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Very many times, students at this academic level fail to have a complete understanding of writing this type of assignment. At this level, students are expected to write numerous types of essays ranging from expository, informative, persuasive, and argumentative as well as cause and effect essays.

However, because of lack of knowledge on how to handle such like essays. It is very common to find writing procrastination among students. This is not rare. O level English essays require different papers which vary in generally. Nevertheless, there is a general approach that should be taken when writing O level essays.

A general approach of writing an essay involves;

  • Topic selection.
  • Gathering of data to be used for the essay.
  • Organizing your information.
  • Writing drafts.
  • Writing the main essay.
  • Proofreading and editing.

Many times students follow the basic structure of having an introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. Even while using the basic structure to write O level English essays, students can still experience frustration, and that is why we recommend ordering English essays O level from our website.

How Should You Write an O level English Essay?

A simple way that you can get your O level English essays design is by structuring it like a diamond. This can be made possible when you begin your essay with a strong thesis statement. That should clearly establish your argument in the beginning.

Once you have done this, the next step should be writing the body in depth by building ideas around your argument. Just like diamond has a wide shape in the middle as so the essay should be. At the end of the essay, you should reflect back on your thesis statement (point of argument) and write a strong conclusion.

Having to draw the diamond as a plan for your English O level essay could help you in remembering how to structure your essay. However, it should be noted that while writing your summary, it should be done from a light approach with reference to the in-depth that you have gone through in your essay.

Therefore, your conclusion should not be any similar to your introduction. While both your conclusion and your introduction are highlighting a common thing. The introduction should establish your argument while conclusion should be show how the rest of the essay has proven your argument.

  • Do you doubt your ability to write your O level English essays in this manner?
  • Does this procedure sound complex to you and you think you need professional assistance?

Understanding the basis of writing a good essay is significant. Nonetheless, it does not guarantee that you will write a brilliant paper.

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