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What is Earth Science ?

Earth science refers to two related fields that are commonly referred to as geology and astronomy; these disciplines study how the earth formed and came together along with understanding how these things work today. The two fields of Earth science also tend to overlap with one another; while they may be separate in academia, they are often seen as one unified whole by lay people. According to the United States Department of Energy, “Earth scientists integrate information from physical processes on Earth, such as volcanoes and earthquakes, with information from the Sun, stars, and galaxies. The goal is to understand how Earth works in relationship to its environment.”

This field of study began as a movement in the 19th century when scientist observed the changing geology of their environment. Geologists are interested in studying mountains and science as a whole is interested in studying planets and solar systems. Data collected by these groups of individuals was usually recorded with sketches to help other scientists better understand the data they had collected by creating visual aids which were then sent back to Europe where they took over making paintings that helped continue scientific discoveries into the modern era.

Branches Of Earth Science

  1. Biome: Earth’s atmosphere, land, and water make up its biome. Scientists study this type of earth science to learn more about the life that functions within these boundaries.
  2. Geology: The basic rocks and minerals that make up Earth’s crust are studied in geology. Geologists also study how continents move, how earthquakes occur, and much more.
  3. Oceanography: This area of earth science concentrates on the ocean, which covers nearly 70% of our planet’s surface area! It’s a massive group of scientists who study currents, weather patterns, animal populations, and much more! One such scientist is Jacques Cousteau… a famous oceanographer and explorer.
  4. Plate tectonics: Scientists who study this branch of earth science observe and measure earthquakes, volcanoes, and many other events that occur within the earth’s crust. This branch is also sometimes called “geophysics”.
  5. Biology: Some areas of biological studies are paleontology, or fossil records; biochemistry, or chemical properties of living things; biology, or the study of living things; ecophysiology, which is the study of how animals survive in their specific environments; and zoology, which is more specifically about animals that are not fish.
  6. Physical geology: This branch of earth science focuses on the materials that make up the Earth’s crust and how they change. The Earth’s crust is constantly being changed by processes such as erosion and uplifting, but scientists’ study this in order to find out if these changes could damage or destroy the ecosystem.
  7. Hydro geology: This type of earth science focuses on water in a variety of ways. It includes tides, waves, currents, ice flows, glaciers, snowpack’s and much more! Scientists who study this endeavor to better understand how all of these things work so they can protect against them going wrong.
  8. Biogeochemistry: This type of earth science focuses on the chemical reactions that take place within living organisms. Scientists who study this branch of earth science are constantly finding new information about these things and continually updating their knowledge.
  9. Ecology: This branch of earth science is very similar to biogeochemistry in that it also involves living organisms, but it also includes non-living things such as mountains, valleys, deserts… In total, ecology covers all the different plants, animals, and other things on our planet! Like biochemistry, ecology works to improve the environment by cataloging how various species interact with each other and how the environment itself changes over time.
  10. Geobiology: This branch of earth science is the study of how Earth works, but it does not focus on just one part. It studies patterns everywhere: in rocks, in plants, and in animals.

Importance of Earth Science

Earth science is important because it is an integral part of many other disciplines such as climatology, geology, and oceanography. Without earth science we could not have other fields of study that are concerned with the Earth’s surface and what lies within it in order to better understand its past, present and future. Earth science has led us to information about earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and climate change which has helped save lives.

Earth Science can be important if you’re interested in any medical field or want to know more about our living world so that you can take care of it responsibly. A lot of people also find this science fascinating! It can help us understand how our climate will change over time (which directly affects us), what losing different pieces would mean for life on earth.

Topics Studied Under Earth Science

  1. Atmosphere
  2. Climate
  3. Paleoclimatology
  4. Ecology
  5. Geochemistry
  6. Solid Earth Geophysics
  7. Planetary Geology
  8. Astrogeology
  9. Geographic Information Science
  10. Quaternary Science
  11. Geodynamics
  12. Solid Earth Sciences
  13. Hydrogeology
  14. Geomorphology
  15. Physical Oceanography
  16. Marine Biology and Fisheries Science

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