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What is Internet?

 The internet is truly one of the most amazing inventions in history, allowing instant access to all kinds of information and knowledge. Getting online has never been easier — with the proliferation of mobile devices, there are so many ways you can learn and improve your life online. From specialized learning websites to apps that help you improve your skin or sleep quality, just about anything can now be done on a computer or phone in the palm of your hand.

Internet is a collection of computer networks which have the large network of the Internet interconnected by networks. The Internet is a network of many networks, including private commercial and government networks, that have been linked and can be linked by physical or wireless media.

Internet was originally developed as a form of communication to connect sites on many types of computers; however, it is now so much more than just a means of communication between computers. Anyone can use internet or have access to it simply by owning a compute.

Categories Of Internet

When discussing the different types of internets in a domestic setting, one must not ignore the difference between intranet and internet. An intranet is a small-scale private internet behind a firewall. More examples of this can be found in businesses, where employees are able to share information amongst each other without the need for emails or files being exchanged over the public internet.

The Internet can be broken down into two major categories; they are categorized by their connection type as either dial-up or broadband connections.

The dial-up connection, also referred to as a modem internet connection, connects to the internet by means of a telephone cable. This type of connection is not always optimally fast, and has periodic outages due to traffic demands on the providers’ systems. Broadband connections are those that use another form of physical media such as fiber optic cables or coaxial cables to facilitate data transmission.

Another way of categorizing the Internet is by its connectivity. In this section, we differentiate between the two major types of connectivity: LAN/WAN connections and satellite connections.

Satellite connections do the opposite. They connect computers that are not in the same geographic location

The internet can be categorized by data transmission methods. In this section we discuss two types of internet connections: connection over wires and connection through radio waves.

Importance Of Internet

  1. Internet is a way to meet people from all over the world.
  2. Internet is a reason for many students to study at home, where they can complete school work at their own pace and in their own time.
  3. Articles on internet are often more up-to-date and reliable than articles found in newspapers, magazines or books because of the increased access to information that bloggers have while they publish posts on-line.
  4. Search engines like Google are important when looking for information on the internet because they can tell you what other people around the world have searched for with similar keywords as you’ve input into your search bar, which makes your job much easier!
  5. Internet is a great way to communicate with other people all over the world. I know that if I were to go on the internet, I would hear about many things that will interest me, and I may also learn something new that my friends would not have told me.
  6. Internet has brought people together across the world in an easy way by just typing in a few words into your computer, and then you will find yourself in another country or state where there are people with similar interests as yours. Nowadays, it’s easy to communicate while you are at school or at home via You Tube and Facebook.
  7. Nowadays many people have a computer and have internet connection at home or school, so they can check the news, information and blogs.
  8. If they are not on computer at home and they don’t have internet connection at school, then they won’t get to know what is going on in their neighborhood, community and even country.
  9. For high school students it is cool to read articles on internet because you will get to know about new things those other teenagers are doing in their countries the way you would be doing if you live there. It will also help them learn about different cultures.
  10. On the Internet I found a lot of useful information about animals, medicines, diseases and others.

Topics Studied Under Internet As a Subject

  1. Online communication
  2. Online communities
  3. Globalization and the internet
  4. Virtual reality and the internet
  5. Privacy on the internet
  6. Freedom of speech on the internet
  7. Internet censorship
  8. The Tor network
  9. social media and the internet
  10. Search engines
  11. The internet and journalism
  12. Internet memes
  13. Internet culture
  14. The internet and art
  15. Internet entertainment and gaming
  16. The internet and sport
  17. The internet and gambling
  18. The internet, war and conflict
  19. Cyberterrorism
  20. Cyberwarfare in the 21st century

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