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What is Natural Science? 

 Natural sciences is a branch of science that deals with the study of the physical and organic world through observation, experimentation and mathematics. The natural sciences include plant biology, animal biology, earth science, astronomy, cosmology and geology.

A natural science, as opposed to a social or medical science, is the study of entities in nature. These are often living but may also include nonliving environment topics like geology, chemistry, astronomy and atmospheric sciences. Natural scientists investigate areas such as molecular biology and ecology to find the causes of natural events – what things happen? Why do they happen? And how can they be controlled or prevented from happening again?

A natural scientist tries to understand how the things they study work so they can develop models of those processes. This helps them predict what will happen in the future and control some things that happen in nature.

Branches Of Natural Science

Chemistry- The study of matter and the composition of chemical compounds; the fundamental science that studies all properties of matter, how substances are joined together, how they interact and react with other substances or forces.

  • Physics – The study of objects and phenomena that can be studied through natural means and through observation, including light, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism, gravitation theory and subatomic particles.
  • Astronomy– The science that deals with objects and phenomena in space. It is concerned with all celestial objects, from the smallest stellar bodies (such as the Sun) to the largest masses (such as galaxies).
  • Earth Science- The study of Earth and its features, in particular its natural resources, atmosphere, oceans and landforms.
  • Physical sciences – the study of matter, energy, and its interactions with the environment.
  • Biological sciences – the study of living organisms, their habitats, and how they interact with each other.
  • Chemical sciences – explore organic chemistry as it relates to human beings and their labor in developing new types of fuels.
  • Geological sciences – studies rocks as well as earth processes that alter rocks over time like weathering or tectonic activity.
  • Astronomical sciences – the study of stars and how they relate to the physical properties of their environments.
  • Geophysical sciences – the study of phenomena that affect the earth’s climate and large-scale geology.
  • Biophysical sciences – studies how organisms on earth interact with the environment in terms of both matter and energy.

 Importance Of Studying Natural Science;

  1. Natural science promotes career advancement

The importance of natural sciences has led to an increased demand for those who specialize in it in Kenya and the rest of Africa. This has seen students furthering their education by specializing in natural sciences most especially when they have good grades. Becoming specialized in natural sciences opens doors of opportunity for people to make a lot more money compared to other disciplines or majors after graduation or college/university studies are complete.

  1. Natural science promotes scientific thinking

Scientific thinking entails the ability to problem solve and apply scientific principles to a given situation. Scientific thinking is usually associated with the field of natural science since most of the problems in this discipline are solved using scientific principles. Scientific thinking is also used in other fields that depend on natural sciences a lot like engineering, health and quite a few others.

  1. Natural sciences promote creativity as well as critical analysis

As earlier discussed, critical analysis and creativity are essential components of natural sciences and hence very important in contemporary times of technological advancements. In critical analysis, it is important to have the ability to deduce from previous observations or experiments in order to come up with real life conclusions which are applied in practice. Creativity is also important in natural sciences since all scientific questions are highly dependent on this attribute. This is because a scientist must be able to imagine things and situations that have not been observed before, and develop solutions and theories that fit these new circumstances.

  1. Natural science promotes knowledge of one’s environment

Natural science deals with different aspects of the environment including animals, plants as well as humans. This means that a person who studies natural science should have an active knowledge of their environment which they can use in the various disciplines they specialize in. Thus, having basic knowledge about the environment enables them to use it to their advantage more especially when it comes to resolving issues related to the local state or even globally.

  1. It encourages problem-solving skills

Perhaps the most important factor a person who studies natural sciences should have is problem-solving skills. This means that these people should have the ability to apply scientific principles and other analytical tools when faced with problems relating to their specific area of study such as biology or chemistry. Problem solving also encourages innovation and creativity whereby the solution to a problem is not up to one individual but rather a group of people. In this regard, natural science offers excellent career opportunities for those who specialize in it.

Units Studied Under Natural Science

  1. Botany
  2. Zoology
  3. Nutrition
  4. Chemistry
  5. Physics
  6. Mathematics/Statistics
  7. Microbiology

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