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What is Software Engineering

A software engineer is a programmer who also specializes in system design and analysis. They’re responsible for determining what needs to be built, then making sure each part of the project runs as it should. They must be able to evaluate trade-offs between technical approaches, then choose and implement the solution that best meets their needs.

A software engineer focuses on what the system will be used for and how it will accomplish those objectives. Software engineers are generally involved in designing, analyzing and implementing systems that are used to support business or administrative operations, or in developing programs that make interactive use of a computer.

There are two main career paths available to people who wish to enter the industry: development and research.

Application software engineers develop client applications used by end users. Applications can be web-based or run on (or distributed in) mobile devices or desktops. System software engineers develop distributed applications. It is also common for systems software engineers to work on component-based systems where the application must make use of a set of pre-integrated components (codice_1, codice_2 or codice_3). They are an integral part of a development team that builds data centers and enterprise systems with running hardware served by the Internet. The term systems engineer, when applied to software, is most often used in relation to operating system engineers or network software engineers.

 Software Engineering Branches

  1. Application Programming:  Applications software engineers are programmers who are responsible for the creation of applications and programs. The applications may take different forms, such as a mobile application, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or a web application.
  2. Database systems:  Database systems engineers are responsible for the management and maintenance of databases. The databases may be part of a system such as an ERP or a web application, or they can be “stand-alone” systems that are used as part of another application.
  3. Data processing and data communications: Data processing and data communications engineers are responsible for the design and implementation of a wide range of systems that process large amounts of information, including complex statistical models or relational databases. They may work on search systems, web services or electronic transaction processing networks.
  4. Security: Security engineers are responsible for designing systems that protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data against unauthorized access. This could include designing user authentication systems, encrypting data as it is transmitted over a network or protecting log files from unauthorized access.
  5. Systems development: Systems development engineers are responsible for designing and implementing complex computer systems that are used to support business or administrative operations. Because of this, systems development engineers typically have a good understanding of how applications will be developed and what the system architecture will look like.
  6. A systems design engineer takes an integral role in system engineering by supporting the decision-making process for key decisions and by ensuring that hardware, software, communication facilities and staff resources are integrated as needed to produce a finished system. Because of this, systems design engineers typically have a good understanding of how the system will be built and what the system architecture will look like.
  7. Embedded systems: Embedded systems engineers are software engineers who are responsible for the design and implementation of computer applications that run on embedded systems. Embedded systems are computer systems (or microcontrollers) that exist within other devices and control those devices through software. The most typical example of an embedded system is a car’s anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  8. Software management: Software management engineers are responsible for managing software development projects from start to finish. This involves the planning and coordination of the project, working with customers to determine what they need and how it should be developed, then working with a team to ensure that the work is completed according to schedule.
  9. Software quality assurance: Software quality assurance engineers are responsible for ensuring that software is properly tested and meets internal standards for quality assurance. Testing may include analyzing whether the software works as intended and whether it is stable enough for release.

Importance of Software Engineering

  1. Software Engineering has many important roles in our society. It not only saves time and money, but also improves productivity and makes work faster and easier for everyone.
  2. Software Engineering is so important that it’s used in most major industries, such as telecommunications and medicine. It’s also used extensively in government offices, such as for processing education and health records. It’s also used in business to store and manage financial data, in video games and websites, and anything that requires complex decision making or processing.
  3. Without Software Engineering, the world’s computers wouldn’t work because they are programmed by software engineers. Without these people to code them, computers would be useless pieces of metal and plastic. Software engineering is also a very interesting field because it involves using computers and math to solve real problems in the world around us.

Units Studied Under Software Engineering

  1. Systems and software engineering;
  2. Software engineering;
  3. Computer programming;
  4. Creative design and aesthetics
  5. Ethics and social responsibility in information technology;
  6. Computer and communication networks;
  7. Algorithm design and analysis;
  8. Artificial intelligence;
  9. Information security and cryptography;
  10. Software testing, Quality assurance, software maintenance and documentation

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