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What is Life Science ?

  A Life Science is a field of study that deals with the phenomena of life. These include plants, animals, and microorganisms. Although the exact meaning of Life Science might be slightly different on different definitions, it mainly refers to what we are made out of as human beings. We are made out of living things which can be classified by three main groups: plants, animals and microorganisms. Life science deals with the study of these living organisms, whether they are small or large.

One important area of the life sciences is biology. Biologists are scientists who primarily research living organisms. They use many methods to learn more about life. Their work includes the study of cell biology, physiology and genetics, among others

Another field closely related to biology is ecology. Ecology studies how living things interact with each other in their environment

Life sciences also encompass ecology and environmental biology in addition to agricultural biology, zoology, geology, chemistry and physics (which are considered separate disciplines as well) as they apply to all life on earth. The study of life encompasses the study of the chemical and physical organization of organisms including their development, reproduction, function and evolution. Biology is concerned with the study of life and living organisms. This involves a complex range of fields which include structural and system biology as well as biochemistry.

Why Study Life Science?

At first glance, the list might seem daunting as there are an endless number of subjects that could be studied. But by further exploration, you may find that some of these subject’s touch on your passions and interests – topics in which you might want to delve deeper with a life science degree. If this is the case then it’s worth considering the benefits of studying life sciences and what they could mean for your future career prospects or study outlook.

Branches Of Life Science

Animal biology: Animal biology is the study of all animals, both domestic and wild. It consists in understanding their life history, morphology, physiology and behavior. Animals are divided into many group-like invertebrates or vertebrates.

Plant Biology: The study of plants is called plant biology and deals with all aspects of the lives of plants. You might have heard about cows eating grass. Grass is a plant just like all other plants such as trees, flowers, cacti and many more.

Microbiology: Microorganisms are the most abundant organisms on earth. They can be found in great numbers in very small amounts of water or soil. Microbiology studies how they survive and how they interact with their environment including living things such as humans and animals

Molecular Biology: Molecular Biology is the study of molecules. A molecule is made of two or more smaller parts. This can be DNA, RNA, proteins, and many more. Molecules help cells reproduce and grow by helping them do things like producing other new molecules for cells to use and also help us learn about our environment.

Biotechnology- Immunology- Biotechnology (Biotech) is the study of biological processes that involve the use of living organisms as a medium to achieve a result.

Importance Of Life Science

  1. To have a better understanding of the world, for example, what kind of natural problems are occurring, or if a food is safe for eating.
  2. To be able to explain different aspects of the world including plants and animals to others.
  3. To help other people deal with their health issues by providing them with solutions.
  4. To increase our knowledge on how we can protect nature from harming each other or getting hurt in natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, fires, etc.. People can learn how to prevent damage that is necessary so that they can continue living on earth without worrying about their families and loved ones getting hurt or killed.
  5. To understand the nature and importance of plants and animals in order to preserve them and make sure they do not disappear
  6. To improve your understanding of science and how it can help you in your life or to solve a problem that you are having
  7. To be able to make use of science in a way that helps other people if they want to learn about life science or even build an invention from what they understand from their study
  8. To create new inventions and maybe even start a business out of the information that you learn from life science
  9. To be able to help other people in the community in their lives be it learning a new skill to make them more independent or to help them understand what life science is about and how it can help them with their health problems by providing them with solutions.

 Topics Studied Under Life Science As a Subject

  1. Anatomy
  2. Biology
  3. Social sciences
  4. Sociology
  5. Science Inquiry
  6. Life science experiments
  7. 7.Human physiology
  8. Math and science
  9. English and writing
  10. Psychology

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