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Writing a research paper is not done just for the purpose of writing but rather for showing exceptional combination of borrowed ideas within your own. As well as, incorporating sources from which your opinion has been borrowed. In as much as one needs to show his ideas, instructors expect learners to engage in thorough research in a process that is clear in bringing out their ideas. While these processes seem easy, there is always a form of uncertainty. Particularly, in the way students formulate their research papers.

I understand you might be wondering, how you make sure the ideas and arguments of others are incorporated in your topic. But, still be included in the sources where you borrowed from? It is very possible to combine your ideas and arguments of another author to form an original discussion. However, every time you use another person’s ideas and fail to acknowledge them. You are said to have committed an academic offense.

Regardless of whether you have changed the wordings from the original source, a citation is still needed. Citing as a way of giving credit to authors is necessary. Because, it is one of the ways one can avoid committing intellectual theft. To have a stronger ability to overcome the challenge of information theft, the information provided below could become a great resource when compiling a research paper that maintains originality.

Stages of Pre-writing The Original Research Paper

Prepare and plan well for your paper

Before engaging in any form of writing, it is vital that students learn how to prepare and make plans for their entire research. This stage is necessary for the study because it enables a researcher to clarify on what ideas and arguments he will be incorporating in his paper. The planning and preparation stage is equally crucial because it makes one narrow on the scope of study and beat all limitations. It also helps students in gaining the idea that how they can write their research papers in a best way that their research paper will publish.

Prepare an outline

After narrowing on your subject and planning and knowing what you will incorporate in your paper, the next crucial step is developing an outline. An outline basically contains the statements and details that will be discussed in-depth in your paper. An outline is a skeleton of your final paper and includes details arranged in order of facts. This is also a great step learners must follow if they wish to stay away from the harsh consequences of being found with plagiarism. When you will make an outline for your research paper, it will be very easy for you to write all the points in your research paper.

Sort out your notes

Like we have mentioned before, writing a paper involves a lot of researching. In order to have your work is done with professionalism, it is necessary that one notes down all the facts. Because the mistakes can be caught when you will check after writing the research paper so it is good to sort out the notes. Besides, details that they wish to borrow from other authors. This step is very crucial because it helps the writer indicate significant information that needs to be cited and references as the writing continues. The referencing and citation in this phase could help learners be sure to avoid any instances of plagiarism.

Explain on your notes

As you find other people’s ideas to work on, it cannot be doubted that personal ideas will keep cropping. While these ideas develop, do not forget to write them down to show an expansion of your ideas. This process will make your writing easier. In doing this well, you can choose to use different color pens to separate single points from notes addition. Hence, you can be sure to avoid plagiarism even if your research paper is checked through a plagiarism checker.

Seek counsel

Writing process is not an easy task especially if you are not a creative thinker. Not only have to follow all the above steps but a very significant step in your writing process should be talking to an adviser. As the matter of plagiarism is very sensitive in the research paper so that’s why you should get counseling from the experts. For any consultation regarding your research paper or if you have any questions regarding this, you can come to our website and can contact with our experts. We will help you regarding your research paper and in case if you want to order us to write your research paper, we will surely write your research paper. We have experts who have written many research papers earlier. Thus, information from our advisers could offer a lot of help. Regardless of what method of clarification was used as you joined college, be sure to seek counsel.

You can order us in just 4 steps:

The Writing Stage: Writing a 100% Original Research Paper

The pre-writing process is crucial but after it, there is the actual writing which is even more sensitive. In the writing phase, always remember to state your references. Acknowledging the writer does not mean that he does not have enough information. But, it means the words that follow the citation have been borrowed.

Every time you are stating a fact, using statistics or using quotation marks. Ensure to follow it with a citation. At the same time, in the event of uncertainty, it would be better to mention references. Uncertainty does not mean that the author depended on other people’s ideas. Rather, it means that the fact has been given by that particular writer. Stating references is the most appropriate way to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism can occur at any instance even when you choose to cite. To completely avoid accidental plagiarism, be sure to consult with your professor on the proper formats for citation and the particular one that applies to your paper. Also, when writing your research paper, be sure to give your audience the impression that you have the ability to present an organized paper with different opinions borrowed from a list of authors. But, still maintain the flow of your development.

For writing your research paper, you can order us and we will serve you by writing the research paper which will be guaranteed that it will be non-plagiarized.  Our experts will write the paper in their own wording and they will use their knowledge and will write the 100% unique research paper which was not written before by any person.

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Plagiarism Free Research Paper

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