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What is Criminal Law?

 Criminal law is a branch of the law which makes it mandatory for all of us to abide by the stipulations of the criminal jurisprudence. This is applicable to the domestic and international affairs. Additionally, it is applied in private and public sectors. In addition, this branch of the jurisprudence handles matters which are related to rights and obligations of individuals and their relationship with other individuals.

 What do we understand by criminal law?

Criminal law is concerned with the violation of individual right in relation to the state. It can also be termed as wrong doing which is against the order or law of the prosecution. An individual is found guilty of the crime, if it is proven beyond doubt that he committed the crime.

Who is responsible for criminal law?

A criminal law is applied by an individual who is appointed to be a judge in a court of law. A number of factors are considered while appointing a judge or magistrate. The individual should be honest, punctual and possess good characters besides being knowledgeable and experienced in the matters of jurisprudence. These individuals are selected by means of an interview board or other equivalent methodologies. Additionally, they undergo training so that they can be appointed as members of any judiciary system which exists within their jurisdiction area.

What are the sources of criminal law?

It is a question related to individual rights and obligations. The sources of this law are sources and authorities which have succeeded in forming a system for the governance of criminal jurisprudence. The sources of criminal law include constitutions, treaties, codes, statutes and case rulings etc.

 What Are Different Types Of Criminal Law?

  1.  Private Criminal Law: Private criminal law makes it mandatory for all individuals to follow the laws which are related to private matters. It is applicable to an individual’s relationships with other individuals and his/her personal life such as relationship between husband and wife, parents and children, employer and employees etc.
  2. Public Criminal Law: It makes it mandatory for all individuals to follow laws which are related to public matters. These include aspects such as wars, crimes against humanity and other international criminal laws.
  3. Statutory Criminal Law: The statutory criminal law is concerned with the codification of the existing law that makes it mandatory for an individual to follow the provisions of the statutory law.
  4. Customary Criminal Law: It deals with provisions of constitution, treaties and plebiscite which make it mandatory for an individual to follow them.

Importance Of Criminal Law

  1. Criminal law is beneficial to society because it helps prevent crime and lessen its negative effects, thus maintaining peace and order. Criminal law can be applied to those who violate statutes or the constitution within a state or country. According to the World Bank, criminal law enforcement is a significant aspect of development.
  2. Criminal law is the only punishment that society imposes on wrongdoers. It is a societal policy whose function is to deter people from committing crimes by means of punishment and rehabilitation. Therefore, criminal law maintains peace and order within the state/country as well as sustains safety among its residents. Furthermore, criminal law makes up the legal system which provides collective security which empowers its citizens with a sense of safety when they venture outside their homes within their country.
  3. Criminal law is the only punishment for violating statutes and the constitution. This can be applied to those who commit a crime against the state by acts of treason, sedition, and other civil disobedience. Therefore, criminal law ensures that the state/country is governed by the will of the people and maintains its integrity.
  4. Criminal law is beneficial to society because it contributes to reducing crime and strengthening social cohesion. Considering this, Criminal Law refers to the punishment and prevention of crime within a society which operates on justice and fair practices.
  5. Criminal law protects the safety of society from people who commit crimes against their fellow-citizens. The criminal law ensures that all citizens are protected from criminal activity or public disturbance in order to safeguard the general public’s rights to life and security as well as property rights.

Topics Studied Under Criminal Law

  1. Crime
  2. Crime Investigation
  3. Law enforcement
  4. Criminal Law
  5. Criminal Procedure and Evidence
  6. Juveniles in criminal law
  7. Juveniles in criminal procedure and evidence
  8. Crimes against the person
  9. Crimes against property
  10. Crimes against the environment
  11. Crimes in relation to the person
  12. Crimes in relation to property

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