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What is  Arthimetic

Arthimetic is the discipline of calculation and calculation methods. In arithmetic, one manipulates symbols according to a set of rules to arrive at answers.. The symbols used are usually Greek letters or Arabic numerals.

The name arithmetic is the Latinized form of Greek arithmetika, and this word has both a root meaning “number” and a root meaning “calculation”. Arithmetic originally meant any form of calculation or number-related to counting. Any other uses of numbers were performed by means of concrete objects, such as stones, bones, or tally marks. This was already beginning to change by the time algebra appeared in the 3rd century B.C.E.; Diophantus called his calculatory methods “arithmetic.

Arithmetic is used to arrive at answers and equations or expressions for solving problems. The methods used range from simple, symbolic manipulations of numbers to more complicated methods involving calculus, statistics, algebra and other branches of mathematics or even computers.

Classes Of Arithmetic

Arithmetic is one of the oldest branches of mathematics, encompassing the study of number systems, operations on number systems (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), and their applications (arithmetic functions). The invention of arithmetics is usually credited to the ancient Sumerians. In any case, arithmetic was used over 3000 years ago. Arithmetic has many applications in fields such as computer science; especially cryptography; and also for many everyday calculations.

Number Naming – These involve naming numbers and converting between decimal and integer. This is usually the most complicated part of the topic.

Numbers in a set – A set is one of the first things you will be taught about in any first year maths class and very important in everyday life.

Numbers in a line – This is a very important topic, especially for the first exam. You will be taught how to arrange numbers in order, which involves using your knowledge about place value.

Place values – This involves using place value on different number bases; 10, 20 and 100. These are used a lot because of the place value structure of our number system.

Positions – This includes properties of operations which use positions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Ratios and Proportions – This is a very important topic in maths, particularly linear algebra. It is mainly about proportions, which are often used to prove things.

Races – This involves choosing the race of particular numbers, or working out which number fits into a particular question.

Shapes – This involves identifying shapes based on the number of sides it has or the shape of each side.

Inverse Operations – This involves finding out what a number will be if you multiply it by a particular number.

Rabbit Problem – This is an example of the use of inverse operations. It involves working out what a group of numbers will add up to after several multiplications.

Arithmetic facts – Arithmetic facts are very important in the new GCSE, but you may also need them in other maths exams. You should know your times tables up to 12×12 and inverse fact up to 7×7.

Importance Of Arithmetics

  1. Arithmetics can be considered to be both practical and theoretical since it helps us with every day calculations (e.g., adding items in a shopping basket) as well as being studied theoretically by mathematicians who attempt to solve problems which cannot be solved without arithmetics. Additionally, Arithmetics is key in the development and advancement of technology.
  2. A large part of our lives involve arithmetic’s since we use it daily. It is an essential part of every academic subject, whether it is in science where addition, subtraction and multiplication are used or even in history where dates are important. Arithmetic’s is also used in the business world, in sports scores and in many other hobbies like collectables.
  3. Arithmetics is taught at most schools since it is the basic way of calculating, it is seen as the foundation of mathematics. It deals with numbers and how they work together, it involves adding, multiplying and dividing along with fractions and decimals. Arithmetics has had a huge impact on our world today since everything seems to revolve around numbers and their relationships e.g. prices, discounts and money.
  4. Learning Arithmetic can be of real benefit to us today because it shows us how important learning mathematics is at an early age. It is the foundation to many other subjects such as science and we will never master anything without having a strong grasp of those basic concepts first. One of the benefits of learning Arithmetic is that it gives you a chance to understand how numbers work together by allowing you to learn about negative numbers and fractions which are key subjects in maths.

Topics Studied Under Arithmetic As a Subject

  1.  Arithmetic
  2. Geometry
  3. Study of Map and Compass
  4. Study of Shape and Form
  5. Study of light
  6. The Observer’s Mind
  7. Measurement
  8. Optics
  9. Construction
  10. Trigonometry
  11. Graphs
  12. Spatial Relations

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