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Essay Writing and How Paid Essay Writing Services Evolved Overtime

An essay, in general, is a piece of writing that is surrounded on a particular subject or topic. It could be a letter, a news, an article or even a story. The writer is responsible of explaining the subject in depth within the essay, and should not get carried away and change the core focus of it.

Academic essay writing is not much different than the general essay writing. The concepts and the steps are the same, but often in academic writing, the writer is not free to choose the subject, the type or the length of the essay, because they are already decided by the academic supervisors. Hence, they are supposed to be followed. And academic essays are mostly argumentative essays, which means that they are written based on an argument which the writer needs to justify with his own views and points. Thus, persuade or convince the reader that what he is arguing about is correct.

Essay writing generally consists of three main stages, which are to be followed in ascending order to avoid problems later on in between the process.

  1. Brainstorming: It is essential to understand every fundamental concept before you start working on something. And decide the things beforehand and follow them as you move on. When writing an essay, you are supposed to decide the topic, research about it, and then decide how you would outline your essay based on your topic and the research. That is called brainstorming.
  2. Writing: Once you’re done with the first stage, which is brainstorming or preparing, you get to write your essay. Since you’ve already decided the outline, you won’t have any problems at all.
  3. Proofreading and Revising: After you finish your essay, the very first thing that you need to do is to proofread your essay for errors and mistakes. It is not always important that your writing should be a 100% perfect, and you should always proofread it and do a revision if required.

An essay itself is divided into three sections, each connected with the other and contributing towards the main topic being discussed.

  1. Introduction: Everything starts with an introduction, no matter what it is, but it is supposed to have an introduction for the viewers to understand what they are going to witness. Similarly, to start writing an essay, the writer is supposed to start with an engaging and persuasive introductory paragraph and start the things off.
  2. Body: The body contains all the points and arguments regarding the subject, along with proofs collected from different sources to make the points more reliable. Your research would be mainly used in the body of your essay where you state every fact that you’ve studied and prove it with references.
  3. Conclusion: The conclusive paragraph of an essay should contain a brief and strong restatement of the main topic which should leave an impact on the readers’ mind. Put together all the points in one paragraph, summarizing the whole concept of the essay and why the points you’ve explained are important and true.

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