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What is Meteorology?

 Meteorology is the study of weather and its effects on Earth. Meteorology uses data collected by observing and analyzing atmospheric phenomena for the purposes of understanding how weather systems develop, what processes act globally, and what impact weather has on life.

It is concerned with both short-term natural variations in the atmosphere as well as long-term climate patterns, including matters related to air quality, solar energy fluxes, oceans currents and temperatures. The word meteorology stems from two Greek words: “meteoros” which means “heavenly”, in contrast with “logia” which means “study”.

Meteorologists are primary concerned with understanding total climate patterns and how they change over time in response to changes in mean states and patterns. The ability to plan for future climates that could be affected by human activity is a key component of the field. Meteorologists study how the atmospheric conditions on Earth change over time, as well as what processes are most responsible for those changes. Meteorology can be considered to be a branch of the physical sciences and a branch of the Earth sciences.

Meteorology Has Several Sub Disciplines:

  • *Atmospheric – the branch of meteorology that studies atmospheric phenomena. This area of meteorology is divided into synoptic meteorology, which studies large-scale weather systems, and regional meteorology, which studies weather systems that occur in a usually local area.
  • Hydrometeorology – the branch of meteorology that studies the relationship between water and other atmospheric phenomena. It encompasses aspects of the hydrologic cycle, their interactions with each other, and their effects on circulation patterns.
  • Orography – the branch of meteorology mainly for mountains, although it may relate to any topographic area.
  • Paleoclimatology – the branch of meteorology that studies how climate has changed over time. It also studies how both natural variations in Earth’s orbit and its tilt as well as other external factors have influenced the climate through time.
  • Paleohydrology – the study of weathering processes in watersheds and is concerned with how past climates have influenced river run-off, groundwater recharge, and land surface processes that affect water quality such as erosion and runoff.
  • Seismology – the branch of geophysics that studies earthquakes, the waves they generate and the effects they cause.
  • Severe weather – a sudden disaster caused by a meteorological phenomenon. This branch of meteorology is probably most familiar from television coverage of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards and flooding.
  • Solar radiation management (abbreviated SARM) – is a type of climate engineering proposed as a geoengineering strategy to alleviate problems associated with global warming, principally climate change and air pollution. Colloquially, it was initially called “geo-engineering” or “climate engineering”. Such proposals are studied under the umbrella term “climate change mitigation”. It has been suggested that SARM might be used as a potential substitute for carbon dioxide sequestration.

Importance Of Meteorology

1) Meteorology is important to understand the formation and structure of storms, cyclones and hurricanes making it possible to predict them accurately so that necessary measures can be taken at a proper time to avoid the damages caused by these natural calamities.

2) Meteorology is equally important for the agricultural sector as it helps predict the agricultural seasons and climate changes making it possible to plan and prepare for the future accordingly.

3) Meteorology has a significant role to play in the aerospace industry because of which space agencies are in constant touch with their ground stations the world over and space crafts are launched at regular intervals. This helps plan, monitor and execute effective communication between Earth and spacecrafts from far off space.

4) The seasonal forecasts provided by meteorologists helps cope with natural disasters that have become a common phenomenon in many parts of the world due to global warming.

5) It helps in keeping a track of the climate patterns, helping to predict the weather for the coming season. This helps farmers, who are dependent mostly on rainfall and timely sowing of seeds to grow crops during monsoon, for their livelihood.

6) Meteorology is equally important for natural calamities like hurricanes and cyclones as accurate predictions help in taking appropriate security measures in cities along with evacuation of people from places endangered by these natural disasters that otherwise could lead to loss of life and property.

Topics Studied Under Meteorology As a Subject

  1. Atmospheric.
  2. Hydrometeorology.
  3. Orographogy.
  4. Paleoclimatology.
  5. Paleohydrology.
  6. Seismology.
  7. Severe weather.
  8. Solar radiation management (SARM).

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