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What is Mechatronic Engineering? 

 Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that angers robotics, electronics and mechanics. As the name suggests it is a combination of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering with mathematics. It has grown in popularity due to its immense versatility in application which can range from humanoid robotic systems to industrial manufacturing processes that are able to produce the exact size components needed with precision tolerances, neither wasted materials nor complex machining necessary.

Mechatronics seeks to replace traditionally manual operations with automated systems that improve production rates while generating less product scrap and waste. It also aims to improve the safety of manual tasks.

Mechatronics focuses on the production, development and application of integrated systems. These systems consist of mechanical, electronic and software components that all work together to produce a function or action which is controlled by a single operator. An example of such a system would be the cruise control system of an automobile. Mechatronics involves more than just simple operation settings, it encompasses how those individual components interact with each other as well as their overall function.

The main development of this branch of engineering was in the 1960s, when robots were first employed in industry. Those tasks which had previously been done by humans alone could now be accomplished with more speed and precision by robots. The logic to undertake such un-human like tasks was largely attributed to the necessity for growth.

Types Of Mechatronics Engineering

  1. Conventional Mechatronics Engineering-This approach seeks to examine the mechanical, electrical and control systems in a system that is normally considered to be a complete entity. It compares, contrasts, and studies the requirements of many sections of complex machinery, such as machines and other devices used in production lines that require large amounts of power.
  2.  Bio-Mechatronics Engineering- This approach is used in soft robotics and medical devices. The soft robots can be used in medical applications to interact with human tissues, in the personal care industry, such as for carrying baby bottles, or in home cleaning machines.
  3. Nano-Mechatronics Engineering – This approach is used for producing nano-devices and nanorobots . Nanostructures are fabricated from polymers and other soft materials. These materials are deposited by soft lithography techniques while being produced at room temperature. Nanosensors have also been developed that are embedded in soft materials.
  4. Soft Mechatronics Engineering- The use of actuators in complex machines and systems enables new degrees of control. However, the design of complex machines is often difficult due to the need to deal with mechanical forces which require mass and inertia (inertia is a property of matter that resists change of momentum)and friction.
  5. Super-conducting Mechatronics Engineering- The use of super-conducting materials allows the use of coiled and flat conductors, which can be used in different ways to make highly efficient electrical motors. Superconductors are used in the production of magnetic levitation trains (maglev). This method uses the repulsive force produced by magnets to generate thrust which floats the train above a track. This allows for greater speeds as there is less friction between the train and the track.
  6. Photo/Visible light responsive Mechatronics- This is an emerging field relating to the design of robots equipped with cameras which are able to react to changes in the surrounding scene. This technology allows for abilities such as seeing in the dark and tracking people/objects.
  7. Hybrid Mechatronics -This approach would employ a mix of conventional robotics, mechatronics and biomimicry technologies. The goal is to improve on existing un-manipulated systems by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence and communication capabilities into the system. This means that the robots or machines would be able to communicate and trade information with each other.

Importance Of Mechatronics Engineering

  1. Mechatronics has a wide range of applications in industry and many industries are beginning to use this technology.
  2. The ability to automate tasks is one of the major advantages of mechatronics engineering. In traditional mechanical engineering the most important task for the engineer was to provide an automation for repetitive tasks such as blueprint marking, welding, machine setting etc.
  3. Machining- Machining processes are performed more gradually and require a great deal of accuracy and precision. In this case the assistance of robots will help complete these tasks efficiently without the need for human intervention.
  4. Automation- Automation is an important aspect of mechatronics engineering and has been applied to several manufacturing processes. Here a robot is used to perform the same task which can be done by a human worker. The advantage of using robots lies in its ability to complete repetitive tasks speedily and with greater accuracy .In addition, since it is not a human being, it can work day and night without any rest.
  5. Mechatronics has a very promising future and the use in many sectors like medical, military and dental is increasing.
  6. Industrial robots are designed to work on the same task for many hours providing high levels of precision and accuracy .Since many of these tasks require only one type of motion it reduces the cost of designing and manufacturing such robots.
  7. Being an interdisciplinary subject mechatronics provides the student with an understanding of other related subjects like computer programming, mechanical engineering and software engineering.
  8. Mechatronics will provide the engineer with a greater knowledge of various fields of engineering and improve their job prospects in the industry by providing them a versatile skill set.

Topics Studied Under Mechatronics Engineering

  1. Machining
  2. Computer Aided Designing
  3. Robotics
  4. Control Systems
  5. Manufacturing Processes
  6. Image Processing
  7. Electrical Techniques
  8. Automobile engineering
  9. Materials Engineering

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