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What is Journalism? And what is its importance in a society?

Journalism is the act of collecting, researching, verifying and publishing news material using print media such as newspapers, books, magazines, blogs or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or electronic media such as Television, Radio etcetera. A news could be in different forms, from a written article to a video report, and the person who represents that material regardless of its form, is called a Journalist. A journalist is responsible for researching a news conducting interviews, visiting the site where the news took place, and studying the facts and figures related to that news, and then either recording or writing it for publishing.

It all started back in 59 BCE, in ancient Rome, where the very first news product called Acta Diurna was published. It was a news sheet that printed daily public events such as speeches, accidents and more. It used to be printed and hung at different places within the city for the public to read, and that was where Journalism started. From back then to today, Journalism has advanced rapidly. It has become a well-known profession, and a very broad and interesting academic discipline as well.

Journalism plays a vital role in demonstrating both good and evil sides of a society. A good journalist always looks forward to engage in bringing crimes and criminals in the limelight and serve justice to the victims of those crimes. Bringing forward the better and futuristically useful sides of a society is also one of the interests of the good journalists. Journalists also face problems sometimes when they expose people, since no one likes their bad deeds to become public, and they start threatening and harassing the ones who do so.

If there were no journalism or journalists, we would never know what is happening around us, or in the outer world that we cannot see on our own. It is journalism that keeps us updated about every single thing that happens anywhere around the world which makes a difference.

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