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What is SQL Programming ?

SQL is a special kind of programming language that focuses entirely on data storage. It is a non-procedural, declarative language, which means that the programmer does not specify how the data should be stored (i.e., “how” to save it) but rather only specifies what the data looks like and how they want it sorted and displayed. SQL statements are embeddable in many other software environments such as Java, Perl, and Pascal.

Also, SQL is an internationally standardized data and database language. It has been implemented in many database management systems and has become a standard interface to access databases.


Virtually every relational database uses the SQL language, so it is an extremely essential skill for any database programmer to have. Oracle and IBM both started developing their own dialects of SQL in the 1970s and by 1986, they agreed to standardize a single language. In 1989, they released SQL 2 which was the beginning of the current SQL standard. It was later improved upon in 1994 with version 3 followed by version 4 in 1999 which is what we use today.

Types of SQL Programming

  1. DDL – Database Definition Language
  2.  The DDL is used to define tables, fields, indexes. This part of SQL language is used to define database objects in relational database management system.
  3. TDD – Transact-SQL:  The Transact-SQL statements format is a subset of the SQL standard. It is an open-source standard developed by Microsoft for the relational database management system (RDBMS). It is used to develop, modify and query transactional databases.
  4. DML – Data Manipulation Language: The DML is also known as Data definition language in database management system. It is used to define and manipulate data in the database tables. It is also used to insert, update and delete data from database tables.
  5. DCL – Data Control Language: The DCL is also known as Database Control Language in a database management system. It is used to assign access privileges to database objects
  6. DDVL – Database Definition Query Language: It is also known as Database View Language in a database management system. It is used to create and delete database views.
  7. SQLDEL – SQL Delete: SQLDEL is used to delete a record from the table.
  8. SQLDSC – SQL Data Source: SQLDSC is used to set up a data source in database management system. It also sets up multiple drivers for database connectivity like Oracle, MySQL, etc.


 Importance Of SQL Programming

  1. SQL helps you extract the data that you want from a table. This is better than just selecting values from a list.
  2. SQL is also used to “query” the tables and columns in a database and return desired information (ex: name, zip code, etc). It can be used to combine different tables of data based on certain criteria.
  3. SQL gives programmers access to data in databases so they can manipulate it and make additional reports or pull fresh data for their own use.
  4. It is also used when performing data joins and when combining multiple tables of data.
  5. SQL is used early in most programming classes because it helps with object orientation, which is very helpful in the later parts of your career.
  6. If you understand SQL, you can skip many of the boring projects that are typically assigned throughout college and you can be more productive in general.
  7. SQL is a must in most data driven industries and can also be used to track web statistics through web applications.
  8. SQL is very helpful when looking for specific information across many tables of data and can also be used to perform many operations on the tables of data (such as UNION, etc).
  9. SQL is a very useful tool when working with large amounts of data, and it saves time because you need not go back and forth between multiple sources for one single piece of information.
  10. All in all, SQL is a simple program and it has a lot of useful purposes. It can also be used in just about any industry that deals with data.
  11. SQL is a programming language used to interact with databases that help business people, webmasters, and other analysts pull and manipulate data from those databases.
  12. It is used by students because it teaches them the foundations of object oriented programming.
  13. It is used by the business and intelligence community to keep track of all the data they compile.

14.It can also be used by webmasters to analyze data on their web sites, find ways to improve traffic, keep track of what people are doing while they visit their site, etc.

  1. Most database management systems written today such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle include SQL in their language standards (such as T-SQL in SQL Server and PL/SQL in Oracle).

Units Studied Under SQL Programming

  1. SQL functions in order to get the results of queries;
  2. SQL operators in order to manipulate the data according to selection criteria;
  3. DML statements in order to insert, update, delete the rows of tables;
  4. DCL statements in order to manage access privileges;
  5. DDL statements in order to create, alter or delete database tables, indexes and constraints;
  6. DDVL statements in order to create database views and implement database trigger

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