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Python Programming Python is a programming language developed in the 1980’s and was intended to solve complex and high-level problems. Compared to other programming languages like JAVA, python is able to write similar command but in fewer lines. Additionally, python is able to support numerous programming models such as object-oriented programming languages since it is […]

Python Programming

Python is a programming language developed in the 1980’s and was intended to solve complex and high-level problems. Compared to other programming languages like JAVA, python is able to write similar command but in fewer lines. Additionally, python is able to support numerous programming models such as object-oriented programming languages since it is equipped with various new features and a memory system that saves data automatically. To better understand concepts in this language, contact our python programming assignment experts at

Languages Influenced By Python

The ideas and concepts that were used to developed python were so revolutionary that they were adopted in developing other languages. Our python assignment experts have reviewed some of these languages below.

  • Cobra – This language utilises identification codes and identical syntax in enabling some of its functions. These functions include unit tests and design-by-contract.
  • Groovy – This programming language is simply JAVA programming language but with the design of python.
  • Coffee script – This programming language utilises the syntax ideas in python to cross-compile scripts in JAVA.
  • ECMA Script – In developing this language, the repetitive ideas and list of comprehensions in python were heavily used.
  • This programming language was invented by Apple but utilises the syntax ideas of python.

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Sample questions and answers of python programming

At, we have competent writers who have vast experience in python programming languages. All the assignments that we have undertaken have been successful. The example below is a typical python question that we are tasked with solving. Under it, there will be a demonstration of how our writers would solve the problem.



From the case study below, you are required to develop a method of analysis that will be able to retrieve information from various databases.

  1. a) You live in Mamba town and have a lorry. You want to establish the exact number of lorry parks in town. You are required to develop a python program from the information provided that can be used to count the number of Lorries in Mamba town.
  2. b) You are also required to develop another python program that will enable you establish the probability of a particular lorry park having space for parking.
  3. c) Use the results in the first two questions to develop a timetable that will show the probability of any given Lorry Park having some parking space a particular time of the day. Your table should be able to show that at this time of the day, the following park is the most likely to have space all the way to the least likely lorry park.


Basically, this question requires that we use Jupyter Python Notebook so that we can establish the availability of parking space in the lorry parks in Mamba town at one given instance. We are going to analyse this data using AWS that is readily available on RDS since this information is available on MySQL database. Read More

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Python is one of the best programming languages out there and can greatly improve the computational abilities of a student. At, our top writers are able to guide students of how these language works. We ensure that we only hire those writers with some of the highest qualifications on the subject. Our highly-rated writers make us stand out from the rest of the writing help services. Other than the high-quality of our writers, there are several other reasons why students should place their python assignment orders with us at


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  • We are very strict on originality and authenticity and we have various anti-plagiarism tools. All the work submitted by our writers is taken through these tools to ensure that there is no plagiarism.
  • Our writers are well-versed with all the reference methods including APA and MLA and will ensure that proper referencing is done for your assignment.
  • We are always in-touch with our writers to check on the progress of our work. This is so as to ensure that the order is delivered on time.
  • We have 24/7 customer support unit that works to address any concerns by our clients.

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Why python is better than other programming languages

  • Python is among the best programming languages according to TIOBE programming community index.
  • Among the programming languages that do not utilise the syntax developed by C++ and JAVA, python is ranked among the top three.
  • In developing python, the programmers utilise the concepts C-programming language therefore it is easy to transit between the two languages.
  • Overall, python programming language is considered to be more efficient than other languages such as JAVA.

To better understand the details of these features, our python assignment experts at will guide you.

Challenges faced by students in solving programming language assignments.

We have been completing python assignments for students for a number of years. Consequently, our python assignment experts at have come up with some of the frequently asked questions. We can use this to establish areas that most students find challenging. These include:

Lack of Coding Skills

Python codes are the most challenging for students. Most students are unable to master the characters that are required to develop source code.  Without knowledge of these characters, students are unable to complete their python programming assignments.

Not paying attention

Python programming requires great attention to detail. Failure to pay attention in class may lead the student to be unable to complete his/her assignment. Students must therefore take note of even the smallest of details if they are to complete their assignments.

Confusing Python Codes

Sometimes it is difficult to spot the difference between two source codes as they may appear similar. However, these slight differences may lead to huge differences in the instructions given to the computer. Students must be extra careful with the turn-counts while completing their assignments.

Commits Plagiarism

Python programming language uses codes to write its programs. These codes are sometimes similar and students may be tempted to simply copy the code from somewhere else and paste it as their own. This will lead to plagiarism and the student will be penalised. At, our writers are always writing unique codes for each assignment regardless of whether it is similar.

Lack of Practice

The python programming code are difficult to master. However, if a student is does a lot of practice, they will be able to perfect the art of coding. Our python assignment experts at can provide a student with sample questions that the student can use for practice.

How python programs are used

Our python assignment experts at have identified the following instances when python programming is used.

  • Python programming is used in multi-national organisations like Google.
  • Python script is utilised by various online servers such as Apache.
  • IronPython is used in making the client face of applications developed by Ajax.
  • Python is used in developing scientific libraries such as Matplotlib.
  • Python is used in the development of Sage that is utilised in solving various mathematical concepts.
  • Python software are greatly utilised in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Python is used in developing scripting languages like Abacus.
  • Python is used to develop high-level versions of operating systems such as FreeBSD



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