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What is Geology ?

Geology is the study of the Earth and the processes that shape it. Geologists are interested in everything from bedrock to volcanoes to mineral deposits. Geology can be traced back all the way to Ancient Greece where we had philosophers such as Thales questioning what would happen when water would flow over land or through different materials, either on earth or in space (tidal waves).

In the 18th century, James Hutton started to question why erosion occurred and how it occurred, in order to understand this phenomenon he started looking at the natural world around him and observing all the rocks he could find. He realized that they were all different ages dating back all the way to the formation of our planet and throughout its history. This was a breakthrough as before this point it was unknown if these rocks were continually being formed or if they had been sitting since the beginning of time.

Types Of Geology

Geology is a science that studies the solid Earth and its history. The field of geology can be divided broadly into three main branches: paleontology, mineralogy, and geochemistry.

Paleontology is the study of fossils, the remains of ancient living organisms which have been preserved as a result of natural processes. This includes the study of animal bones and plant fossils (paleobotany), which are used to interpret extinct species and habitats. Paleontologists also look for clues as to how long ago a certain fossil species existed, in order to interpret its evolutionary significance in the context of other fossil species and the geological timescale.

Mineralogy is the study of all naturally occurring chemicals, especially those found within Earth materials. Mineralogists investigate the positive characteristics (such as color and luster) and chemical composition (such as hardness) of rocks, minerals, and materials from Earth’s crust.

Geochemistry is the study of the various chemical and physical changes that take place in rocks and minerals as they are subjected to geological processes. This includes the study of geological time scales, such as metamorphic rock ages, and weathering and erosion.

Importance Of Geology

Geology can provide answers to many questions about our world. It can give us an understanding of the processes that shape our planet and how much time has passed between different events. Determining the age of a rock is a great way of telling how long a rock has been changing or if it was formed at the same time as another rock or in another part of the planet. Other importance includes;

  1. It allows us to study the history of earth and the processes that shape it.
  2. It allows us to expand our knowledge on earth, space and the universe.
  3. It creates jobs in the natural resource industry and provides a sustainable economy of which is important in any region.
  4. It provides us with facts and knowledge on earth, space and the universe. As we learn more about our planet and everything around it we increase our understanding of it.
  5. It gives us insight into how alive and dead planets have formed, what processes have shaped them, how old they are, why they have the features they have, etc.
  6. It provide us with new ways of living and working on our planet.
  7. It provides us with sustainable jobs in the natural resource industry
  8. It allow for unique and exciting careers. Geologists are an important part of many aspects like being able to study the Earth from space, help discover new resources, to work with different companies in different places that provide a better quality of life for all involved than it would be without the existence of geology.
  9. It provides people with a sense they are making a difference when looking at rocks or finding out how they formed.

Topics Studied Under Geology

  1. Rocks and Rock Formations:
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Volcanoes
  4. Earth’s History
  5. Waste Disposal Geology
  6. Soil Erosion, Deposition and Classification
  7. Geological Time by Epochs
  8. Geologic Technology
  9. Mining
  10. Transport Geology
  11. Soil Conservation and Geotechnical Engineering (GC-B)
  12. Ground Water Subsidence and Slope Stability
  13. Mining Laboratory (AC-B), Surveying, Testing and Mission Support

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