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What Are Nursing Reports

Nursing reports are required in nursing schools to provide evidence of the student’s progress, evaluation, and teaching. In some cases, a passing grade is determined by the number of quality reports completed and submitted or the number of credits that have been successfully passed. Depending on the type and duration of studies a nurse completes, each school will require different ratings for how well they are accepting students into nursing programs. Ultimately, the level of nursing school a student chooses will depend on their background and how much time they can dedicate to their studies.

Reports are commonly used as a means of promoting a nurse’s good citizenship, career preparation and evaluation. Each program will have different reporting requirements, so it is important to find out exactly what the school requires. A nurse must be prepared for any and all aspects of classes, clinical, projects, writing assignments and even exams. These reports can be used for evaluation and inpatient nursing experience and to satisfy the educational requirements for license.

Nursing school will require reports that include:

Types of nursing reports

The following is a list of some of the more common reports that schools might ask students to complete. This list is not all inclusive, but will give you and idea as to what is expected during nursing school.

  1. Written Nursing Portfolio

A written nursing portfolio serves as the student’s performance assessment of their knowledge, skills and abilities in nursing. The portfolio can include a student’s professional development plan; sample of clinical experiences; “care to self” documentation; documentation of research findings/works cited and a statement of purpose. This is often used as an undergraduate and graduate level portfolio that demonstrates the student’s expertise in nursing.1

  1. A nursing science-based research project and report

As a student in nursing, a science-based research project will often be required. A nursing science based research project might focus on a subject that the school is researching in their laboratories. The type of research project will vary, but the general expectation is that students will have to present and develop their findings or results into a written report.

  1. Nursing case reports

Case reports are often used to assist a nurse in better understanding a diagnosis or treatment for different diseases. Some schools also use case reports and case studies as a grading tool for students, so it is often important to know how the school uses this information. In addition, many schools will ask students to complete and present these nursing case studies in various ways. Students are often asked to compile their notes from the study into a formal report or presentation that they can use when speaking with other health professionals or patients regarding this issue. In other cases, a school might ask for the student’s own perceptions and feelings about the patient or their condition. The case report is often used as an assessment tool in nursing school.

  1. Paper on a research topic

Schools will often require students to complete and submit a paper that focuses on a specific research topic of interest to the school or college. The assignment could result in an essay, literature review or dissertation and it may be used to meet certain course requirements within the program.

  1. Nursing ethics report or “ethics portfolio”

A student might have to complete a paper on nursing ethics and submit the paper to the nursing professors for evaluation and grading. When a nurse is writing about their experiences with ethical dilemmas, they are often completing an assignment that will be judged based on written details and presentation.

Importance of a Nursing report

  • It provides Information about the illness of the patient. It informs the patients relatives, friends and careers about the patient’s condition and treatment.
  • It is used to create a long term plan for the care of the patient.
  • It sends a message to other health professionals working with the patient of how they can anticipate their needs or future condition.
  • Nursing report is an important part of the nursing course, as it helps to evaluate a student’s taking the class and being effective.
  • It can be used to evaluate a student’s attendance, participation, and ability to complete assignments.
  • It is also very important because if you don’t pass the nursing report, you will not be allowed to stay in school and you will have to make other arrangements.
  • Nurses report is also helpful for preparing for a nursing exam, so the whole nursing school should understand it.
  • Nurses report is an even more important part of nursing school because you are working with students and professors of the nursing school and if you don’t do your job in good way, you will not be taken in to consideration by the nurse school.
  • A nursing report is a very easy way to pass and finish nursing school, and it is also a good way to get a good grade.
  • A nursing report will give you the opportunity to get out of classes on time, because you should write your reports before going in to the class, so you will not be late.
  • Nursing reports are an even more important part of nursing school because they will help the student understand more about writing and how to be proper with their work in class.

 Units Covered Under Nursing Report

  1. Case management
  2. Medical terminology
  3. Legal aspects of nursing
  4. Psychosocial- cultural milieu in nursing
  5. Humanistic philosophies in nursing
  6. Critical thinking and communication skills
  7. Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  8. Research methodology and presentation skills.

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