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What is Human Biology?

Human Biology is about the various physical, anatomical and physiological aspects of the human body. It is the study of humans so that one can understand their nature, develop treatments to prevent or cure disease, or improve nutrition.

The main aspect within human biology is anatomy which includes tissues and organs as well as their movement within a living body. Another important section of this study is physiology which deals with how foods are digested by humans, how energy comes from food in order to do work, respiration rates and heart rates.

Humans are also known to have their own genetic code which directs the cells on how to make proteins that in turn give rise to the growth and development of different parts in our bodies and show what makes humans unique from each other.

Branches of human biology

  1. biochemistry,
  2. cell biology,
  3. genetics,
  4. physiology,
  5. anatomy
  6. anthropology.
  • Genetics studies inheritance. Genes, which are encoded as DNA, determine all inherited traits. Human manipulation of genetics through gene therapy, genetic engineering and genetic selection (including sexual selection) is a rapidly growing area of research and application. It has many implications in medicine and other sciences.
  • Physiology studies the physical mechanisms by which living systems function. It involves the coordinated response of various organ systems to external stimuli (such as light or nutrients) with regard to homeostasis, i.e., stabilizing processes within the body’s normal state, during development and growth, or in response to trauma under conditions of stress or disease.
  • Anthropology studies the various forms of life and culture that make up human societies. Primarily, it studies the development of societies and other cultural phenomena.

Importance Of Human Biology

  1. It teaches us about our own body and how it works

Biology helps us understand more about the human body, our organ systems, and how they work together to keep us alive. It also gives us a background of how we were formed as well as the habits that we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Biology can help people find answers to questions like:

  1. The field is useful in developing medicine

First, biology can help develop cures for diseases such as cancer. Diseases like cancer are caused by chemical and physical changes that occur in our bodies over time. Biology also helps us understand more about viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, which are growing threats to human health worldwide.

  1. improves your ability to reason and define concepts

One of the great things about biology is that it helps you better understand what something is as well as its purpose or how to correctly use it. For example, we have to understand what is cancer before we can develop a cure for it. Biology also helps us overcome difficulties in learning to think critically and reason out problems that we come across in daily life.

  1. can make you more aware of the food you eat

Many products found in grocery stores today are quite different from those that existed centuries ago: for instance, the tomatoes and cucumbers in supermarkets are usually treated with pesticides that extend their shelf lives and prevent spoilage. There are certain foods that you should consume or avoid because they can be harmful to your health. If you understand how such foods affect your body, you will be able to make healthier food choices.

  1. Provides an understanding of how living things are formed and how they grow over time.

The study of biology also helps us understand why there is variety in living things. This can also help us develop a more accurate picture of the world around us because it helps us understand how living things are formed and how they grow.

Units Studied Under Human Biology As a Subject

  1. Introduction to the Human Body
  2. Cells
  3. Cells: tissue, organs and systems
  4. Nutritional needs and diets
  5. The human nervous system, sensory systems and central nervous system
  6. The Cardiovascular System
  7. The Muscular System and Connective Tissues
  8. Reproductive Systems
  9. Nervous System Disorders
  10. Immune Systems
  11. Infectious Diseases
  12. Metabolic Disorders
  13. Digestive System
  14. Disease Prevention
  15. Disorders of the Respiratory System
  16. Disorders of the Circulatory System
  17. Disorders of the integumentary system
  18. Treatment of disease
  19. How to: Understand Your Health – Natural, Safe and Effective Strategies

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