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What is tort law?

Tort law is a law that protects the rights of individuals against the wrongful actions of another party. It controls civil matters between parties, usually involving some form of injury or loss. Although tort law does not deal with the criminal punishment that’s allocated to ensure proper control in the society, it does function as a deterrent to people who may be tempted to commit crimes against others.

Tort can also be used in a more symbolic way, such as in law school, meaning that the law has not been kept within its proper bounds. Torts are ignored easily by people who would rather do wrong than do right, through the mind of the jury, for instance. The people’s lives can be destroyed without them ever knowing and any one of these wrongs would certainly cause great suffering, but it is their sacred duty to protect and to help any other person in need from being harmed wrongly.

The concept of law comes from the belief that there is a higher power who is responsible to create and enforce laws on what people do, or do not do. It is known as the law of man. In some cases, this is the government. The government can only apply certain laws within their jurisdiction over a particular area and not throughout the country. If a single person violated a law within their jurisdiction, their punishment can only be applied to that person for the matter of that particular case.

Types Of Tort Law

  1.  Negligence – this involves the mistake of a person who fails to perform their duties and responsibilities under the law.
  2. Tort – this is an intentional act that is done in bad faith, meaning no consent was given and a person suffers great harm as a result. An example of this would be assault. A person inflicts great bodily harm or some other harm to another individual without their consent, an example would be battery or aggravated battery.
  3. Tortious conduct – this is defined as any action taken by a person who either intentionally or negligently causes harm to another person, through some kind of act. A person who attempts to injure another would be considered in violation of tortious conduct.

Importance Of Tort Law

  1.  Tort law possesses much symbolism as it prevents people from harming others without their consent. Tort law is known for being a strong, inspiring and helpful form of law for the public good. Tort law gives individuals the freedom to sue another person or company if they have been harmed by them in some way. This means that the courts can only accept claims that occurred within a certain length of time, usually within a year.
  2. Tort law protects individuals by ensuring that people can sue another person or company when they have been wronged. This allows justice to be served in the most beneficial manner for all parties involved. Additionally, the law provides a remedy for citizens who have been harmed by another individual.
  3. Tort law is an important part of our modern society, allowing people to seek restitution in the event they are wronged in some way. When a person is injured against their will, it may be difficult to know who caused the problem and whether or not they should go to court and seek recompense.
  4. The court system will only accept a tort case if you can prove that the person who caused the problem was at fault for their actions. This means that you will have to prove that the wrongdoer failed to fulfill a duty they were legally obligated to and, because of this failure to fulfill their obligation, you suffered harm as a result.

 Topics Studied Under Tort Law As a Subject

  1. Elements of tort law
  2. Common Law Tort & Statutory Law Tort
  3. Attribution of tort liability
  4. Specific kinds of torts and its elements
  5. Damages & remedies in tort law
  6. Defenses in tort law
  7. Apportionment of damages in tort law
  8. Slander/Libel and Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations.
  9. Tortious Invasions of Privacy
  10. Personal Injury resulting from negligence
  11. Defamation and its remedies
  12. Malicious prosecution
  13. Conversion and its remedies
  14. 14 Debts resulting from torts
  15. Negligence causing bodily injury or death (Asbestos, lead poisoning)
  16. Comparative negligence and contributory negligence

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