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What is Finance?

 Finance: the backbone of a thriving economy. Finance is the lifeblood that flows through an organization and helps it grow and do well. What’s more, it’s the new frontier for innovation in science, engineering, and technology. –emphasis added–

According to a Gartner report, the importance of finance is growing at a rapid pace. More than ever, finance is becoming more and more important in our lives. So if you’re wondering why someone would do this, what’s up? Why are banks still trying so hard to get into the health field?

Finance can run anything from a startup with no revenue to a big corporation with over $100 billion in revenue and billions of dollars worth of assets. The full scope of finance can be subdivided into many areas including economics, accounting, financial analysis, banking and investment banking.

 Categories Of Finance

Investments and trading: This area of finance deals with the acquisition, provision and sale of financial assets such as stocks, bonds and derivatives. It involves risk analysis and investment return analysis in exchange for compensation (in the form of either cash or dividends).

Capital management: Investing in, or investing in the capitalization of an organization (such as a company, trust or other entity). The capital manager may provide financing to an organization by purchasing equity, debt instruments or other securities through an underwriting agreement or private placement. The capital manager may also provide a guarantee, i.e., promise that the principal and interest due on securities provided by it will be paid as agreed.

Asset management: Finding and evaluating investment opportunities, such as real estate, bonds and other securities either in the public or private market; and evaluating the quality of each investment opportunity to determine if an investment is sound, worth purchasing or fit for incorporation into an asset chain. This term will cover a wide range of functions in which companies provide financial advice to clients that have assets on their behalf, including active management (such as stock trading), and passive management (such as investment trusts).

Why Is Finance Important?

  1. Humans have always needed money to survive because without it you couldn’t buy food or pay rent, but finance is not only just about money because Financiers can also be very intelligent business people that can create businesses, create jobs and better the economy by putting investors interests first so it trickles down to everyone else in the business
  2. Finance is very important because it helps a business to determine what money to spend, where to spend it and when it should be spent because most businesses that fail do so because they didn’t have enough money or chose poorly for their investments.
  3. Finance is very important because it helps a person manage what is going on in their money and personal lives because people have a hard time just trying to figure out how much something costs, but with finance you can figure out when you are making more than you are spending and how much money you need to save for the future.
  4. Finance is important in countries with limited resources like most of the rest of the world because if you have money but not enough to survive then you would have to choose between being able to buy food and housing or buying what other people are selling in order to live.
  5. Finance is important in countries with limited resources because it makes it easier for people to survive because they would do good at times when they don’t have a lot in their bank account so they first will choose things that are relatively cheap and easy to find, but if they can’t find anything then they may need loans from banks or even other ways to get money like money-lenders, investors, business partners etc.
  6. Finance is important because it saves humans from making mistakes because it’s hard to predict future outcomes, but if people know about finance then they can make their own predictions about what would happen if they suppress investments or make different ways of making more money just by using their knowledge.

Topics Studied Under Finance

  1. Financial ratios
  2. Financial modeling
  3. Fundamental analysis
  4. The financial statement
  5. Capital budgeting
  6. Capital structure and dividends policy
  7. Leveraged buyouts
  8. Mergers and acquisitions
  9. Valuation of companies
  10. Derivative

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