with one another because it has a unified theory behind it all; this is what allows us to make predictions based on past observations or experiments. The field of physical science is highly interdisciplinary; it combines the work of many fields, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and a myriad of others.

Physical Science covers both the “study” and “understanding” of action at atomic level through quantum mechanics and also the macroscopic (large-scale) description of these actions via thermodynamics. It allows us to comprehend how materials inside an object interact with one another to shape its properties. This is because matter is always in motion (this observation was made by Galileo Galilei).

Physical Science makes predictions based on experiments or observations proven to be correct through rigorous testing and observation. Physical science uses mathematics to understand what is happening and why it is happening. It allows us to develop a theory behind a certain amount of physical traits and then be able to predict how they will change or react under different conditions.

Branches Of Physical Science

  1. Biophysics – is the study of the physical forces and phenomena in biological systems. It is a branch of both physics and biology.
  2. Geophysics – Geophysics is mostly a physics subject but also can be chemical in nature and also involves some work with chemistry and engineering. Geophysics deals with studying the gravity, magnetic field, heat flow, etc., of the Earth or other planets.
  3. Chronophysics – This usually deals with the study of time measurement and clocks. It is in the field of physics.
  4. Astrophysics – The study of what happens in outer space; it is mostly physics today but does include some chemistry like studying cosmic rays.

The Importance Of Physical Sciences

Life value

Physical science is an important part of the curriculum for students. At the same time it will too help them to understand themselves and their place in the world. This knowledge is not only based on science but also helps students to be aware of their environment, which will pave way for them to evolve.

Social value

The impact of physical science education on its recipients is huge. Most children learn about science as a subject and when they grow up, they are aware of the importance of its every aspect in our daily life. Thus society gets benefited with high level jobs and relevant work after graduation; this is not just an empty boast but a real opportunity brought by physical science education.

Financial value

Financial value is brought by the production and management of different resources/materials in our society, which one cannot deny their importance. This can only happen if we are aware of the existence of physical science and how it can bring a change in our living standard. The realisation of such a big social impact with your knowledge will make you proud about it!

Esteem value

Physical science is not merely about acquiring knowledge; it also offers us an opportunity to become a leader and motivates us to be innovative. This is because physics broadly deals with scientific research and inventions that make life easier for us. The knowledge of this subject can help us to understand the way in which science is the key to our needs and so we should not hesitate in pursuing it.

Material value

Science and technology bring hope to many people and guides them in their lives. The ultimate goal of physical science is to make a better world for everyone by exploring more about the universe! This is what makes science so special and also helps us build a stronger bond with each other. Science will be useful if used in our daily life; however, there are scientists who are hardworking people but may lack these qualities, which shows how important values are needed along with knowledge!

Intellectual value

The advancement of physical science is a direct reflection of the intellectual value. It requires us not just to think about the world around us but to make logical arguments about the same. This will help us in thinking about our surroundings and solve problems efficiently. The development of intellect is only possible if we imbibe ourselves with knowledge from other disciplines. Physical science can also be considered as an ideal career option for those who want to pursue careers in science and technology

Topics Studied Under Physical Sciences

  •  Astronomy
  • Geology
  • Earth Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Earth Science
  • Geophysics
  • Physics

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