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What is Chemistry?

 Chemistry is the science of matter at its elemental level. Though it has been around for thousands of years, the field of chemistry has only been recognized as a separate one in modern times. The term “chemistry” comes from alchemy, which referred to the search for an “elixir” that would re-create life or health.

chemistry is all about matter, the elements and compounds. chemists study them, categorize them and try to understand their properties. this is done in order to make medicines more effective or to solve everyday problems. for example: if you cut yourself on something sharp you take a time-out from what you were doing and go look for bandaids (this is when applied chemistry comes into play) or if you like coffee but also dislike its bitterness, you can find out how they make decaf coffee by using chemistry (purely theoretical). everything that has or ever will be is made up through chemistry.

Categories Of   Chemistry

Organic Chemistry– studies the chemicals which make up living organisms. This includes their use for food, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, and more. There are many organic compounds found in nature which makes it very interesting to chemists all over the world. Also, organic chemistry is the basis for the study of biochemistry, which is a branch of biology. Because of this, it is very useful in life sciences.

Inorganic Chemistry– Inorganic chemistry used to be studied by mostly physical chemists/physicists. Now, however, most chemists who study inorganic chemistry have backgrounds in both physics and chemistry. Inorganic chemistry focuses on nonliving chemicals such as crystals and rocks. This branch of chemistry studies things like ionic and covalent bonding. It also studies what goes on inside catalysts since they are used to speed up chemical reactions that happen all over the world every day (like when you burn something).

The Benefits Of Chemistry

It is important to know what chemicals are in the things that you cook and eat because they can be poisonous or toxic. Without knowing what is in the foods you cook it is unlikely that you would be able to recognize the best recipes for cooking healthy food. It also goes for cleaning chemicals and household cleaners, such as bleach and ammonia. Knowing what these chemical substances are can help you prepare for emergencies, such as poisonings or bio-terrorism attacks on hospitals, workplaces, schools and airports.

Knowledge of the properties of chemical compounds can help you understand the properties and effects of a drug, making it easier to choose which drugs would be best for treating a particular problem or illness. Knowing what chemical compounds are contained in a drug also helps you know how well that drug is working, helping to make informed decisions about whether or not to continue taking the drug.

Respect for the environment is important because it helps us all to protect our lives and our way of life. Without knowing what chemicals are used in products that pollute the environment, we can’t be sure that these products are safe for the people and things around us. Because pollution kills wildlife and destroys the habitats of animals, plants and insects, studying chemistry can help you be an advocate for conservation, as well as helping to reduce risks to human health and safety.

It is also important to know about chemical compounds when you are studying or creating things. For example, when learning about biochemistry or genetics it is necessary to understand the atomic and molecular structure of human cells, as well as proteins. It is also necessary to know about chemical compounds in order to build computer parts or create reusable rocket engines. Knowing about chemical compounds can help you be more informed consumers when purchasing products such as toys that contain lead paint in the pigment used on them.

Knowledge of chemistry also helps you as a chemist to make better environmentally friendly products. Knowing how to design, create and improve the performance of products can help you do your job better without harming the environment or your health and safety. In addition, it makes it easier for others to learn about chemistry and be able to use it in their own work. By making products that use chemicals with less amount of harmful substances in them, you can save the environment both in appearance and in what you produce; this is beneficial not only because we are degrading our natural resources but also because more people will be able to benefit from them.

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