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Affordable Ghostwriting Services USA: Cheap Ghostwriters for Hire


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Are you looking to hire affordable ghostwriting services in USA? If you are an executive and you think you could be in need of a cheap ghostwriters for hire near you, then we are that person or that service.

Affordable Ghostwriting Services USA : Ghostwriting Services for Hire

Today’s market is overly competitive. To stay ahead, building a good brand has become very important. Prominent individuals, celebrities, top athletes, politicians, and top executives put in much work to build their brand, make it visible, and protect it. One way of doing this is through thought leadership.

Let us first start by defining thought leaders.

Thought leaders are individuals or firms that are considered to be authorities in a specialized field, whose expertise is often recognized and sought after. Thought leaders are depended upon to help and guide others with their insights and knowledge.

Thought leadership, on the other hand, is a marketing strategy that thought leaders use to get their brand out there. This is mostly done by sharing content and industry insights on various platforms and through networks to make them (thought leaders) known as experts in their fields. In an actual sense, thought leadership is a type of content marketing. 

The need to channel high-quality, insightful, and relevant content through their bylines has become very crucial for thought leaders. For this reason, they will not hesitate to outsource this work to executive ghostwriting services providers to take care of writing and distributing content on their behalf. However, they remain extremely cautious in doing so as they stand to lose much from distributing unbefitting content under their bylines. Conversely, they have everything to gain from establishing themselves positively as thought leaders from expanding their networks, generating new business prospects, to building a credible trusted brand.

Why Executives Need Ghostwriting Services

Though leaders can be sources of great industry content but not all of them are cut out to creating great content. Fortunately, using a professional ghostwriter to create your content makes it much easier for you to distribute high-quality content to be able to compete online. Outsourcing also helps you to focus on other business goals with the peace of mind that your audience has been taken care of.

However, you need to first determine whether hiring an executive ghostwriter is the right solution you need for your content creation challenge. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which and how many types of content do you need to create?
  • Do you have the skills required to craft each type of content using the right format for yourself? Sales copies, for instance, have a different format compared to press releases. The skills you need to write LinkedIn posts are different from those you need to write blog posts and articles for Medium and other websites.
  • Considering that more content distributed across various platforms equals more visibility and greater traction for your brand, how much content can your executive team handle within a given time? Does your marketing or communications team have adequate time to work on the content? What strategy have they adopted in distributing the content?
  • Do you possess the art of crafting compelling and engaging content that will grab the attention of both existing and potential audiences?

If you answered no to two or more questions above, you might just work well with a hired ghostwriter. The best ghostwriting services will help you to achieve your content writing objectives which in turn will have an evident positive and measurable impact on your brand.

Remember that your audience appreciates it more when they engage with you directly and this is the reason why thought leadership is an essential aspect of the brand-building cycle. 

Benefits that come with hiring a ghostwriter for your executive needs

  • Saves time: Professional ghostwriters save you the time you would have taken to craft content giving you time to work on meeting other objectives. Secondly, content writing is a process that involves generating relevant keywords, adhering to the right structure for each content type, developing an effective strategy for content creation and distribution, as well as creating a schedule for the same. Executives may not have all the time to do this in addition to carrying out marketing campaigns and other activities.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to paying a dedicated communication or marketing team to handle all the tasks around content creation and distribution, outsourcing content to a ghostwriting service agency presents a cheaper, less involving, and flexible option. This is because you pay for services on-demand i.e only when you need them.
  • Riding on the expertise: Professional ghostwriters are experts in their own fields of specialization and also on matters of SEO optimization. These are two ingredients required in creating valuable content for your audience. Additionally, content that meets SEO standards rank well and drive online traffic.
  • Easy scaling: Hiring a ghostwriter for your content allows you to focus and strategize on your core business while at the same time pushing volumes of content through various channels. This is an effective strategy to adopt for any business or personality that wants to scale fast without breaking the bank.
  • You own the rights: The beauty of hiring a ghostwriter is that you get to outsource all the content creation tasks yet you own full rights to the content once it has been completed and delivered to you. This means that you will publish the content under your byline without sweating it out.

Pay A Ghostwriter To Write Your Paper Online

Simple and plain. It does not matter whether you are an executive who is climbing up the corporate ladder or an already established CEO. We shall ensure that your entire content grows to the worth of millions by offering our ghostwriting services to meet your needs. Everything we write for you from reports to emails among other ghostwriting services shall be engaging, professional, and polished. We guarantee that you will have no choice but to love what we have done for you.

We endeavor to maintain full confidentiality in our dealings with our clients. This means that no one will ever know that we are the company that writes for you. You can pay for an essay us via credit card or PayPal and every other thing between you and the company remains private. There is no third party that will be involved. Interactions are strictly between our agency and you, the client.

What do we do for our executives? Below is the list of what we do;

Over the years, has built a track record of ghostwriting for executive clients across industries all over the world. We take their thoughts and craft them into compelling and engaging pieces worth their audience’s attention. Here is a list of the services that we offer:

  • We craft professional emails and letters that can either be written from scratch or edited from what you have previously written.
  • Write presentations and speeches
  • Write press releases
  • Write thought leadership content in the form of articles, blogs, or guest posts
  • Write long, technical informative articles
  • Write trade journals and articles for online and offline magazines
  • Write sales copies, product descriptions, and product information pieces
  • Write books and e-books
  • Write LinkedIn pulse pieces
  • Write lead magnets

Any other writing you could think of or want us to design for you. If you feel that your words may not sell you as well as you want, feel free to give us a call and we shall make sure you shine on your way to success.

In Just 4 steps:

We not only have the ability but also we are very ready to make any type of writing of your choice. Our specialty is clear in executive ghostwriting services. In all our executive ghostwriting services we offer. We add a little bit of lite, humor, or life to what you had written previously. In the event you want a matter of no-nonsense or fact, we can also do that for you as well; your wish is our command.

Why Do We Specialize In Executive Ghostwriting Services?

We as an executive ghostwriting service began this service because we had many requests from executive companies majorly from CEOs and other high-level organizational executives. These executives expressed their concerns about not being able to express themselves well and clearly like they really wanted to. At the same time, they would not bring their staff to assist.

These executives were seriously in need of professional executive ghostwriting services. Moreover, they required experts with experience in their fields of interest. For the last 10 years, has been serving the needs of this special group of clients. CEOs who approached us wanted a company that could really get down on paper and write what top management wanted to say. Particularly, in an engaging though discrete manner. That is exactly what we do.

We strive to give you a very professional, clear, and engaging voice. All your orders will be written from scratch or edited to sound more original. Typically, our executive ghostwriting services can be delivered in a few days. We also accommodate short-notice jobs if time permits.

Our charges are affordable which can run from seventy dollars for a quick edit or paraphrasing what you have already done to a few hundred dollars for writing a letter from scratch. With our ghostwriting services, there is nothing that is impossible.

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