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What could happen when you run out of time to complete your assignment?

No lie, college life can get overwhelmingly busy. Sometimes you have little time to spare to do your assignments. Other times you are just too busy with other commitments to even create time to finish your homework safe. Still, your instructor expects that all assignments will be done well and handed in on time. In fact, some have serious penalties against late submissions. You lose marks! No one wants to lose marks, lost marks affect your final grade.

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Well, late submissions and losing up to 10% of your marks are not the only implications of not finding time to do your homework. Chances are:

  • You miss the opportunity to master the concepts in the assignment

The main reason why assignments are given to students is to allow them to test their understanding of the concepts and theories taught in the classroom. A student misses this opportunity by not having adequate time to settle down to do their assignment. The only other time one gets to gauge their mastery of a particle topic is during the exams or assessment tests yet it may be too late to do this. What if one fails in their exams?

  • Your work is bound to have quality issues

Rushed work or last-minute work somehow always ends up having mistakes. Whether it is inappropriate formatting, grammatical and punctuation errors, and worst of all wrong or irrelevant content. Sometimes it is better to hand in high-quality work a little late and only miss out on the 5% or 10% penalty rather than miss more marks for poor quality.

  • You may find it better to hand in incomplete assignments

Sometimes beating the deadline means handing in incomplete work. Still, there are implications to submitting incomplete assignments. You lose marks.

  • Habits have implications

Some students fall into the habit of never meeting assignment deadlines. Sadly, one may just as well not value deadlines in the real world.

What options do you have for getting your assignments done fast?

At times, time is a luxury you can’t afford to complete all your assignments on time. When there is so much to do and too little time to do all you have to do, here are a few tricks you can apply to remain on the safe side:

  • Always plan ahead of time

Planning your time ahead of settling down to do assignments can never be overemphasized. Planning ahead means allocating ample time to do each assignment. Organize your assignments in order of priority and/or complexity. This way, you will either do away with the urgent assignments or relatively simple tasks then concentrate on the other tasks.

  • Prepare your study materials early in advance

Sometimes, we lose much time trying to get the things we realize we need in the middle of an assignment. You get distracted and disoriented. It will take you time to get back on track. When organizing how you will complete your assignments, also consider gathering your study materials and having them at your study station.

  • Sacrifice your sleep for studies

When it is clear that you do not have enough time to do all the assignments you have to do, you may have to sacrifice some sleep to do your homework. You can always schedule a time to catch some sleep later on.

  • Look for a quiet place with minimal distractions

Let’s talk about your study station. Have you ever found it difficult to concentrate on your studies when there is so much clutter around, your space is disorganized, and bustling with activity? This is expected. Try to find a quiet space to do your homework. No TV, no smartphone, no noise, just you and your books.

  • Rid off all sources of distractions

In case you cannot find a separate quiet room to do your homework, try and clear all clutter, switch off sources of noise, and ensure that there is very little activity happening. You may opt for some low-volume soothing background tunes if this works well with you.

  • Build up your energy reserve

Studying can drain off all your energy. The effect, you will not be able to concentrate or work productively. Take some light healthy snacks before you settle down for your studies. You will need the energy. Have a bottle of water close by to sip when you feel drowsy. It helps keep you awake.

  • Breaks are not time wasters

When you have so much to do, plan for breaks in between. Breaks help you ease off the pressure and revitalize yourself for your next homework. Long hours of studying could end up lowering your productivity. If you have been working too long and have missed quality sleep sessions, consider taking a timed power nap.

  • Seek help

After all, is said and done, some situations call for a totally different game plan. After you have done all the above and still can’t spare enough time to finish all your homework, there is no harm in seeking help.

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