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What is Nursing ?

Nursing is the act of providing a patient with services intended to promote health and healing. This may involve some form of hands-on care, such as assessing wounds or giving out medications/treatment; it might also involve counseling or psychological support for patients and their families. It may also involve routine care in hospitals or care homes.

Nursing is concerned with the assessment and care of individuals who are ill, injured, or disabled. Nursing has various sub-specialties including psychiatric and oncology nursing.

Nursing is all about caring. Caring is something that everyone needs to do, but we often forget to give it our all. We may care a little too much and sometimes find ourselves spending extra time doing things that could be considered unnecessary or even overcompensating for our perceived lack of caring or lack of empathy. It is quite possibly one of the most rewarding careers in healthcare, if you choose to do so as a nurse.

Types of nursing

Types of nursing includes, but not limited to, Critical Care, Cardiac/Respiratory, Emergency and Trauma nursing. There are a number of sub specialties within each of these types of nursing as well.

  1. Critical Care-Critical care nurse is responsible for the overall care in the areas of critical care including acute or immediate post-surgical care and pain management. They are very aware of the body systems and they can provide a close relationship with patients and families. They work closely with doctors and other team members to ensure the best possible care.
  2. Cardiac/Respiratory- Cardiac/Respiratory nurses provide clinical care in such areas as heart disease, hypertension, pulmonary problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF) and diabetes.
  3. Emergency and Trauma- Emergency nurse is responsible for the overall care of patients suffering from trauma or acute illness or injury. They work closely with doctors and other team members to ensure the best possible care. The emergency nurse is also responsible for providing pain and anxiety management.

Role of nurses

The role of nurses is to provide the best quality care for their patients. Nurses are vital to the health care team, as they make sure that a person gets the best standard of care.

It’s very important for nurses to work closely with doctors in order to maintain good communication and coordination between the patient and physician. This is important for a safe and effective treatment for the patient.

Some nurses provide psychological comfort to patients. They can be assigned to observe the patient, stand by his or her side, or encourage the patient to accept the help of others. Nurses are also responsible for assigning a patient’s care to someone else, such as a family member.

Registered nurses have specific education requirements decided upon by their state board of nursing. In some states, there may be specific requirements for certification after completing an Associate degree in Nursing and passing the NCLEX exam.

Importance of nursing

 Nursing is important because it helps people heal from illnesses and injuries by keeping them healthy. Nursing provides treatment and help with problems such as eating, dressing, bathing, walking and breathing. Patients with terminal illnesses benefit greatly from the support that a nurse can offer through the sometimes difficult times ahead. Nursing is also important to keep people healthy because when we are ill it usually means that our immune system is not working properly which can lead to further complications. Nursing care helps to prevent this by treating illnesses, educating patients and providing screenings.

Nursing is important in Hospital, home care and public health, as it helps people stay healthy. This includes providing preventive health measures such as screenings and vaccinations. Nurses also work to ensure that people maintain an independence at home. They provide services in hospitals, schools, medical clinics, long-term care facilities and public health agencies across the country to help keep people healthy

Nursing is a combination of art and science. It is art because it requires compassion, a caring heart and the ability to be nimble in the midst of stressful situations. It is science because nursing requires knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. Some nurses may choose to focus on scientific knowledge while others may focus more on the art of nursing which can both lead to rewarding careers.

Nursing is important because it help patients recover from their illnesses and also keep them healthy and stable by doing things such as giving medications or checking for any changes in their physical condition. Nurses are very important in the medical field because they help doctors perform tasks better and to provide a more efficient service. By performing these tasks doctors can concentrate on more important things. Nurses are also very important in acute care, like the emergency department where nurses help patients that suffer from an injury or illness and recovery.

Units/Course Studies Under Nursing

  1. Anatomy of the human body- when a patient is sick or injured the nurse should know what parts of the body are injured or hurt in order to avoid any problems and to have a better understanding of what needs to be done.
  2. Physiology- when injuries occur, there is an effect on certain organ systems. By knowing about how these body systems works, it helps you understand how the body can recover from injuries.
  3. Pathophysiology
  4. Clinical skills for nursing
  5. Legal aspects of nursing
  6. Cultural, ethical and professional issues in nursing
  7. Ethical principles in nursing
  8. Hygiene and infection control
  9. History and principles of emergency nursing
  10. Health assessment
  11. Communication in nursing
  12. Research methodology in nursing

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