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What is Law?

Law refers to “the collected rules which govern people’s conduct.” In other words, it dictates what we are allowed do and expected to follow. For example, there are laws against stealing or trespassing on someone’s property without their consent. These laws protect people from being harmed or robbed by others – in other words they ensure “peace”.

Laws can also be broken down into three main categories:

The constitution – this refers to the laws of the land and anything created by our government. It protects us from being harmed, and allows us the freedom to live our lives as we please. The example above is a constitutional law since it protects all citizens. The Bill of Rights is also considered a part of the constitution since it outlines basic rights such as freedom of speech or religion, etc.

Statute Law – these are laws created by state or federal legislation (i.e. Congress).

Case Law – cases that have gone through a court of law and have already been decided upon (i.e. the opinions of the judges and the facts of the case). If a celebrity has broken this law, he or she may have to appear in court where he or she will be tried and convicted (if guilty).

Types of Law

  1. Criminal law – consists of laws that prohibit criminal activities, such as murder.
  2. Civil law – consists of laws relating to freedom of contract and property, the law on marriage, contracts, and commerce.
  3. Administrative law – administered by a branch of the government or agencies created for administrative purposes.
  4. Constitutional law – the supreme law which is the result of a political process and deals with the relationship between government and people. It is made up from constitutional provisions which relate to fundamental issues such as human rights, citizenship, or equality of persons before the law.
  5. Contracts – agreements in which one party promises to give something to the other party (who is called a promisee).
  6. Torts – written as “torts” Or “tortious liability” Describes non negligent offenses against another person’s personality of rights. In tort, the injured party can sue the offender in court and attempt to collect damages. If a tort is intentional, then it is called a crime and may be prosecuted in criminal court.
  7. International law – laws created by the formation of international treaties. International law is generally binding on the signatories of a treaty, although it may become self-executing. An authority to enforce international law is called an international court/s.
  8. Treaties – laws between two or more nations which are designed to create legal relationships between all parties that are part of the agreement.

Importance Of Law

  1.  Law is important in our lives because it is one of the main foundations of a society. It protects us from individual and state violence, guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens, and establishes justice in a society.
  2. In many countries the law making power belongs to the parliament or even to the national or local government, so law also forms part of political institutions. Law is used by governments to regulate social life within a given territory.
  3. Law also makes sure that persons who break laws are punished; this acts as a deterrent for them (and others) not to break other laws in the future. It provides security for citizens who makes possible for them to enjoy their freedom, equality, and other human rights. Law assists people to organize their relationships, and makes them feel safe in their communities.
  4. Law is a protective tool, because it aims to ensure that people who are victimized are provided with powerful legal methods of seeking justice.
  5. Law provides stability and predictability throughout society as everyone knows what will happen if they commit a crime. The punishment would be the same for everyone, thus law is fair . Additionally, the certainty of being punished may be a factor in ensuring that people do not commit crimes. Law tends to become controversial only when we deal with difficult moral issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and capital punishment (to name but three).
  6. The law helps us to organize and function better in society. The law is a guide to proper behavior. In other words, the law regulates our behavior and makes it possible for people to live in peace. Without the law, society would be in a state of anarchy. Law is like a safety net that protects us from injustice, crime and violence.
  7. Law provides order, creates an environment for business activities, provides plans for war actions and makes our life more predictable. Without it there would be chaos and anarchy – everything we enjoy today depends on the existence of law. Also, without the legislature, courts and police force, whole countries will remain vulnerable to crime.

Units Studied Under Law As a Course

  1. Legal systems
  2. Jurisprudence
  3. The legal profession
  4. Legal thinking
  5. Criminal law
  6. Civil law
  7. Constitutional law
  8. Legal process
  9. Law and society
  10. Legal history
  11. The law in society
  12. Legal theory
  13. Law and ethics
  14. Legal theory

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