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What is MATLAB ?

MATLAB enables us to solve problems in science, engineering, and math. It is a programming language with a straightforward syntax. One of the most popular uses of MATLAB is for technical computing and visualization. Other uses include data analysis, image processing, machine learning, computer vision and robotics.

MATLAB uses a combination of function calls and high-level language constructs to define computations and transformations. Unlike a scripting language such as Python, MATLAB statements can also include statements that evaluate mathematical expressions. For example, the MATLAB type system enables you to use expression operators (such as +, -, and /) and functions (such as sin and sqrt) wherever you would typically use function calls.

MATLAB is a high-level language. Therefore, the syntax for defining expressions is different from the syntax for variables in a high-level programming language.

What can you do with MATLAB?

-Create sophisticated models of physical systems

-Simulate behavioral responses to changes in environmental factors such as temperature or lighting.

-Analyze microscopic images of materials at the nanoscale using computational methods.

-Solve business problems to create a more efficient operation or find new markets for your company.

What Are The Different Types of MATLAB?

  1. MATLAB Beginner

In order to use MATLAB, one first needs to know the basics. This is the category for MATLAB beginners. Topics covered in this section include: how to plot data points; how to enter commands into MATLAB; and what data types are supported by MATLAB.

  1. Advanced Programming Topics in MATLAB

This category is for those who have mastered the basics of programming in MATLAB and would like a little more challenge. Topics covered in this section include: advanced plotting techniques; programming with functions; and working with cell arrays.

  1. MATLAB Builders

This category is for those who have mastered MATLAB programming and would like to understand the fundamentals of building programs using object-oriented programming methods. Topics covered in this section include: class variables and methods; inheritance; encapsulation and abstraction; structs and structuring your code.

  1. MATLAB Experts

This category is for those who have mastered MATLAB programming and want to expand their skill set. Topics covered in this section include: using Java within MATLAB, 3D graphics, histograms, finite state machines, neural networks, genetic algorithms and more!

Importance Of MATLAB

MATLAB provides visualization, translation, and interpolation algorithms that allow for the efficient calculation of desired output. It was designed for engineers and scientists for use in modeling, data analysis, numerical simulation and optimization.

The major strengths of MATLAB are its user-friendly interface, standard function libraries with a broad range of specific functions that extend the capabilities of MATLAB considerably. This allows a range of users from beginners to sophisticated researchers to experience the power of computer science in one application.

In addition, MATLAB supports mathematical computation, visualization, image processing and programming capabilities. This has made it a favorite of engineers, scientists and students who need more than just spreadsheets to effectively solve problems in their respective fields. MATLAB offers a strong graphical user interface that is an ideal platform for teaching math and computer science to a wide range of audiences.

MATLAB offers a broad range of calculation and reporting capabilities that can be used to solve real-world problems. Users can manipulate numerical data in an intuitive manner, gain powerful insights into data relationships, and present their findings in a clear, concise manner.

MATLAB is well-suited for high-performance computing and parallel processing. Experts use MATLAB to write and test computer algorithms, then convert them into C/C++ and Java for execution on parallel platforms such as multicomputers, clusters and supercomputers.

MATLAB users can create programs that run faster than comparable codes written in Fortran or C, especially when an application performs many calculations on large matrices.

One of the biggest benefits of using MATLAB is the support that it offers to merge computation and analysis. The program’s use of symbolic manipulation, combined with its rich set of standard functions, make it simple to express any mathematical or computational problem. Because users can experiment with MATLAB’s functions in a graphical environment, they can quickly and easily test out ideas before putting them into full-fledged programs.

MATLAB has good graphics capabilities, which are vital in many fields such as science, engineering and finance. Graphics capabilities allow users to view the results of a program in a simple and intuitive manner. MATLAB also includes numerous functions that allow users to combine graphics with numerical data and create mathematical animations that plot curves and surfaces over time.

MATLAB offers more than 400 built-in math functions, including statistical functions, functions for matrix manipulation and linear algebra operations, as well as other numerical computation tools.

Topics Studied Under MATLAB

  1. System Modeling
  2. Computer Graphics
  3. Signal and Image Processing
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Data Analysis and Compression
  6. Optimization Methods
  7. Numeric Computation for Scientific Computing with

Different Programming Languages like C, C++, Fortran, Java etc.; and

  1. Statistics and Machine Learning with R

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