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What is Nursing ethics. ?

What is it? It’s the guiding principles of nursing that nurses use to make decisions about their work. Think of them as guidelines, which respect the dignity and worth of every person, including patients, family members, and coworkers. They are based on the knowledge that all people are valuable, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

The seven principles of nursing ethics are:

  1. Nonmaleficence:  Nurses should always try to keep from causing harm to their patients. To understand why this is important, think about what can happen if nurses do not follow this principle. If a nurse does something that causes harm  to a patient, then the nurse has committed an unethical act.
  2. Beneficence:  Nurses should always act in the best interests of their patients. This means that when it comes to making decisions about the care given to a patient, nurses must make decisions that are in the patient’s best interest.
  3. Autonomy: This principle of nursing ethics means that nurses are obligated to respect their patients’ personal autonomy by respecting their wishes about care, even if this means accepting changes in care when the patient no longer wishes for that change in care.
  4. Justice: One of the most important principles to consider in the practice of any profession, including nursing, is that of justice. This principle means that everyone deserves fair and equal treatment by nurses and other caregivers in a healthcare environment.
  5. Veracity. An important part of nursing is communication with patients, families, coworkers and other persons involved in the patient’s care.

Types Of Nursing Ethic

  1. Professional ethics

Professional ethic, also known as clinical ethics or procedural ethics, is a formal system of ethical inquiry that addresses the rights and responsibilities of members of healthcare professions in relationship to their patients. Professional ethicists address issues such as confidentiality and informed consent, patient safety and maintenance of competency regarding the practice of their profession.

  1. Personal ethics

Personal ethics describes the values that individual nurse’s hold and the broad principles of action which guide their actions. A good personal ethic will recognize and respect the worth of every person so that all parties involved can contribute to a positive experience for every patient.

  1. Religious value system

Religious values guide the actions of nurses on a daily basis. There is no one right answer to this issue, but there are many ethical options that can be discussed and practiced when providing care.

  1. Ethical theory and perspective of nursing

This concept is a broad categorization for ethical issues that arise in nursing practice as well as for ethical decision-making in nursing related areas such as biomedical engineering, research, etc., over which nurses have some control (such as research ethics). Nursing theory & perspective of nursing is the foundation for clinical practice and education.

Importance of nursing ethics

  1. Nursing Ethics is the application of moral principles to nursing practice.
  2. Nursing Ethics provide guidance for making decisions about care for those who are ill, injured, disabled, dying or bereaved and those who need assistance deciding upon courses of action related to their care.
  3. A nurse holds a position of trust and is answerable to a range of people and needs.
  4. Nurses are committed to providing high quality care, maintaining the safety of patients, to be truthful in their clinical practice and to maintain confidence in their work.
  5. The Nursing Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of all ethical practice within nursing and is offered as an ethical code for all nursing practitioners regardless of their role or status within the profession
  6. The Code of Ethics is intended to assist all nurse practitioners in the development of ethical practice and provide a framework for nurses who have not completed formal education, or who have completed training outside the Australian Nursing Council (ANC) approved nursing program, to use as a reference to guide their practice
  7. The six core values, which underpin the practice of all nurses and their ethical practice, are Non-discrimination, Beneficence, Autonomy, Justice, Integrity and Respect for Diversity.
  8. The four cornerstones of Nursing Ethics are Respect for Autonomy (privacy), Beneficence (doing well), Non-maleficence (avoiding doing harm) and Justice (fairness to clients).

 Some of the most common topics studied under nursing ethics includes; 

  1. Research
  2. Health Care Quality
  3. Human Rights
  4. Medical Malpractice Law
  5. Patient Safety
  6. Ethics of Professional Practice
  7. Nursing Research
  8. Dissemination of research
  9. The rights of participants in research
  10. Informed consent to research
  11. IRBs (Institutional Review Boards)
  12. 11.12 OPRR (Office for Protection from Research Risks, now called OHRP — Office for Human Research Protections)

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