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What is Ecology?

 Ecology is the study of relationships between living organisms and their environment. It is an interdisciplinary academic field, incorporating aspects of biology, geography, geology, hydrology, meteorology and other disciplines.

Ecologists seek to understand how living organisms interact in both natural environments and human-dominated landscapes. They consider the distribution of plants and animals, the cycling of matter and energy, and the dynamics of ecosystems. As such ecologists investigate processes relating to population, competition, predation, parasitism, mutualism, and niche construction.

Ecologists often study classical ecological systems such as energy flows in a forest or predator–prey dynamics in a meadow. An ecologist might also be interested in population biology or community ecology and the way these relate to climate change. In general, however, an ecologist’s main focus is on how natural selection operates over time to shape patterns of diversity for ecosystem functions such as primary production.

The study of ecology was fairly new in the 20th century, but it has had a long history dating back hundreds of millions of years. The first attempts to understand how life works started with the study of ancient natural specimens like fossils and preserved rocks. Ridicule greeted early scientists who tried to explain the world with such notions as “flowers with brains” or “creatures that can think”. The writings attributed to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution only increased ridicule toward those who dared do research without proper credentials in science.

Branches Of Ecology

Population ecology studies aspects of life history, dispersal, and abundance of organisms. In other words, how organisms within isolated and independent populations interbreed and interact with their environment. This is not to be confused with the study of human demographics and statistics. Population ecology is the science that tries to explain how biological processes such as competition for mates (intersexual selection), predation, cooperation, and genetic drift affect what are considered “populations”.

Community ecology studies the populations of organisms that occupy essentially the same habitat. These populations can be individuals of the same species, different species or even different genera. What is considered a community are ecosystems and ecotones where boundaries are hard to define.

Ecosystem ecology studies the interactions between organism from different taxa and their environment. This can include ecosystem modeling, which attempts to project how climate change might affect entire ecosystems.

Landscape ecology is concerned with understanding ecological processes on individual landscapes at larger spatial scales than those examined by other subfields of ecology like population, community, or ecosystem ecology.

Importance Of Ecology

  1. Ecology warns us about future problems that may happen like global warming, destruction of wildlife habitats etc…, it also warns us about the importance of preserving our environment.
  2. It takes into consideration many different factors such as climate, plants, animals, soil, water and air to determine how ecosystems work and interact with each other.
  3. The study of ecology gives us insights into how human activities are affecting the environment and it warns us about potential future problems that may arise if we don’t take action now.
  4. The importance of ecology is that it gives us an insight into how all these factors interact with each other and how they affect us, and how it is possible to take action in order to maintain our ecosystem.
  5. All living things are dependent on each other for survival and survival of one species affects the survival of many other species.
  6. Ecology helps us find solutions to problems, even problems that we didn’t know existed such as global warming, destruction of wildlife habitats etc… It also helps us protect our natural environment and to understand how we affect it.
  7. 8.Ecology is an important field because it helps us understand things like why plants are disappearing from certain areas or how we are affecting our natural habitats for animals. Ecology helps the earth avoid what scientists call “the Sixth Extinction.”
  8. 9.Ecology is crucial because it helps make sure that resources in nature are used efficiently to avoid overpopulation, extinction or depletion causing catastrophic events such as global warming or mass extinctions.

Units Studied Under Ecology

  1. Ecological succession
  2. Ecological pyramids
  3. Ecological niches
  4. Ecology of parasites
  5. Saprobic mycelia
  6. Conservation ecology
  7. Carrying capacity, carrying capacity limits, population control, and carrying capacity models
  8. Biodiversity conservation
  9. Environmentalism
  10. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW)
  11. Global Warming
  12. The impact of mankind on the biosphere
  13. Nutrient cycling
  14. Biogeochemical cycles in ecology, involving the following:
  15. Introduction to geography: oceans, coastlines and river basins (by Gouse)
  16. Introduction to geography: mountains and coastal plains (by Gouse)
  17. Introduction to geography: grasslands, savannahs and wetlands (by Gouse)

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