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What is Power Engineering? 

An electrical engineer is responsible for the technical, economic and business issues related to electrical power systems. These engineers work on a wide range of topics such as nuclear energy, electric transportation and renewable energy. Electrical engineers are also called power engineers at times due to their focus on electrical power generation, distribution and use. Power Engineering includes power plant design and operation, electrical transmission and installation, electricity meters, industrial safety elements of electrical systems including electrical substations which are an important part of the electric infrastructure. Power engineering also includes research into renewable energy technologies like solar power and wind turbines.

Power engineers may specialize in one area of power engineering; however, they also need to be familiar with other areas of the field to mitigate risks associated with the creation and transportation of energy.

The history of power engineering dates back to 1878 when Pope Leo XIII established a commission to investigate new methods for generating electrical energy. This led to the development of various means for converting other forms of energy into electricity.

Categories Of Power Engineering

  1. Electrical Power engineering

Electrical engineering is a large field that deals with the understanding, design and application of electricity. Its subject matter is covered by several branches of knowledge and encompasses these areas: Power plant design and operation; electrical substations; electrical safety elements; energy efficiency related to high-voltage transmission lines; etc.

  1. Mechanical Power Engineering

Mechanical Power Engineering is the application of engineering principles to generate, convert, transmit and deliver mechanical power. This branch of engineering is diverse in its application range from generating electricity from wind turbines, steam turbines and hydroelectricity to transmitting and distributing electrical power using air-coupled transformers for long distance transmission

  1. Electrical Power Engineering (which includes electrical power)

The electrical power engineering is studied with the help of power electronics and electromechanical devices for converting electric energy into mechanical or other forms of energy. The electrical engineers are associated with the factors such as design and planning, construction, installation, operation and maintenance. Power engineers may specialize in one area of power engineering; however, they also need to be familiar with other areas of the field to mitigate risks associated with the creation and transportation of energy.

  1. Wind Power Engineering

In which we generate electric power from wind turbines. The energy in wind is extracted by airfoils which rotate to produce tensional or lift forces. These forces are then transformed into rotational energy that can be used for various purposes such as pumping water, grinding grain or pumping liquid metals.

  1. Renewable Energy Engineering

The potential for renewable energy is enormous, based on the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth, the speed of wind we can tap into, and all of the biomass on earth (e.g. biomass or crop residue pellets as a fuel source for power generation).

  1. Hydro Power Engineering

This involves power and energy generated from hydroelectric sources like rivers or lakes that have a significant flow of water throughout the year.

  1. Hydraulic Power Engineering
  2. Solar Power Engineering
  3. Electromagnetic Power Engineering

Is a field of electrical engineering that explains and designs the various electromagnetic systems used in power generation. It also studies the effects of electromagnetic fields on power production equipment during operation.

Importance Of Power Engineering

  1. Power engineering is one of the most important engineering disciplines in the world.
  2. The worldwide use of electricity is expanding and power engineers are becoming increasingly vital in determining whether new ways to produce, distribute and utilize this energy can be economically competitive and environmentally friendly.
  3. Power engineers are needed to ensure that the industrial, transport, agricultural and home electrical systems within any country can continue to function as they should.
  4. Power engineers and related professionals are needed to create, maintain and repair the electrical systems which are vital to our day-to-day lives.
  5. The success of a country’s economy depends on its ability to efficiently use power resources.
  6. Power engineering is a field that offers many challenges, both intellectual and physical, with a wide range of applications in business, industry, medicine and entertainment.
  7. Power engineering is an important tool in the global economy. The companies that harness power sources such as wind, solar, hydro and nuclear are becoming larger and more powerful.
  8. Power engineers can help ensure that the world’s energy supply is reliable and sustainable at a time of growing population and global demand for energy.
  9. Industrialization of developing countries has increased the demand for electrical power in many countries around the world.

Topics Studied Under Power Engineering

  1. Power system analysis
  2. Protection
  3. Stability
  4. Power quality
  5. Transmission and distribution planning and design
  6. Study of Substation automation,
  7. Study of power transformers and power reactors
  8. Study of power distribution over long distance
  9. Study of safety in power systems
  10. Study of renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biomass
  11. Study of electrical substations
  12. Distribution system stability

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