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What is Public Health?

Public Health is the study of human population health, with a focus on such matters as poverty, genetics, and environmental influences. Public Health is a field that focuses on preventive efforts rather than corrective actions that have already occurred. The goal is to promote good health via education and awareness so people can make better choices about their lifestyles.

There are two fundamental approaches to public health: preventive medicine and reactive care. Risk factors, such as poor hygiene, can be reduced by promoting good hygiene practices in schools and elsewhere. Also nutrition related risks such as under nutrition and diseases like diarrhea disease can be prevented by improving the diet of the population, mainly through increased food production. Vaccination programs protect people from infectious diseases that spread via contaminated foods or water.

The main functions of these workers include:

  • Prevention of disease
  • Detection and control of infectious disease
  • Improvement of health status
  • Prevention and control of chronic diseases.

Types of Public Health Systems In The World

 The first type is a “supranational” system, where all countries participate in similar practices and standards. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) is a supranational entity that works towards the global goal of ending all health inequalities. This type of system is not representative of any country or culture, but it helps countries work towards universal health.

The second type is a “nationally based” system, like the U.S. However, most nationally-based systems do not have the same standards that are required for supranational systems. For example, all countries in the European Union (EU) have signed on to a single set of standards called the Precautionary Principle. This means that each country must examine their current health safety and see if their local standards are up to par with those of other countries. If not, they must make changes to their standards to ensure that their health system is sufficiently advanced and modern.

The third type is a “regionally based” system, which includes countries that share similar health needs and problems. There are four regions in the world, they are:

The fourth type is a “bordering” system, which is any country with a border specifically related to health. One example of a bordering system is the US and Mexico. Sometimes the health systems of neighboring countries become entangled with each other, which can lead to shared standards and practices.

Importance of Public Health;

  1. Safeguarding and promoting health in communities;
  2. Preventing illness, injury and premature death through promotion of healthy behavior
  3. Protecting the public’s health by safe food and water, proper sanitation, pest control and disaster planning for disease outbreaks
  4. Protection against infectious diseases, including immunization and typhoid vaccination programs
  5. Providing health care to low-income, underserved and uninsured populations
  6. Enhancing healthy public environments to promote health
  7. Improvement of environmental quality, including air and water quality, to enhance public health
  8. Promotion of health as part of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies
  9. Prevention of chronic diseases through early detection and management
  10. Improving the health of populations through public health policies, interventions, and monitoring and evaluation
  11. Reducing inequities in access to medical care for persons with limited resources

Problems In Public Health

  1. Limited access to safe water supplies and sanitation facilities in many countries

2.Inadequate health care resulting from weakened primary care services. 3. lack of access to health care for people in low-income countries.

  1. High levels of population inactivity and under activity.
  2. Disparities between women and men, from different groups especially from lower sociology-economic groups regarding the sexual and reproductive health and carrying capacity, etc.
  3. Disturbing the water quality.
  4. High rates of violence in our society especially during epidemics, natural disasters and military activities.
  5. Increasing health expenditures resulted from the growing economy in recent years.
  6. The growing population leading to an increase in disease morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Units/courses under public health

  1. Public health practice and policy
  2. Community health nursing and primary health care (family planning clinics)
  3. Environmental sanitation, environmental hygiene, environmental disease control, personal and general hygiene, family planning
  4. Nutrition in public health
  5. Community development and social welfare
  6. Interpersonal communication and human relations
  7. Family life and child development
  8. Health education and paraprofessional program coordinator
  9. Community health promotion
  10. Primary health care (family planning clinics)
  11. Occupational health nursing program coordinator.

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