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Letters take many formats. Nowadays even business reports can be written in a letter style to be delivered to internal clients as a memo or to external stakeholders in the form of a letter. Report-style letters require two key skills; professional letter writing and report writing skills.

Typically, a business report letter is written in a formal tone and is clear and concise. Overly long reports should remain just that, reports. This is because it is difficult to incorporate a 10-page report into a letter. Formal letters are brief, thus a letter report should be limited to only one or two pages, the report included so as to give the recipients an easy time to scan through them in the shortest time and still capture the important details.

This does not mean that long reports cannot be sent to recipients in the form of a letter. They will usually be sent as an email attachment. In this case, the body of the email will outline the contents of the reports so the recipient can determine the best time to open the attachment to read the report.

Different types of business letter reports serve different purposes. For instance,

  • Request for proposal. Proposals serve as proposed solutions to a business situation and can be external or internal.
  • Business plan. This is an informational report that details the intentions of a new or existing business in the future. It comprises both a financial breakdown and the objectives of the venture and can be used as an investor pitch or a formal request for funds thus it employs a more persuasive or negotiating tone.
  • Feasibility reports. A comprehensive analysis report that explores a proposed venture to help the business, stakeholders, or investors make a decision of whether to venture or not.
  • Research reports. Informational reports aimed at gathering and analyzing data, and discussing findings to extract useful information.
  • Recommendations. Recommendation reports come after a small study, requirements assessment, or evaluation has been done on a particular aspect of a business problem.
  • Incident report letter. A report that documents in detail the events in an incident, especially those that cause significant damage, injury, or even death. These reports help the business to evaluate the conditions under which the incident took place and put in place measures to prevent reoccurrence.

Important Components of a Letter Report

  1. Cover page 
  2. Frontmatter
  3. Table of contents (if it is a long report)
  4. Body
  5. Back matter

Professional letter report writers, in addition to writing report letters using the appropriate format, will also consider the specific requirements of both the sender and the recipients and tweak the structure, content, and other aspects of the letter to meet these needs.

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As we have already seen, letters are structured in various formats and used for a range of purposes. Many people use letters for personal reasons while others use letter writing services for the purpose of business. Regardless of the purpose of your letter, it should be designed to serve its purpose. Letter writing is significant

whether professional or personal and the process of letter writing should be considered a tough task.

Nevertheless, writing a business letter could be a tricky procedure since business letter reports vary in style, format, and approach with reference to the organization one works in. Every business has specific letter report writing standards that have been provided by the office’s procedural manuals and policies.

By using the previous letter or by getting these standards, letter report writing could be made easier. We have created templates that can be used by our clients to prepare letter report writing by themselves with reference to international business letter report writing standards. In this manner, we have made our professional report writing services easier for everyone.

Qualities of a good business letter

  • It is brief and concise
  • Direct to the point
  • Clearly indicates the details of the person/persons it is addressed to
  • Organizes information in a flowing sequence
  • Clearly states the purpose of the letter at the opening
  • Uses a more lenient indirect approach in delivering bad news
  • Uses a professional but conversational tone
  • Avoids using jargon as much as possible unless absolutely necessary
  • Written in an active rather than passive voice
  • Ends with a call to action

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  • Political letter reports
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  • Business letter reports
  • Job application letter reports
  • Letter reports to son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, etc

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